The Most Dangerous Traits Of The Zodiac Signs


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The Most Dangerous Traits Of The Zodiac Signs

All signs are dangerous to a greater or lesser extent. Some of them can be seen coming from minute number one, others seem to not let themselves be seen and when you least expect it, bang, and the least, simply ignore the subject and then secretly prepare their revenge. That genius of Pisces that makes him go crazy, or that desire for revenge of Scorpio when they hurt him, or that rage that Taurus gets when someone betrays him are just some of the examples… Discover which are the most dangerous traits of each zodiac sign :

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He hates to be dominated, he knows how to manipulate, too much genius

The same thing happens to Aries as to his fellow fire signs. They are capable of exploding at the slightest and doing too much damage with their words. It is true that of all the fire signs, Aries is the first and his fire does not want to go out. This means that he is much more manipulative than the others. Aries knows how to play with the mind but his impetus gets the better of him, and instead of having cold blood to do things he gets the heat that enters his body when he gets angry.

Aries is dangerous because he is selfish, and yes, many times he does not care to trample on others in order to get what he wants in life. The success. It is also true that many times he does not understand the damage he can do and his actions are almost automatic. Many times because of the need not to lose, not to be left behind. Perhaps even out of fear of failure…


extremely temperamental

You know that you can be a very dangerous Taurus, but you usually do it in secret. As you have a lot of patience, you know that sooner or later you will be there to laugh at all those who laughed at you, to look them in the eye and tell them: now you mess with yourself. You can explore a lot when something bothers you but normally you are one of those who accumulate and sometimes you even get sick for not taking out all that rage and anger that you have against the world. Your danger is not in the short term, you are one of those who knows that revenge is best, on a cold plate.


Viper tongue, ironic, sarcastic but inconstant

Gemini has a lot of danger, but that danger that is not seen is only felt. He can be a super nice person, super talkative, and brighten anyone’s day but he can also be the opposite, your worst nightmare. When Geminis get hurt, he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t rest and he spends 24 hours a day thinking about it and cursing the one who has messed up his life like that.

Gemini is dangerous at this stage because he can do anything crazy. The “good” thing is that, if this stage passes, he ends up entertaining himself with something else and “forgets” at least until it reappears in his life. But be careful because if he catches you during his moment of hate and rage, you can end up crying a lot…


lack of mental stability

For things like Cancer, you would like to have all that mental clarity and stability that many others have, but no. You don’t have it and unfortunately, that has led you to do endless crazy things. It is very strong but according to the FBI (by data collected from criminals), people born under your sun sign are the most dangerous.

You have to be careful with yourself because you know that as long as the cable crosses you you can’t see, there is nothing that can stop you, your mouth is unable to shut up and you are capable of messing up your life just for messing up the others. More control Cancer, especially for that reason, in the end, it is your life that really matters and without which sometimes you are left just to give lessons.


High temper, psychotic

I read by the good ones are very good but by the bad ones… Be careful. He is a fire sign so he explodes very easily, he hides behind the fact that he is a nice person and that he does not mess with anyone. But the world is sometimes hard and it’s time to receive, and that’s when Leo, instead of getting away from everything, enters the rag in less than a rooster sings. Come on, it’s a very short fuse. And yes, you can easily lose track of reality, hence the psychotic.

She is capable of going into loops for days and is also capable of doing a lot of damage to herself as long as the other person also suffers. In that sense, you can hurt yourself too much and lose more than you gain in a moment of stress and anger.


It has a coldness that scares

Virgo is cold as ice when it comes to giving others what they deserve. Despite the fact that it is a sign that deep down he does not like fights or bad treatment, if they do, sooner or later they will pay for it. It is true that he is not going to prepare the revenge in great detail nor is he going to obsess over it. Surely it will happen until life gives him the opportunity but be very clear that when that day comes, he will remember each of the things you made him go through and he will not stop doing something that he knows you deserve.

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He is able to stick daggers in your mouth, his specialty

Libra is not one of those who acts physically, in fact, it is rather one of those who walk away when they see problems nearby or when they see that something is not going to go well. But he has a mouth of gold and it is that, when he really gets messed off and they have exceeded the limits of his patience, he begins to drop little pearls through his mouth capable of knocking down the strongest. Libra has no filter once it has started. And that in the end, can do a lot of damage. And he knows it, he knows that this is his specialty.


Jealous, aggressive, and sadistic

Scorpio can be extremely dangerous when things are not going well. He is capable of manipulating others without their realizing it, he is capable of playing with the minds of others and practically convincing them of everything. His power of persuasion and conviction is incredible. He has always pulled the strings in everything, he has always been there, at the forefront of almost anything, but he is not one of those who dirty his hands. Scorpio does not forgive unless he sees you very VERY sorry. And let’s not talk about forgetting…

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Very severe, cunning, but bombs when it comes to exploding for something

Sagittarius is not dangerous as such, it is a bomb when it explodes. He can take out all the dirty laundry from years ago, he can hit you where it hurts the most, he knows it, and he will do it with screams and voices. When Sagi gets upset, it is simply impossible for her to speak in a calm voice, it is unlikely that you can reason with her/him in that state… But there is also something good and that is that things go by quickly for Sagi. It’s like when she gets angry she remembers everything bad and then her head resets and she doesn’t even remember what she ate today. It’s not dangerous but it can do a lot of damage.


Super vindictive, whoever does it pays for it, does not know how to forget, and hardly even forgives

Things as they are, Capricorn could be one of the most dangerous signs of the Zodiac. In the end, the one that explodes in your face isn’t scarier than the one that doesn’t. The one you know will return it to you because you’ve done something wrong but not now, but when you don’t really expect it. Capricorn is dangerous for that because he keeps it because he will always return it to you unless you have repented from the heart, that you have apologized after crying a lot. Yes, Capri needs to see that your apology is truly sincere. If not, be ready when you least expect it.

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controlled paranoid

Generally, Aquarius is always very well behaved. I don’t know, something like nothing could get on his nerves but hey, be careful because this is just a facade. Deep down, Aquarius has so many insecurities that many of them turn into paranoia. He is the typical person who on the outside shows you a world that has nothing to do with the world he has inside. This makes them dangerous because you will never know where they are going to come out. They may pass everything and leave forever or they may be preparing the worst revenge in history against the person who betrayed them. And not knowing is scary…


Bad temper, wolves in sheep’s clothing

Pisces has in its favor the fame that precedes it. It is a very dreamy sign, very passionate, very creative, very tender, and above all, very sensitive. Yes, of course, one thing doesn’t take away from the other, but hey, he’s not a hair weak. Moreover, surely because he has all these qualities, when they hurt him he is capable of going to destroy (verbally) the person who caused it. And besides, the dangerous thing about Pisces is that he gets angry in an exaggerated way, until he finishes what he started he doesn’t stop and if you’re in his target you won’t be able to get out of there easily.

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The Most Dangerous Traits Of The Zodiac Signs

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