The 12 Couples Who Can Hate But Not Leave


The 12 Couples Who Can Hate But Not Leave

Unrequited love hurts you, but being in a relationship in which today they are good and tomorrow they hate each other, tears the depths of your soul. No matter how much you try to pretend that nothing is wrong, there is a part of you that is accumulating resentment, because you do not have the courage to let go. You have gotten used to mistreatment, forced hugs, insipid kisses, you got used to faking smiles, you know that you are not happy, but you do not leave it either. These are the 12 couples who can hate each other but not leave.

1.- Aries and Virgo

Water and oil, when Aries and Virgo establish a bond it is because they let themselves be carried away by the moment, that attraction that lies to them and makes them imagine a life together. Virgo is dazzled by the impulsive way that Aries goes through life, somehow reminding him that it is not all about planning and planning. However, once the infatuation wears off they are faced with reality. Virgo demands calm and stability, but Aries takes it as if they were ordering him and there he loses his sanity.

2.- Taurus and Scorpio

Without a doubt, the sensuality of Scorpio steals the attention of Taurus. Although deep down they are both very intense, let’s just say that Taurus just needs a little push. They are both reliable signs and although Scorpio is more emotional, Taurus also bends his heart when he loves. The problem is when there is mistrust, when the relationship is about unhealthy jealousy, both of them want to control themselves and they get annoyed, but they do not let each other. The worst thing is that they turn the beauty they had into a battle of revenge.

3.- Gemini and Aquarius

At first glance we could be talking about the perfect relationship, as they are two signs that take spirituality into account, have an intellectual side and are magnificent conversationalists. In fact, they are very liberal and supportive, they fight to fulfill their dreams. The downside is when the changing side of Gemini shows up, which can be synonymous with drama for Aquarius. Run away when everything turns into chaos, the inconsistency of Gemini and the unpredictability of Aquarius, make them perfect strangers.

4.- Cancer and Pisces

Two signs that when joined are capable of altering the emotional stability of everyone around them. And they are extremely sensitive, their life revolves around creativity, love and loyalty. However, there comes a time when their emotional sides can put them between a rock and a hard place, because the relationship turns into tears, fears and insecurities. It seems that when they are together they feel sad, but when they are apart everything is worse. Theirs becomes vicious and difficult to overcome.

5.- Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius fall in love at first sight, because they are dazzled by physique and personality. However, they do not take the time to look deeply, they do not know each other at all, and that is when flaws and hobbies can turn into the worst of ordeals. Sagittarius and Leo are experts at making jokes and enjoying every moment. But there comes a time when their egos enter into competition, so they are perfect in front of the rest, but internally they accumulate envy in the relationship until it finally explodes.

6.- Virgo and Aquarius

Without a doubt, the reason why Aquarius and Virgo end up bonding is because they complement each other, they are really like black and white. Virgo is a stable partner, who is always looking for security, those who do not trust easily. While Aquarius gets carried away, his thing is not exactly the plans and they put curiosity first. Aquarius is frustrated because Virgo is excessively meticulous , he begins to feel tied, a relationship in which they stop admiring and are only to be. It is so much time invested, that now how to say goodbye?

7.- Libra and Pisces

The union between Pisces and Libra is not exactly synonymous with stability, because although they are tender, supportive and empathetic souls, it is insufficient. Libra enjoys being with Pisces at the beginning because its huge heart moves him, that’s when they both begin to idealize without facing reality, their dark side. Then all those cotton clouds may hit them all at once . They go from a dream bond to the ordeal of dealing with their flaws and simply want to run away. They fall in love with the idea they made.

8.- Scorpio and Leo

A powerful, demanding, intense partner with a pride that can break any sensitivity. Without a doubt, Scorpio and Leo decide to unite their lives because both value the honest part, but they forget about emotions, especially when the dark side is present. They are both explosive and can say very hurtful things, which they do not forget. Both want attention and when they feel insecure, jealousy is present, provoking arguments and creating a relationship in which everyone and everything is mistrusted.

9.- Sagittarius and Libra

A couple explosion and boy, not all in positive terms. Sagittarius and Libra get lost in their outgoing side, in the way they relate to each other. They are very similar, but when they can’t stand each other they start to put distances in which the subject is not discussed, that’s when they accumulate fears, sadness, anger, until they can’t take it anymore. Sagittarius is independent and overly adventurous, but Libra is extremely indecisive and sensitive. This is synonymous with wanting to get out of that relationship, but not being able to, they fall into the toxic.

10.- Capricorn and Cancer

The reason why Capricorn and Cancer end up united is because they are both eager to find a safe love, where home is paramount, they want stability and that feeling that everything is fine. The problem is that Capricorn is not as emotional as Cancer and that can cause differences between the two. There comes a point where Cancer needs much more than the assurance of having someone hold your hand. Capricorn finds it difficult to open up, it becomes a challenge that makes the relationship silent.

11.- Aquarius and Sagittarius

Aquarius and Sagittarius, it may seem like a crazy idea, one of those that accelerates your entire life. They are a cluster of adrenaline, travel, aromas, flavors, colors. They are two signs that like to live in the moment and at the same time are tremendously independent. However, problems may arise when their egos turn into a struggle. There comes a point where it seems that they want to show who is happier than the other, leaving aside what one day brought them together. That’s when they know that although they are together a long time ago they separated.

12.- Pisces and Capricorn

A dreamer and a realist, the combination does not seem entirely good. Although at first this couple complements each other, with the passage of time things begin to get a bit murky. Let’s say that Capricorn can become a bit intense with Pisces, because he wants the practical and does not pay attention to his emotional part. Pisces doesn’t let go easily, they try until they can’t take it anymore . While Capricorn pretends that everything is fine, they do not accept their mistakes the first time and those are the reasons why they do not let go, even if they no longer love each other.


The 12 Couples Who Can Hate But Not Leave

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