Signs That Fall In Love With Those Who Leave Because They Have Many Pretendants


Signs That Fall In Love With Those Who Leave Because They Have Many Pretendants

In life, there are fleeting loves, the kind that you would like to stay a little longer because they have the gift of filling your heart with warmth. They have an I don’t know what, that catches you, their appeal is so strong that it can be distinguished from millions of looks. Yes, they are the zodiac signs that fall in love with whoever they want because they have many suitors, but … they don’t always decide to stay by your side. Sometimes they only come to remind you that magic exists, that love is much more than the meeting of two desperate skins. They can have whomever they want at their feet because they have more suitors. They have a magnet in their soul that invites you to immerse yourself in their world, and that’s when they can bite your heart because they don’t always give early warning when they leave.

1.- Pisces 

The first on the list, because his heart is incomparable, it is full of goodness, of that love that revives you, that brings out the best in you, and many times you do not even perceive it. For Pisces, being for the other is a rule, they like reciprocity, and of course, they are carried away by romanticism, compassion, and creativity. It is much more than a pile of powder because it has the gift of reaching where no one else has gone, those emotions that you shut up, but that are eager to be embraced. Pisces, is the lover who puts himself in your shoes, not everyone does, but he leaves you traces for a lifetime. It is so genuine that when he takes you by the hand there is nothing to fear, on the contrary, it gives you peace, it reminds you of that human part that we all have, the one that is capable of taking the bread out of your mouth to see the other smile. Sure, their physique is not a matter of discussion, Pisces are very attractive, but their charm goes far beyond the way their body looks. Pisces is the one who makes you fall in love in an unexpected way and reminds you that your heartbeat can always go faster.

2.- Virgo 

Do you know what it feels like to be with a Virgo? It’s like that unexpected forehead kiss, the one that screams at you how much you are worth and makes a lot of tenderness run through your body from head to toe. It is one of the most honest loves that life will present to you, so when it decides to cross your path, do not miss the opportunity, there it is, no matter how long it lasts, it will be unforgettable. It may not be the most romantic sign of the entire zodiac, but it is the one that fulfills you, his word is not a game, The moment he decides that you will be his life partner, there is no going back, it is a sign that honors the commitment. You know what they say, life is too short to fall in love with someone ordinary. Fall in love with Virgo, with his simplicity, with his desire to improve himself, with the courage he has in his eyes. Fall in love with Virgo because he will not let you go, because he will be loyal to you until the last day you decide to be by his side. It is the person who will dance, sing, scream, who will do anything to put a smile on your face. Do you want more?

3.- Leo

It is very sad when the clocks do not agree and make you late in the life of a Leo because the moment you immerse yourself in his thoughts, his fears, his dreams, you get lost. In the most beautiful way, because you admire the way it shines and also how much it drives you. Leo, is the sign that is governed by the heart, if you like someone you do not have time for excuses, He wants to seize the moment, value every second, because he knows very well how fleeting life can be. It is one of those loves that prove that you can love with madness and balance at the same time. He has the gift of centering you, of reminding you of your dreams, he does not want to solve your life, but he will do what is in his power so that you also illuminate in each step. That is another level of couple, the one that does you good in everything, motivates you, breaks with the routine, and at the same time makes you a better person. Those loves are not forgotten, not even if you make an effort to do so.

4.- Libra 

Libra is the proof that love cannot be heard, it is felt, and therefore, it takes twice the effort to demonstrate it. When he falls in love, he puts aside all kinds of prejudices, he looks for a really special connection, in which he can open the way for souls to meet and appreciate each other in a very beautiful way. It is a sign that exudes beauty, not only on the outside but also on the inside, its soul is what wakes you up, the one that teaches you that every moment is a privilege. Libra, loves from the gut, likes to feel the racing heart, the nervous look, the sweat on the hands. Enjoy those moments that are permeated in the most hidden of your memories. It is the sign that can make whoever wants to fall in love, but most of the time he does not propose it, he just goes around being so genuine and stealing hearts in his wake. Libra, teaches you to be with someone and not someone.

5.- Taurus  

Don’t take it personally, but surely Taurus will be the most difficult person to delete from your love list. Better not make an effort to do it, stay with the beauty, with the many times that he showed you what it is to really love, what it is to care about the other, and the times he did whatever it takes to earn one of your laughs. It is the bravest sign when it comes to love, because it gives itself in a very sincere way, without fear of ties, on the contrary, from the beginning, he is more than ready for something else. He is the one who makes you fall in love with everything that comes out of his mouth, with his intelligence, with his noble way of seeing life. You don’t need to brag, you don’t need to fill yourself with expensive details, because it becomes your shoulder when you can’t take it anymore when all you want is to cry to free your soul and start over. There is Taurus, he stays to wipe your tears and remind you how much you are worth and the many reasons why you do not have to give up.

6.- Sagittarius 

There are people who do not tire you, they give you the confidence to talk about anything for hours. People that when you wake up you want to see them as soon as possible. Yes, as Sagittarius, the lover who teaches you what it is to love from fun and attraction. She has that wild touch on her lips that invites you to unleash each of your sins, but at the same time, the tenderness in her gaze reminds you of how sensitive we are and how much we should take advantage of every moment because, in the end, they leave. like water between the hands. It is love that makes you bet on everything, that invites you to fight your fears and drives you. He is not the character of a fairy tale, the least he wants is to show himself as perfect, but what he does want is to fill you with magic, with unique moments. That’s why he kisses slowly, dances until dawn, speaks without filters, and hugs you with all his might. That is the Sagittarius that you will hardly forget.

7.- Aries 

Aries is one of those loves that begins with an “I think I like you”, but when you least think they become your everything, in that crazy, intense, risk-loving person, who makes you love the idea of ​​breaking up with the rules. He is the one who lets himself go, he does not care about anything, all he wants is for the other person to feel loved, protected, and respected. He is not one of those who takes the love to play, when he does it is because deep down he is looking for something in the future, but he does not get hooked if he sees that after a while it does not work. The bad thing is that it is not easy to say goodbye to them because you ask yourself over and over again where you will find someone like you. Aries, is firm, is intelligent, He is the one who will remind you that no matter what happens tomorrow, as long as you give yourself completely at the moment. It is one of those dangerously unforgettable loves, from which the same smiles make you than tears when remembering them.


Signs That Fall In Love With Those Who Leave Because They Have Many Pretendants

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