Signs That Can Fall Into The Vicious Circle Of I Love You Today And Not Tomorrow


Signs That Can Fall Into The Vicious Circle Of I Love You Today And Not Tomorrow

How many times have you believed that this is the last time? We believe that trying one more time will be the definitive one, that things will finally turn out the way we dreamed it. But remember that he who repeats love, repeats mistakes, you can end up falling into a vicious circle , in which you want today and not tomorrow. That is synonymous with pain, of letting yourself be carried away by the moment and not thinking about your emotions, it is the way you are breaking when you return again and again to his arms. So that? You’re letting your emotional and mental health slip away in a mini-moment. You deserve much more , these zodiac signs have such a noble heart that they can fall into a relationship like this:

1.- Aries

If anyone knows about intermittent relationships, without a doubt, it is Aries. It’s the sign that you can’t help being impulsive and that’s when that sword becomes double-edged. Aries is always in a hurry, with the idea that living in the moment is what matters. So when you least think, you fall for a text message, because you don’t have the time to analyze the pros and cons. For Aries it is synonymous with opportunity and does not let them pass.

However, he himself can change his mind overnight, when he thinks with a cool head and realizes that he just got carried away. That’s right, Aries has a changing side, because Mars makes it have that characteristic like the wind, it goes back and forth, until it feels terribly suffocated. It is a very intelligent sign, so when you realize the error, run away from it. It’s like they have an on / off button, they need to channel that energy, but once they take you out of their life there is definitely no going back.

2.- Gemini

Geminis are the ones who make an effort to turn the page, they do not want to leave a trace of their ex and they easily adapt to their new lifestyle, because they are extremely flexible and open-minded. However, they are very changeable and if called in a vulnerable moment they can fall again. And it is that for Geminis there is no permanent situation, nobody knows what the future holds.

For Geminis it can be challenging to visit the past from time to time, so it does not erase the contact of their ex-partners. And if we add to that that they have the gift of words, everything gets worse because they are experts in saying things and they are fulfilled. Gemini is very empathetic if his ex calls him feeling needy he can fall back. Above all, because they are quite indecisive and while they analyze what to do, they simply get carried away without thinking much about the consequences.

3.- Libra

Libra is like that, it is an air sign, it lets itself be carried away like a leaf until fate places it in the right place. At the very least, Libra may end up giving their ex a second chance. The main reason is because they are extremely supportive and like to put themselves in their ex’s shoes , thinking that they intend to change. That’s when the memories of the past betray him and he lets himself be carried away by what he was, without taking much into account the present.

However, there is a part of Libra, which leaves romanticism aside, which looks at everything in an objective way, calms down and analyzes that it was not the best option. So they fall for this idea of ​​going back and finishing. If we add to that that he is someone who appreciates the company, things get worse. It is an independent sign but when you feel supported it is as if everything is perfect. Somehow Libra falls in love again with the ideal that only exists in his head, that is why it hurts twice as much when he realizes that that person will never change and that there is nothing left but to hold on to his self-love and let go .


Signs That Can Fall Into The Vicious Circle Of I Love You Today And Not Tomorrow

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