Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You


Just as important as knowing the signs that a girl likes you is knowing the various physical and social cues that indicate that she’s not interested.

You definitely don’t want to be that guy who just doesn’t know when to take a hint. Not only will you be embarrassed when the situation gets sticky, but today’s “toxic” workplace environment can also seriously put your whole livelihood at risk.

Don’t make that mistake. Here are 10 signs a girl doesn’t like you.

  1. She doesn’t make eye contact: She doesn’t look you in the eyes even when you’re trying to engage in polite small talk.
  2. She looks and sounds bored: If you’re talking to her and her responses seem less than enthusiastic, or she’s constantly checking her phone, it could be a sign that she’s losing interest or isn’t interested in you.
  3. She avoids physical contact: Constant touching is a major sign that two people have a romantic attraction. If she refuses to be touched, she’s not into you.
  4. She’s on her guard: Her body language indicates she doesn’t want you anywhere near her.
  5. She doesn’t dress to impress: Women who are interested in a guy often care about how they look in front of him, especially in the beginning stages of courtship.
  6. You’re doing all the work: If you’re the one making all the effort to stay in touch, and if it takes her a day or more to return your calls, you are not a priority for her.
  7. She flakes on plans: She doesn’t commit to agreed-upon plans, possibly because she doesn’t value your time.
  8. She says she has a boyfriend: Some girls play hard to get. However, if she insists that she has a boyfriend, whether or not it’s true, it’s a pretty clear sign she’s not interested in you.
  9. She ghosts you: No response is a response — a very powerful one! If you’ve tried to contact her several times with no answer, she has no use for you.
  10. She tells you she’s not interested: Whether done directly or indirectly, there is no clearer message that this one. A hint like “you’re such a great friend!” is tantamount to her saying “I don’t find you attractive.”

How to tell if a girl likes you? Oftentimes, all it takes to find out if a girl wants you is to look out for social cues that indicate she’s not interested in you. You need to be able to assess the situation from both vantage points.

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