Rating of wives and lovers by zodiac sign


12th – Leo

With this sign, as they say, everything is complicated. It seems that the Lioness is something loud and harsh. In fact, this loudness, if any, is not supported by anything. Lionesses can and do demand it constantly, however, they do not always strive to give something in return. They are sure that they owe them, and this is not the best quality for either wives or lovers.

11th – Scorpio

Very tough character, very. And even if this stiffness is not visible quite clearly, it is still there. Scorpions make high demands on themselves and others. Therefore, if a man does not pass the exam, they do not spare him. It’s difficult with them. Scorpions, with their sarcasm and sharp mind, force men to watch themselves all the time. Which is not bad in terms of personal growth, but very tiring.

10th – Pisces

In principle, Pisces, paradoxically, can be a great couple, and at the same time a problem partner. The question is what a man needs. If a gullible mouse (oh, sorry, fish), then a representative of this sign is a worthy option. A man attracted to impractical, soaring in the clouds, too emotional persons? They will find what they were looking for. Pisces are good wives, but so-so lovers, in the sense that they do not understand the rules of the game and will demand more from a man.

9th – Sagittarius

This woman runs somewhere all the time and drags the man behind her – to the store that is closing in five minutes, to the plane flying off right now, to the top of Everest. The man next to her feels like the son of an ebullient mother. This, as they say, is for everybody. As a lover – yes, perhaps, but not for long. You can be very tired.

8th – Aries

Aries consider themselves femme fatale and are very offended when others do not consider them to be. It seems to them that there is a riddle, mystery and mysticism in them, but, alas, all these probable merits are eliminated by a too serious attitude to oneself. Take Miss Marple, only without a sense of humor, add a bit of Anastasia Volochkova – and get a woman Aries. As a wife, such a creature will be mastered only by a very loving man. And you can easily fall in love with Aries, there is something in them.

7th – Gemini

If Aries is Miss Marple, then Gemini is Catwoman. Or mom from The Incredibles. She can do everything and do everything herself. And he will not blame the man for anything. This is cool, of course, and with such a wife you can relax and live like behind a stone wall. But is it worth it to relax?

6th – Libra

This is a wonderful sign – both the wife and just the girlfriend of Libra will be what you need. There is only one caveat – this is their mood. It swings to the left – everything will be fine, to the right – the dishes will fly to the floor. Fortunately, just hug this strange woman – and life will get better. Until the next mood swings.

5th – Virgo

She decides everything, but, being wise, makes it so that the man considers himself the master of the situation. The wisdom of the man who is next to Virgo – seeing what game she leads, play along with her. Let her think that she decides everything. Sophisticated design? Yes. But what a fascinating one. Especially if you are at the beginning of a relationship.

4th – Cancer

A solid type that works in two modes – heart and mind. These regimes change unexpectedly and sometimes with devastating consequences for everyone. Cancer loves a swing and hates the same way. She has no boundaries, except those that she sets for herself. Cancer can easily say “marry me” or “I’m tired of you,” and it will be equally sincere.

3rd – Capricorn

In Capricorn, life is built intelligently and clearly. If she chose you to be your husband, be calm – no failures will happen in anything. She keeps order, pays the bills, decides with her mind, not her heart. God forbid the Capricorn-lover man: if he wants to just have fun, this will not happen. A month or two – and at first glance the affair will result in her moving to him.

2nd – Taurus

I blinded him from what was – the strategy and tactics of Taurus. She can turn anyone into a superman if she wants and loves. It is good with her both in marriage and in a frivolous romance. Taurus is a real find, but until he gets tired of sculpting an ideal from a man.

1st – Aquarius

Like the leader of this list. “Like” – because everything is relative. Yes, Aquarius can be compliant, gentle, understanding everything in kind, can be easy and tireless. And love as it should. But if a man ignores her, she will turn into a fury. Especially if her role is that of a lover. However, and which of the women will put up with indifference?

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