Ranking Of Signs That Will Not Have A Partner For Christmas 2021


Ranking Of Signs That Will Not Have A Partner For Christmas 2021

Time does not stand still and although we have lived through one of the hardest years, we are three months away from concluding it and Christmas is beginning to close on our heels. Just thinking about the time comes to mind endearing moments in which the magic of love does its thing. It’s nice when you have a partner this holiday season, but there are signs that you won’t have much luck. This ranking of the signs that will not have a partner for Christmas begins with those that are less likely to spend those dates next to love.

1.- Aquarius

Couple at Christmas? Honestly, for Aquarius, it is a subject that does not concern him. It is not that it is closed to love, but it is ready for whatever comes. This year has been so complicated for Aquarius, that the simple fact of reaching those dates is already a profit. In addition, you have learned to value your individuality, not to settle for someone who does not fulfill you in every way. He prefers to continue waiting and enjoying himself with his family and friends, until the right person arrives, someone with whom he can have something stable and can express himself from the depths of his spirit. Although there is very little chance that you will pass it to someone else’s side, you will be glad to have the opportunity to say thank you and pray for something better.

2.- Capricorn 

Ouch! Capricorn is second on the list because the truth is that he has had so many things on his mind, a huge list of goals to accomplish, that unfortunately, he has not taken the time to have a relationship. It is a sign that is not afraid of commitment but cannot let go of its responsibilities. For Capricorn Christmas is sacred, but it is not essential that a partner accompany him, because he knows how to enjoy himself. In addition, if Capricorn is not well mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally, he does not feel comfortable with anyone. Your schedule is the one that directs the number of appointments you have per year and you do not plan to push yourself a few months before just to pretend something you are not. It is not a sign that seeks approval from anyone and being alone does not cause you conflict.

3.- Aries 

It seems that this year Aries will not have any luck in this love affair either. However, it must be clarified that if he is alone for Christmas it is by choice because he has plenty of suitor lists. Aries has a meticulous side when it comes to choosing a partner, especially because when he has been impulsive, he has not done very well as he expected and he has learned his lesson. So now all he wants is to let things flow, if someone arrives before then he is more than welcome, but if not, too. Your love life has been through so much that you are not going to get depressed just because you don’t have someone to share gifts with. Aries is not satisfied and will enjoy with their loved ones. In the end, he understands that he has himself and that is enough. Aries is learning to embrace his self-love and that doesn’t compare to anything.

4.- Virgo 

The faithful brother of Capricorn, the two have their objectives very clear and do not think to lower their guard just to satisfy third parties. If there is something that Virgo stopped caring for a long time, it is the opinion of others. Now he focuses on what he wants, what gives him security and inspires him to keep going. Virgo is a sign that looks for solid bonds, it does not want to have that type of partner where appearance is the one that governs. It is useless to have a photo next to the Christmas tree, pretending that everything is going great if in fact, they have a very bad time. Now Virgo has become a faithful friend of patience and does not want to feel pressured in any way. Just think of being grateful that you can still spend one more Christmas with your loved ones.

5.- Gemini 

Did someone say serious relationship? The truth is that Gemini has two beautiful dualities, which keep you between a rock and a hard place all the time. On the one hand, he strives to make his romantic idea of ​​love come true, the one in which he lets himself be carried away and simply surrenders from the depths. But there is also his meticulous side, the one who does not believe easily and the one who loves his freedom. Let’s say that if the right person arrives before Christmas it would be perfect, magical, and not going to hinder. But if he does not arrive, he will not be martyred, deep down Geminis loves these dates a lot and to be next to those who have shown him to be in good times and in bad. Gemini has a very sensitive side and the end of the year makes him nostalgic but in a tender way. It is time to heal, to let go and be grateful for all the good that life has given you. Why would you complain if you don’t have a partner?

6.- Pisces 

The most romantic zodiac sign without company? For Pisces, love is one of the engines that keep them on their feet. A sign of water that is carried away like a wave of the sea in the middle of summer. However, that does not mean that he is going to cry just because someone will not be by his side at Christmas. Pisces have the gift of empathy, they love to put themselves in the shoes of others and it is enough that they spend time with their loved ones to give thanks to life. Sometimes, you also need some time alone, to realize that a partner is not everything and that being alone is better than being in bad company. Pisces takes advantage of these dates to show his creative side, escape from reality, and regain strength in every way. It is time to be with him, to analyze what he wants for the future, and to work hard for it. Not everything is rosy and it’s okay, you have to learn to channel negative emotions to be better.

7.- Scorpio 

We are entering the realm of those who probably do have a partner at Christmas. Among the lucky ones is Scorpio. A sign that puts honesty first and that when you decide to share your life with someone you do so in a careful and sensitive way. Scorpios strive to achieve their dreams and if someone comes into their life with the same goals, they appreciate it in a deep way. Scorpio loves to spend Christmas with a partner because his intensity in love increases, it is the season in which his emotions rise and fall in a blink of an eye. His love becomes a passionate adventure, that Christmas that is not forgotten, that stays there, to accompany you for the rest of the years. Of course, if the person does not meet your expectations, the relationship will end, it does not matter if Christmas is already around the corner.

8.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is such a transparent sign that when love comes, it is when you least look for it. He is not one of those who plan appointments, on the contrary, he focuses on enjoying himself and that is when he meets the right person, because he meets them while traveling, making the most of every second. I mean, carefree and very calm. That is why most likely someone will accompany you at Christmas, as it is not a sign that presses, does not seek ties and that becomes very attractive for the rest. Because they know that even if they spend an important date together, it does not mean that it is synonymous with wanting to spend their whole life together. Although if this is the case, it is not something that bothers Sagittarius. They say you don’t get along with commitment, but if you find someone who inspires you with trust and love, everything changes.

9.- Taurus 

Taurus is love from whichever side you look at it. It is a sign that once you become part of their days it shows you the meaning of loyalty and trust. The truth is that Christmas, like many other endearing dates, is very important for Taurus. If he decides to take you with his family, it is because he is looking for something serious, he does not do it with just anyone and he tries to convince you, in case something makes you feel insecure. You know what you want and you are not going to give in easily. In addition, Christmas increases your romantic side, that’s when you let yourself go and fill your partner with details, he does not leave her alone during dinner and gives her a special place in front of the rest. Taurus loves these dates because it is a good time to show the world what you feel. He proudly introduces you to the person he melts for and that is incomparable.

10.- Leo 

Leo is such a determined sign that if he wants to, he spends Christmas with someone or alone. He does not beat around the bush, when someone likes him he tells them directly and does not stagnate with loves that fear commitment. Leo is confident and therefore provides security to his partners, who would not want to spend those dates with him? In addition, he treats his partner like a queen, strives to surprise her, and does whatever he can to make it an unforgettable date. Let’s not forget that Leo has a host side, he likes to be the leader and does not miss any details. You will surely surprise your partner with the most anticipated gift of your life, not necessarily something expensive, but something that shows that you paid attention and that you did not forget what really makes your heartbeat. That’s right, Leo, he loves to leave pretty footprints on the heart.

11.- Cancer 

A sweet, delicate, protective sign. Cancer is the one who lets his imagination run like a thread and nobody stops it. He loves Christmas because it is synonymous with fantasy, being with his loved ones, filling himself with gifts. The season in which we are deeply grateful and right there is when her romantic side takes over. Let’s say you get pretty sharp and are going to strain to put your partner on a pedestal. It is an emotional sign and of course, it will say the most beautiful words, it loves to fill with praise. For this reason, it is very likely that you will spend Christmas next to a very special being. That person who is able to give you warmth, who reminds you that everything is fine and that even if the bad spells are present, will be there, on colorful days, but more on gray ones.

12.- Libra 

Libra closing the ranking as a whole being of light. Perhaps this is your year because you have very little chance of spending Christmas without a partner. Venus may not do her thing to talk about marriage, but you will be with someone who will fill you with smiles and increase your flirtation. The end of a complicated year is coming, but with a lot of lessons learned. It is the moment when Libra is grateful for returning to balance and for all those people who did not let go of his hand when he needed it most. Just don’t let your indecision make you a bad move, try to listen to your heart, but especially to your intuition. what do you want? If that person fills you with happiness, do not hesitate, give yourself the opportunity to spend a completely different end of the year.


Ranking Of Signs That Will Not Have A Partner For Christmas 2021

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