May 2022 or as astrologers call it “the beginning of the end”


May 2022 or as astrologers call it “the beginning of the end”

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year, even the roses are more beautiful during this month.

May brings with it great upheavals and changes in both economic and emotional life.

Many people are going to make big changes in their lives. Changes they weren’t ready to make before.

Everything will happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

As the earth signs are accentuated, then they will have happiness at their fingertips in May.

On the other hand, the water signs will awaken and their luck will be triggered by the entry of Mars into Pisces on May 13th.

The Full Moon, also known as SUPER MOON, is in Scorpio on May 7, which brings tremendous positive energy into the lives of Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, and earth sign natives.

Venus will be retrograde in Gemini, which can lead to many signs of breakdown in a marriage or relationship where things haven’t been going well for some time.

The moon’s nodes will infiltrate Gemini and Sagittarius, where they last were from October 2001 to April 2003.


You understand that the life philosophy of assessment, education and learning must now be launched.

You now apply a lot of courage and practical skills in your daily life and this is where material prosperity comes from.

But you need to maintain harmony in your love life.


You manage resources that you have inherited or that belong to your partner.

You get rid of your fears and change your beliefs, which is really difficult for you.

It all boils down to the material and emotional events of the coming period, when your rule gives you the best of yourself in all areas of life.


You are initiating a great cleaning in the partnerships.

The belief system changes when it comes to partners. Besides, great personality changes and spiritual growth are to be expected.

In May, you have huge love appetites where no one can stop you from satisfying your needs. You are not working hard in May because 4 retrograde planets are not in your favor.


You evolve in the field of work, health and daily life.

It is not worth resisting changes because the imbalance will only make you sick.

Some Cancerians find the courage to quit a job that doesn’t satisfy them. You achieve unattainable goals while intuition leads you to financial gain.


You are starting a big cleaning in your love life and with the children, so your creativity and your pleasure can be found in slow motion.

You cannot solve anything the same way, everything changes. A great reorganization of life begins this month.

Be prepared, because you have in front of you unusual ideas where the influx of money comes from, which does not exclude sudden gains.


This month, you begin to sort through everything related to the family home and the painful past.

A complicated relationship with your mother, trauma or domination is possible.

Many Virgos get what they’ve wanted for a long time and their dreams come true. With the support of the planet, you become more powerful in May.


You are initiating great changes in communication, between loved ones, neighbors and the environment.

This is a good opportunity to make significant changes in communication.

The stars are in your favor when it comes to finances, so there’s no need to worry. More money is expected this month.


You are entering into a relationship with your own values ​​and finances.

The opportunity for spiritual growth is highlighted.

You are removing many blockages that have been holding you back for some time. The family is not in the foreground, but you are interested in personal and social life.

Venus gives you a lot of sexual magnetism.


You initiate the dismantling of the old personality and thus change your beliefs, your meaning of life, your mission, your appearance, etc.

All the business successes are ahead of you through partnerships with the help of the right people who help you achieve a healthy cash flow.


You start by saying that you find yourself with something or someone that no longer has a purpose and that you no longer need it.

All of this can refer to the inhibitions, dependency, constipation that you have created for yourself.

If you are free, the love of fate is before you. Financial problems will be solved this month with the support of a loan or an inheritance.


You execute long-term plans with the help of a team.

You get rid of things that no longer have any function in your life.

The opportunity for love and children opens. Great temptations lie in wait, so it would be good not to rush into spending large sums of money that are really hard to resist.


You are still building a career where progress is visible, but it also threatens to disrupt it.

There is no need to guess what others think of you.

A great opportunity with planetary support is offered to you in the financial field.

More money is coming to you from multiple sources, so it will be a month of abundance.

May 2022 or as astrologers call it “the beginning of the end”

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