It’s About Time For Someone Like That Person To Come Into Your Life


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I tell you from the bottom of my heart, do not throw in the towel in matters of love, because at the moment when you least think about it, when you feel exhausted from being treated with indifference, right there, is when the roulette wheel turns to the other side. Maybe you don’t believe that there are brave people who are capable of repairing what others break. Surely, you are hurt and you closed your feelings to protect yourself, but you know that deep down there is hope. Don’t eat cravings, your zodiac sign, sooner or later, will experience it, someone who meets the characteristics you have always dreamed of will come into your life. It was time for someone like that person to come into your life:


It arrived like humidity, that person has been able to recognize your potential from miles away and is not afraid to delve into your darkest version. Maybe it’s his romantic gestures, the way he gives you security, and the many times he has shown you that you are his priority. Past lovers judged you as selfish and arrogant, just for demanding the slightest show of understanding. Now, you don’t have to ask her, she sits down.


Ironically, the reason you can stop believing in love is because you love with all your soul, but that prevents you from leaving quickly now. In your previous relationships, you gave so much, forgave, and accepted things that you didn’t like. However, life rewards you with someone who you don’t have to teach to love you because they are born to do so. Taurus, giving and receiving, that’s what it’s all about, a partner who is able to be with you through thick and thin. Today, you appreciate it with all your being.


Who would have thought, that the sign they describe as the social butterfly would give in? Gemini, some say that you jump from heart to heart, because you are terrified of commitment, but the reality is that they don’t even know half of you. It’s not that you are incapable of love, it’s that you don’t want to become the toy that they want today and throw away tomorrow. Fortunately, this new person is helping you heal and trust. In small steps, without pressure, and with a lot of love.


Your love is demanding, the fact that you are a supportive person does not mean that you love anyone who shows you their feelings. After so many downturns you understood that being a homebody with everyone is not always a good idea. Cancer, the disappointments of the past have left you very distrustful, but with this new love the gray days are taking on a little color and you are grateful for it. 


He who has not loved a Leo does not know what he is missing. You are the type of couple that teaches loyalty lessons, you don’t like to play with emotions. You know better than anyone that a cracked heart must be treated with subtlety because any out-of-place comment can break it once again. You thought you would never open the doors of love again, but your new partner is proof that not all hearts are the same. It is always possible to start over.


It is very normal for you to fall in love as a child when you feel safe. You don’t go around showing your weaknesses, on the contrary, there are times when you yourself sabotage everything because you don’t want to be hurt again. Now, your partner understands it, that’s why he respects your space and your time, he doesn’t demand that you tell him that you love him, he’s waiting for it to really come from your heart. She is teaching you that it is possible to feel again, scars and all. 


If I had to use one word to describe the way you share your life as a couple, it would undoubtedly be dedication. You just have to propose it to fill the days of the person you love with sweetness. You run away from discussions and tend to be too understanding, so much so that there are times when you lock yourself in your bubble, the one that is outside of reality. However, your heart has trusted again, because the new person does have emotional maturity. 


The problem is that people assume that you are capable of settling for forced love, but the truth is that you are looking for an intense, deep connection that knows no limits when showing affection. The bad thing is that you are very distrustful and after a bad experience you distance yourself from love for a long time. The person you are now with understands and their patience is teaching you to love again. 


You may not be the most romantic sign in the world, but you are capable of showing that special someone an incredible world. Your sensitivity is not one of those that gives itself and that’s it, you require understanding, and a lot of empathy, and you are not going to give your love again to someone who minimizes all the emotional chaos that shakes your heart. This person has helped you understand that you also deserve to be supported and spoiled. Never settle for less.


Without a doubt, you put up a huge wall when it comes to love, you prefer to cut people out of your life before meeting them because you are no longer willing to put your heart at risk. The past hurt you too much and that is why you no longer plan to return to that place. You are difficult to love, the person who is with you now knows it but is not scared. You are surprised by his bravery, but you admire his persistence, he has truly shown you that there are those who would do anything to be by your side. 


Definitely, love as a couple has never been part of your priorities, you are used to maintaining a huge distance. It is enough for you to see the experiences of the people around you to not let your emotions flow. However, this person has been able to bring down your abrupt, insensitive, and cold side. It’s not that you are defensive, but you know that you are very complicated and he has already shown you by drying your tears that he is not going to throw in the towel.


You feel things in the depths of your being, you don’t usually get carried away by the packaging, you want to go to the bottom of everything. You’re tired of being responsible for the ghosts of other people’s pasts. You already understood that you are not here to heal the wounds of someone who doesn’t even want to be helped. The process of loving again has become one of your greatest learnings, but being with the right person is vital to make the journey feel lighter.

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