How to use the stick figure to break toxic bonds?


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How to use the stick figure to break toxic bonds?
The stick figure technique was invented by Jacques Martel, author and therapist. The purpose of this technique is to help you separate yourself from toxic people who are holding back your life. People who put you down, hurt you, or are jealous of what you’ve accomplished. Then, the goal of the stick figure technique is also to guide you on the path of self-awareness in order to help you get rid of negative emotions. Those emotions that keep you from being happy and that don’t allow you to move forward.

A little more about the creator of this technique:
His desire to understand “the other side of things” leads him on a spiritual quest that completely reorients his life. In 1978, he undertook research in “Vitaminotherapy” also called “ortho molecular approach” following a holistic or global approach to being. His approach is in line with that of Canadian, American and European research psychiatrists, chemists and biochemists in the field. It was in 1988 that he began training in personal development. This training affected him to such an extent that he became a facilitator of personal development workshops, a job he would then occupy full time, in 1990, as a therapist.

The stick figure technique explained …
The stick figure technique frees you from any addiction. It helps you to resolve disharmonies. In doing so, it improves your relationships. And also helps you get rid of unpleasant situations. In doing so, she is transmitting positive changes to you. In all areas of life. We live in a world of duplicity. And in this there is always darkness and light. So always a “good” and a “bad” side. In relationships as in situations. But also in other aspects of our life.

Do you believe that there is only good in you?
So you don’t know your shadow yet. Because it works more or less consciously in each of us. Especially in our subconscious. Because it does not always vibrate harmoniously and purely. And that’s where the stick figure technique comes in. He does not present anything or anyone as “bad”. And it’s not about separating from others. It’s about solving stressful tangles. And therefore to heal your emotional wounds. And at the same time your relationships. Because that only makes them better. Because you let go of stressful things. And playful and with amazing ease. Jacques Martel’s stick figure technique is simple and very effective. It helps you to accept and let go. But also to believe that the right thing will happen. From my point of view, this is a fast and effective wellness method. Which is also fun.

What does the stick figure technique consist of?

Drawing is a form of visualization of problems.

And it involves both the brain and the subconscious. Cutting through is also a powerful ritual. Because separating something has a powerful effect.

Both consciously and unconsciously. Because it gets the most attention from the brain and the subconscious.

Apply the stick figure technique to anything in your life! Then you will become more and more in control of accepting and letting go.

By drawing the problem, you recognize that it exists. Then you start to act for change.

Then you cut the heavy connections. And let go with the help of your subconscious.

Thus, the stick figure technique of Jacques Martel also promotes your personal development.

If you want to know everything about the technique developed by Jacques Martel, here is where you can buy his book:

What can the stick figure technique do?

In general, I like the self-help methods. Because I take my personal responsibility. And I also think that we can only heal ourselves.

Obviously, it is often advisable to consult a therapist. But even in this approach, our healing remains our responsibility. And I mean healing in the broadest sense.

In my opinion, the most effective self-therapy technique is the stick figure technique.

It only takes a few minutes of your precious time. However, your inner saboteur will not benefit.

And do all you can to stop. Because he doesn’t want your life to get better. Because it might make you arrogant. In any case, that’s what he thinks.

So pay special attention to this part of the personality! Because she’ll try to convince you that stick figures are nonsense. But believe me: she is wrong!

The stick figure, as some call it, helps you:
free yourself from your addictions
dissolve your fears
resolve conscious and unconscious entanglements
And this in all areas of life. Both in your private relationships and in the professional environment. On a physical level as well as on a spiritual and emotional level.

Who are toxic people and how do you recognize unhealthy relationships?

Toxic people are dangerous. Whether they cause extreme stress or slow your progress, they can waste a lot of your time and happiness.

They are also hard on your body, studies have shown that people in more toxic relationships have a higher risk of heart disease.

Whether you’re dealing with a manipulative boss, a resentful friend, or a pessimistic cousin, toxic people can pop up in anyone’s lives. They may become angry with the change or feel insecure and threatened by your accomplishments.

The reasons for their behavior are less important than the damage they cause!

You may feel emotionally drained after spending time with them, or even worse, you may find that you don’t like the person you become when you’re around these toxic people.

The idea of ​​eliminating “toxic people” from your life has become a trending topic, but how do you know if you are dealing with one of them and what can you do about it?

A toxic person:

does not respect your limits
is manipulative and controlling
is lying
must always be right
always presents himself as a victim
take everything, but give you nothing
How do you eliminate a toxic person from your life?

Removing a toxic person from your life is not easy. It can be difficult to sever ties with a partner or family member, and there is always a strong possibility that that person will become abusive or resistant to your attempts to leave.

This only reinforces the need to exclude these kinds of people from your sphere of influence.

Here’s how to do it in a healthy way:

consider distance rather than full withdrawal
accept that it may take time
don’t offer too many explanations
do not argue with this person
block this person on social networks
Your power lies in your limits.

Once you’ve drawn the line, you’ve regained control. And it will be easier and easier for you to banish toxicity from your life.

What are negative emotions?

A negative emotion is a feeling that makes you feel like you are constantly sad or unhappy. It reflects on your relationship with others: you don’t trust yourself, your self-esteem is destroyed, you are never satisfied with yourself and you hate everyone!

Besides, you have the impression that everyone hates you too.

There are four main emotions that can turn negative over time:

Depending on the context, of course, these emotions are not always negative. They can stimulate you to work on your personal development.

But if you let them take over, they can affect your decision-making, all of your relationships, and your progress. And when you hold on to your negative emotions, you enter a never-ending vicious cycle.

Indeed, you lose your ability to think, you can no longer distinguish the true from the false. You are closed to the idea of ​​listening to others and seeing the reality that is before your eyes.

What happens then?

You feed those negative emotions again. And you get stuck in that circle forever.

In fact, the more time you let go, the more these negative emotions have a hold on you. It is therefore important to learn to manage them in a healthy way.

In fact, negative emotions are complex reactions. All physiological and biological processes in your body are activated!

How to deal with negative emotions?
To get out of this vicious circle, you need to adopt an effective strategy:

don’t keep repeating (in your head) what happened
don’t overdo it
accept that negative feelings are a part of life
analyze how you feel about these negative emotions
play sports
say goodbye to the past
How does the stick figure technique work?

First of all, make sure you know who or what you want to get away from!

It can be a person, a situation or an emotion. And it doesn’t even have to be uncomfortable. This is sufficient if you feel overly connected. Because letting go of love can often be good.

This is how you can detach yourself from someone who is overwhelming you. But also from someone you love very much. If you want to be open to new impulses, stick figures will help.

The release of these energetic connections is always positive. And it can’t do nothing wrong

Step 1: you draw the stick figure n ° 1, that is to say yourself

Draw yourself on the left side of a piece of paper. In the form of a stick figure.

It is important that your representation is always placed on the left side. Then write your first and last name under the stick figure.

Step 2: you draw the stick figure n ° 2, that is to say your situation
On the right side you draw the other person.

Again, write the person’s first and last name under the stick figure. Draw a rectangle to describe the situation and under it write the toxic situation you want to learn to deal with.

Next, describe the person or situation with the associated feelings.

In the case of emotions, you draw two stick figures. Under the right stick figure, you write negative emotions.

Under the left stick figure, note their positive counterpart.

Step 3: draw the light circle n ° 1

Draw a crown of light around you!

In fact, a circle with rays of light from all sides. In doing so, you are sending a wish to the Universe.

I open my arms to the Universe. May the best happen to me!

Step 4: draw the light circle n ° 2
You do the same with the other person. Or the situation.

But also about your second stick to the stressful emotion. Again with a wish for the Universe.

May the best happen for the other person, the situation …

Step 5: draw the total circle of light
Now draw a big circle of light with rays of light around you and the other stick figure! And set your intention.

The best for both of us, anyway.

Step 6: Create Energy Connections

Then mark each of the seven main chakras with a dot. And connect them to each other.

Root chakra in the perineal region
Sacral chakra in the lower abdomen
Solar plexus at the navel
Heart chakra in the middle of the chest
Laryngeal chakra
Third eye between the eyes
Crown chakra on the highest point of the head
Also make the seven lines in a rectangle.

So you draw the connecting lines from the stick figure on the left to the stick figure on the right. These lines represent disharmonies.

Step 7: cut out
Now take your scissors and consciously cut these connecting lines. Say as loud as you can.

Thanks, it’s done!

And then feel those words deep inside yourself. Finally ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel free
Do you feel light
Then you can expect miracles.

To learn more about these steps, I recommend this book:

The stick figure technique is a self-help energy method. And helps you release stressful energy connections. Even the ones you don’t know about.

Even when you are not aware of their direct effects.

These happen when you can’t let go.
It can be people, situations, or feelings. So you stay energetically connected. It can create fear, anger and frustration.

But also depression.

It seems important to me that you do not change the seven steps of this technique. And you use them over and over again. Because then it brings more and more positive changes.

In the spirit of “the constant dripping wears out the stone”.

The authors compare the technique of the stick figure to the wind. Because he can also blow the clouds away. Namely the clouds of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

So that the sight is released in order to perceive the blue sky. But the sun can also bring its light. Because addictions and entanglements dissolve, but so do judgments about yourself and others.

Thus, the stick figure technique brings the wind of change in you. Especially when you are confident. And trust the positive results. But then you perceive them too.

Because that’s often the problem. Above all, we pay attention to the problems. But we hardly realize the solutions that have already been provided.

There is another peculiarity.
The stick figure technique also works “blindly”. So when you don’t even know what to work on. That is, you can use it even when you don’t know exactly what to integrate.

Because intention is enough to make a change. And the willingness to accept the result. Every time you use the stick figure technique, something happens.

Because you are sending a command to your subconscious. And then it works on it. Because he wants to make this positive change in your life.

However, this requires an open mind. And the intention to achieve what is best for you and others. With this focus, miracles can happen.

Otherwise, little can change on the outside.

Thus, the stick figure technique helps you learn more about yourself. And the next steps in your personal development.

Putting it into practice: the stick figure and the toxicity of a person

Concrete example: “My husband is spending more and more time away from home. I feel alone and misunderstood. “
Step 1: On the left, you draw the stick figure that represents you with your first and last name.

Step 2: On the right, you draw the stick figure who represents your husband with his first and last name.

Step 3: Around you, you draw a sun that lights up (first name and last name included).

Step 4: Around your husband, you draw a glowing sun (first and last name included).

Step 5: Around the two of you draw a third sun that lights up.

Step 6: On each stick figure, mark the seven chakras with a point. Then draw a line between your chakras and your husband’s chakras.

Step 7: Cut the leaf in the middle. And don’t forget to say “Thank you, it’s done! “.

Putting it into practice: the stick figure and the toxic situation

Concrete example: “My work stresses me out. “
Step 1: On the left, you draw the stick figure that represents you with your first and last name.

Step 2: On the right you draw a rectangle in which you write your situation.

Step 3: Around you, you draw a sun that lights up (first name and last name included).

Step 4: Around the rectangle, you draw a glowing sun.

Step 5: Around the two of you draw a third sun that lights up.

Step 6: On each drawing, mark the seven chakras with a point. Next, draw a line between your chakras and the rectangle chakras.

Step 7: Cut the leaf in the middle. And don’t forget to say “Thank you, it’s done! “.

Is the stick figure technique more effective than these methods at getting rid of negative people and emotions?

Yes !

Stick figures are very effective because you don’t have to know your problem to begin your healing or the path of personal development. In addition, the stick figure technique can be used in all situations:

the relationship you have with yourself
your mental and physical health
your emotional state
toxic family, professional or romantic relationships
the death of a loved one
past traumas
the disruption of emotions
inability to make decisions
The stick figure technique prompts you to take action and already know the next steps in your healing journey. You always know where you are and what you have to do. Sometimes you have negative emotions without really knowing why. This is why the stick figure is the best technique to use. For example, when you come out of a toxic romantic relationship, you know what to focus on. So you can go to therapy or meditate. But when you accumulate a lot of negative experiences, it’s hard to know where to start. This is why the stick figure technique is effective and easy to set up.

Is the stick figure a danger to you?

As with any healing technique, there is a danger. If you hope that the stickman will solve all of your problems, you are going to be disappointed. Indeed, the danger of the stick figure is in the fact that it is reassuring. Yes, it can be contradictory, but let me explain. This technique prompts you to act on a piece of paper. You are literally cutting the negative ties in your life. It is only a springboard. This is only the first phase of your healing journey. The stick figure technique does not encourage you to ask yourself deep and spiritual questions.

Why am I feeling these emotions?
Where does this fear come from?
It gives you a visual solution, but it’s not final. If you want to avoid the danger of the stick figure, you must act afterwards. Indeed, you must analyze your past, your present and your sufferings. And act physically to change what is toxic. Since you cut the ties on the paper, you need to do it in real life.

How to use the stick figure to break toxic bonds?

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