How To Tell She’s Losing Interest, Based On Her Zodiac Sign In June 2022



She starts arguments with you over every little thing. Everything you say and do gets on her nerves.


She never touches you. She keeps a gap between you when you sit next to each other and shrugs away when you try to hold her hand or kiss her.


Her normally quick texts get further and further apart. Sometimes she doesn’t bother to answer you at all.


She doesn’t talk as much anymore. She lets you lead conversations. She barely says a word the entire time.


She starts spending time with other guys. She is slowly getting closer to them and getting more distant from you.


She spends more and more time away from you. She puts off hanging out with you with excuses about working or being too tired from all the working.


She’s stopped putting in effort to dress up for you. She doesn’t even bother to shower before hanging out, but when she’s out with other people, she always looks gorgeous.


The sex has stopped. She’s never in the mood anymore.


She’s stopped nagging you and stopped arguing with you. She doesn’t care enough to fight anymore.


She drops off the face of the planet. She never contacts you and barely looks at you when you cross paths in person.


She stares at her phone the entire time you’re together. She pays more attention to social media than to you.


She only wants you around when she’s drunk or high. She wants nothing to do with you sober.

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