• September 23, 2023

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Excitement In June 2022


You gush about your excitement to anyone who will listen. And you don’t care if it sounds like you’re bragging.


You get lost in daydreams and have trouble concentrating throughout your entire day.


You get teary-eyed. The emotion gets the best of you and you need to carry tissues with you everywhere.


You message a close group of friends that you trust to share the excitement alongside because you want to keep it somewhat private.


You post a million statuses on social media and tell the whole world every detail of your perfect existence.


You go out and do something active, like go for a run, to expend your energy.


You capture every moment on your camera so you can always look back on how happy you were.


You celebrate with drinks. You pop open champagne or a bottle of wine — even if you’re celebrating solo.


You forget to eat and sleep and do your chores. You get swept up in your excitement.


Your excitement backfires and you start thinking your situation is too good to be true.


You write down your feelings in a journal so you can remember them forever.


You text every single person in your contacts to tell them the news. 

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