How Each Sign Works When You Damage His Own Love


If you don’t do something to give your days a touch of magic, then who will? Think about it, sometimes, we make the mistake of giving our hearts as if it were the responsibility of the other to take care of it. Do not allow a thought, a person or any news to have the power to tear you to pieces. Be true to what you feel, to what really makes your heart beat, it is the only way to protect your self- love . How does each sign act when you damage its self-love?

1.- Aries

Aries is much more than a strong face, more than the risky soul that is always ready to go out to fulfill its dreams. It is determined, yes, but it can also break from one moment to the next, especially when you give your heart. Aries gives everything, his way of loving is unconditional, he simply trusts that the other will respond in the same way. However, there comes a time when his dignity is stained, when he tries and tries, but the other does not value him, that’s when he says that enough is enough. When you collect your tears and look up, because no matter how broken you are, Aries never gives up. It is going to be difficult for him to regain his self-esteem, but sooner or later he will.

2.- Taurus

Taurus can become so noble that he forgets to set healthy limits, that’s when parasites show up, eager to take advantage of his energy. Taurus can feel the cracks in his heart, it hurts him to know that the people to whom he gave his time, his calm, his dreams, just throw them away as if they were a pile of garbage. Taurus breaks down, their gentleness is damaged and that’s when they feel helpless , how do they manage to trust again? After so much wear and tear, of losing control, of being the ones who always have to apologize, they just decide not to anymore. That’s when they close the door, they are not willing to keep giving in for people who are not worth it.

3.- Gemini

Gemini seems like the bravest being on this planet, the one you can shake and still stand. Yes, he is resilient, life has taught him that it is anything but easy, but that does not mean that many times he can no longer do it. There are times when Geminis feel like they are drowning, when their self-esteem is on the rocks. When no matter how hard he tries, he does not finish picking up the pieces of his self-esteem. That’s when he sinks into silence, his best companion, who makes him regain his old spirits. Gemini can cry tears a whole day and the next they will show you that the one who lost was you and they will be grateful that you have left their life. Gemini clings to their self-love, even if it is deep down.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is the person who collapses in front of the loved one, who cannot with so much pain, because he does not conceive that someone to whom he gave everything of himself, did not value him one bit. Cancer fragments, feels that breathing hurts, that this pain in the stomach will never pass. When they damage their self-esteem, they have very bad days, the time goes by in melancholy, but do not trust yourself, because at the least expected moment the last tear is wiped away and that is when it shows you what it is to turn the page as the big ones. Cancer does not beg you again even if its soul is shattered a thousand pieces. Once he recovers there is no going back. He decides to stay with himself and the love he gave you returns to his spirit.

5.- Leo  

Leo finds it difficult to heal when his self-esteem is damaged, because he does not give himself the opportunity to let the scars do their thing. Leo is so proud that he will not allow someone who hurt him so much to see him torn to pieces. So he pretends, he is one of those who cries at night until he falls asleep, but the next morning he puts on a prettier smile . Leo goes into battle, because he feels guilty, he does not easily forgive himself for having given so much of himself to someone that he was not worth it. However, that is not forever, it is only the beginning of deciding to change and once you do, don’t even try to go back. Leo does not give second chances to someone who hurt the depths of their emotions.

6.- Virgo

Virgo is a practical sign, but when it comes to self-esteem and self-love, things get out of hand, he is one of those who gives so much that they forget what really matters. Suddenly, his hobbies are put aside, his smile faded and he discovers that he is with someone only for comfort, because he does not dare to finish the cycle. So he stays next to couples, friends, co-workers, who make him feel less and less. He forgets himself, until he ends up confused looking in the mirror and meets someone he does not recognize. That’s when he takes strength from the gut and simply does not allow more. Virgo is very decisive when he raises a barrier, do not expect him to change his mind.

7.- Libra

Libra is the one who loses control of the balance. Suddenly, they damage his self-esteem so much that he ends up believing it. There are so many criticisms, comments, mistreatment, that there comes a time when he sadly gets used to it. Libra may sink, feel like the worst person in the world, but there in the darkness of his depression, he finds the courage to get up. That’s when he confronts whoever hurt him and makes it clear that he will not allow something like that again. Libra breaks, cries, screams, gets angry, with himself and with everyone, but then collects his ashes and becomes the most beautiful being. In the one who has always been, the one who illuminates, the one who heals, the one who deserves relationships that do bring him.

8.- Scorpio

Behind a strong heart, which has overcome so many battles, of a soul that carries scars that from time to time weigh too much, there is someone who also throws in the towel. Sometimes , Scorpios feel that they can’t take it anymore, sadness becomes their best company and the pressure from the rest is so great that they end up hating everything. Suddenly, he does not like his body, his way of being, what he does and, is that when they hurt him they damage the deepest part of his being. However, there comes a point where he frees him, lets that trip of his life be part of oblivion and that is when he sets limits, when he shows that he is here to love, to be respected and so that no one else makes him feel just as bad.

9.- Sagittarius

A funny soul, the kind that steals the eyes, the ones who are capable of changing lives with just one word. Sagittarius is the sign that comforts you with feeling close, but there are times when it feels empty. In those who believe everything bad that they say and is that like everyone has weaknesses. However, they ignore it, pretend nothing is wrong, and become constant resistance until they can’t take it anymore. Once they decide that no one else will ever harm their self-esteem, don’t try to beg, because they won’t give you a chance that you don’t deserve. Sagittarius is kind and you may make him feel inferior and control him, but let him notice and he will show you what his absence is.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the stubborn of the zodiac, he is the one who shines for his ideas and also for the persistence he puts into them. However, when the people you love make you feel inferior they just shut off. That’s when we meet a sad, insecure Capricorn with dragging on self-esteem. Capricorn can give in for love, but there comes a point where they get annoyed and decide the end. He can love you with all his being, but he prefers you a thousand times away. It will break for a while, but when he regains his essence he understands that it was not him, it was the person he was with, that he just wanted him to sink more and more. Just let Capricorn come out of the shell.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius really suffers when someone damages their self-esteem , because in general it is a sign that has its well-defined limits, it does not allow anyone to enter its heart. If you do, it is because you really trust that person, but it becomes a double-edged sword, because if you are someone negative and you just want to fill your days with criticism, telling you that you are not good at what makes your heart vibrate, you simply breaks. Aquarius may feel that he is worthless, he loses himself in his loneliness and begins to become more reserved than usual. He just wants someone to understand what is happening, he does not understand how a person who claims to love him hurts him. But still shattered when they realize they walk away, no matter what they feel, they leave you, because they love themselves more.

12.- Pisces

The sign that many times cannot take any more, but remains silent. The one who goes through life showing strength and inside his soul has one creak after another. Pisces is so sensitive that he can take what an important person tells him very seriously . When they damage their self-esteem, they really feel little, that’s when they lose motivation, they don’t trust what they believe or what they feel. Everything becomes so vicious that they are even grateful to be around someone so abusive. However, there comes a time when they miss their essence, when they want to recover their imaginative and creative side, that’s when you have to step aside. There are few who know the reckless part of Pisces, they will not want or listen to your explanations, they simply want you to leave.


How Each Sign Works When You Damage His Own Love

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