Here’s Why Your Ex Doesn’t Know What They’re Missing, Based On Your Zodiac Sign In June 2022



They couldn’t handle your energy — its immensity and power were intimidating rather than comforting. Don’t let anybody make you feel as though dimming your force is the only way you’ll ever find happiness. Like moths to the light, you’ll attract what adores you.


They didn’t devote any time to your interests, and by doing so they closed themselves off to a special side of you. A side full of passion and spark and life. A side that one could get lost in. A side that should be reserved for those willing and excited to embrace it.


They didn’t listen to the feelings behind what you would say to them and took your words only at surface level. If they’d just stopped and considered your point of view for even a moment, they would’ve seen all you have to offer. The world is yours. Keep it safe from thieves and phonies.


They were too immature when it came to matters of the heart. When you opened up, as one should do in any healthy relationship, they froze. Your love is not monstrous or terrifying just because one person was scared of it. Your love is full. Your love is necessary.


They were uncomfortable with the affection that you so readily showered upon them. Remember: there is nothing wrong with being loud about your feelings. If they’d trusted in your compassion, you’d have shown them just how beautiful life is when there’s a partner at your side.


They never figured out how to make you feel comfortable in your unfiltered and unique glory. They didn’t realize that communication is a locksmith and relied on you to carry both of your weights. Don’t offer your arms to somebody that won’t even show you their teeth. It’s never worth the price.


They were so preoccupied with the idea of you, your persona, that they never really saw you for who you are. And figments will always, inevitably, let you down. You’re not an actor in your own life — you are the art. The audience is yours. Pick them accordingly.


Their goals did not align with yours, and they weren’t willing to acknowledge that. Your driven nature is a gift, one that not everyone can recognize or appreciate. The personal journey you’re taking shouldn’t be put on hold for anyone — especially not for someone headed to a place you’ve already been.


They were jealous seeing the ways you cared so deeply for others — they couldn’t handle not being the only apple of your eye. Your warmth should never be regulated by the hands of another. Never feel like romantic love should be the only love in your life. Share your joy as freely as you’d like.


They didn’t have the patience that deliberate action requires. With time and care, you are an incredible lover in every sense of the word. If a potential partner needs what you have to offer immediately, then they probably aren’t worth the hours you’re spending trying to build a foundation with them.


They never regarded you seriously, seeing your relationship as an effortless vacation rather than something they had to work to cultivate and maintain. The livelihood of love should never depend on only half of a pair. Longevity comes in twos, and anybody that truly opens their eyes to the elegance of you should see that.


They took for granted your vulnerability and your willingness to forgive. You are not something to walk over, and what they did to you was never acceptable. Your soft nature is not a reason to scoff, it is a superpower. They missed out on a life with you that would have been full of support and unyielding loyalty. You’re better off without them.

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