Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The New Moon In Aries 2022


Aries – The New Moon in your sign is going to present a positive moment during your birthday season. You are going to explore relationship dynamics, self-expression, and will feel more prepared to tackle and complete tasks or challenges that you might have been avoiding. A period of renewal awaits you.

Taurus – With the energy this New Moon brings, it is a build up a week before your season enters. Soon you will have the anchor of Venus pushing you up to new heights as your ruler gives you a new direction. You are closing the nebulous Aries Season with more insight and confidence as you prepare for the new changes ahead.

Gemini – During this transit, you are going to feel your creativity reach new heights as you experience unexpected sources of inspirations from friends and romantic partners. The New Moon puts things in perspectives for you as you see the results from your hard work and efforts.

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Cancer – These transits are going to make you reach new heights as the New Moon in Aries has you shining at the top of the mountain. Here you will continue to plan your next course of action as you make moves to solidify your future.

Leo – Aries Season gives you the spark and inspiration to move ahead with what you have been dreaming of. There will be lessons learned now that will motivate you to explore your dreams for the future. Set your sights on greater things and manifest them.

Virgo – Reflection is the main theme for you during this transit. It could bring you back to a time where you had a romance, and the moments of nostalgia might creep back in. The New Moon will prompt you to face the past and look forward to the future.

Libra – Another powerful transit you will be experiencing. As the sister sign, you are feeling the reflective energy from the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Now the New Moon is going to make you look deep within and exercise your independence. Expect to feel braver during this transit.

Scorpio – There have been things you might have been putting off, and this New Moon is a friendly reminder to get back to focusing on yourself. This can be the treat yourself Moon as you find new ways to enliven your daily routines, your workout methods, or just find more time to meditate.

Sagittarius – As a fire sign, the energy this New Moon will bring is going to leave a dose of excitement and hope. Exercise your creative power, because it might surprise you just how much you can do during this period. Aries Season is yours for the taking. Keep pushing to get to new heights.

Capricorn – As Pluto squares this New Moon, it could make you feel the intense energy the most since Pluto is still in your sign. Nevertheless, you are going to enjoy what this transit has to offer as you feel yourself evolving and transforming. This can show you just how to balance power at work or in school. Times of stress mean you should focus on self-care breaks.

Aquarius – Luckily for you, this New Moon makes positive aspects to your sign, especially Jupiter. You feel the optimistic energy brewing as you feel more enlightened and emboldened to pursue new intellectual activities. This is an energy for learning and expanding, which only makes things more fruitful for you in the long run.

Pisces – You are prepared for what the New Moon has to offer. With Venus already in this sign, you are learning to love and appreciate yourself. This is your time to be more demanding with the types of people you welcome in your life. Expect to feel bolder and wiser after this transit.

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