Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Comprehensive Horoscope For June 2022


Aries — June will summon your adventurous spirit. You will be entertained by friends and family, bringing a light-hearted time of year. Home will be the center of your attention as you find ways to balance career and solving some turmoil on the home front. Because of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, you will feel more prepared this time around compared to the beginning of the year. Mercury and Venus will ease the impending chaos that you have felt for some time around. Continue to be patient, reach out to those close to you and get ready for Leo season later this month since it will make you feel lighthearted and ambitious enough to keep fighting.

Taurus — You will either hate or love the beginning of the month as we continue into the watery Cancer season. With this sextile to your Ascendant you will feel comfortable enough with yourself as you muster the energy to socialize and stand out. This is the perfect time to continue to hone that creative energy as the water season shift later in the month to fire. With the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, you will be thinking ahead to the future, planning to see if you need a break or just methods to further increase your knowledge on something that you have been considering for some time.

Gemini — With the energies flowing heavily this water season, you might feel a bit withdrawn. In terms of finances, you might make it a priority to become compulsive with your spending by letting your emotions guide you. Make sure to refrain, take it easy and learn. Use the opportunities this season, as Mercury enters the sign of Leo, to think more about the future with your income as well as your goals. The graces of Leo will make you feel inspired later in the month as you potentially shift gears with planning and finally get things rolling. You will understand the value or self-love as Venus transits through the sign of Cancer, opening up a new idea and philosophy for you which will provide a nice relief as it tones down the Saturn/Venus opposition later this month.

Cancer — It feels like it is your time to finally shine with all of these powerful transits making Cardinal signs tremble. Saturn in Capricorn has taught you to take things easily and with-it causing mayhem on your descendant, you might feel imbalanced. The Solar and Lunar eclipses in your sign and your sister sign are probably even more heartbreaking as you muster the energy to keep going. With Venus in your sign, you will feel the much-needed confidence boost to help you reclaim your power. Understand through the eclipses that balance must be reached because you cannot sacrifice losing yourself to others. Hone your individuality and remember that to achieve you need to believe in you first.

Leo — The first half of this month might feel dreadful as you, a fire sign, try to handle the intensity of Cardinal Water. This is the perfect time to recharge those batteries and take the necessary breaks needed before your time to shine comes closer. Observe, dream and achieve through the private hustle. You have enough knowledge to make things happen and when the Sun is finally in innovative and creative Leo, you will be literally bursting with energy. These Saturn and Pluto transits will seem like nothing when we enter your season. Mercury might be in Retrograde, but this will not stop you from being triumphant, especially as Venus continues her trip through Cancer and finally enters your sign on June 27th. Be ready, stay focused and do you, which is what your sign is well known for.

Virgo — This may be a low-key time for your sign as you have taken a break from everyone around you. With the Sun in Cancer early in June, you will be compelled to reach out to people, especially around the Solar Eclipse. How receptive they are will depend on how you have treated friends. Continue to reflect on your actions as Saturn goes Retrograde and making some aspect to your Ascendant. Take it easy for now. When the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all enter the sign of Leo, the isolation and lonely feelings will dissipate as you begin to take more time and energy to go out there and do you. You will be courageous this time around and not afraid to meet challenges face to face. Saturn has made you feel weakened, but you will bounce back soon enough, especially since Virgo Season arrives next month.

Libra — As Cardinal air, you have had to hustle and fight for what you want this year (and for the last several years). Cardinal placements not only have to worry about Saturn, but Pluto as well and the retrogrades do not help. Do a rewind and focus on where you need to make things right. The Eclipse shone a light on your home front as well as the energies involved with your work front. To those contemplating their future, this is the time to put those plans in your mind and prepare (after retrograding) to get them in motion. Your ambition and drive will be awakened once Leo Season hits. The Sun’s energy will make you feel like a go-getter, and you will channel that Aries energy from your sister sign.

Scorpio —While most of us are losing our senses this time of year, battling with our emotions and coping with the strong energies, Scorpio might be gliding right through this. You feel sharp, you are confident in your choices and might even be jet setting around the world, posting the latest trips on the gram. When Leo Season hits, you will be more in the public eye, so be careful and do not make hasty decisions. One thing is certain, and it is that you will shine brightly during this upcoming fire season later this month. Make sure to keep the ego in check and to remember that Saturn’s restrictions have taught you how to be more methodical with your planning and you have become wiser. Trust your instincts but make sure to be cautious.

Sagittarius — Jupiter in your sign has alleviated some of the harshness that these transits have brought about. With your chart ruler going retrograde, you might feel a bit exited as you rework and realign the things you had planned since this transit began. With the Sun in Cancer earlier in the month, you will experience a pleasant time financially as you understand how to keep your purse strings in check. Once the Sun enters the sign of Leo, you will want to treat yourself as the Sun makes a nice aspect to your ascendant, powering up your energies and giving you the confidence needed to continue in this pleasant ride. With Saturn in Capricorn, you have been taught lessons on financial planning and controlling compulsive tendencies, hopefully you have applied them and will continue to grow from here on.

Capricorn — As I have said many times this year, Saturn in your sign will bring destruction and happiness once the storm has cleared. These are lessons you need to learn and grow from. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses in your sign will allow for you to grow stronger and find your path through the mayhem. This Cardinal Season in the sign of Cancer will bring confusion as you try to understand your feelings as you may feel emotionally numb due to the other struggles you have dealt with. Venus will provide some relief for you as you become closer to friends and discover the importance of having loyal people in your life who will help you through thick and thin. With the Sun in Leo, you will feel awakened from a dream as you find your purpose and goals. You will feel energized and ready to take flight.

Aquarius — You will be excited when the Sun is in your sister Sign, Leo. Things will be more delightful as you will be more social, connecting, loving and experiencing the pleasures that life has to bring. Cancer Season has made you work harder and the fun times have completely stopped. You want to get back to being lively and independent, but you feel tied to others you do not like (potentially at work). However, you will feel alive when Sun, Venus and even Mercury shift into Leo. The bravery will be unleashed, and meeting people will not be an issue for you. With Saturn still in Capricorn, you might desperately crave this energy shift to help you feel a little more optimism.

Pisces — The Sun in Cancer will trine your sun this season, making your summer experience filled with pleasant moments as well as challenging learning experiences. Saturn’s retrograde will allow for you to reflect on areas you need to work on and learn in order to continue to grow. The eclipse will help you get out of your shell more as you’ll be more compelled to rebuild your social life. You have been learning a lot and growing. The road has not been easy for you, dear Pisces, but you are now stronger than ever. Connections will take a turn for the better this summer and you’ll feel the effects for the remainder of the year. This is the time to allow your optimism to help you strengthen your faith.

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