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Here Are The June 2022 Horoscopes For Each Sign

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June will lack the intensity of April and May, but it will still be a transformative time because of the Full Moon Eclipse on the 5th and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Chapters will close but new ones will begin. Cycles are also ending and beginning. Cancer represents Cardinal Water, a lesson in emotional control and stability. We have probably let ourselves be guided by our anger and pain, but now we work with it to form the good and to help strengthen ourselves. As a Cardinal sign, it is also powerful. This is a sign that is not afraid to express themselves but will also fight back. We nurture ourselves during this season, we regenerate, and we try once again to stand tall. Venus in Gemini will soon end its long transit, as we get through the second half of the transit this month when the planet goes direct on the 25th. How we view love will change, how we view relationships will change, how we view friends and family will also change as well. 2020 has been a year of unexpected changes, a call to our inner power and strength. With the Sun entering Cancer later this month, we can only expect a maturity of our emotions and how to better deal with the nightmare that COVID has wrought onto the world. For now, we will explore empowering ourselves through emotional care and healing.

Aries – This month will bring questions and a little of the anxious energy associated with Gemini Season. Get your head back in the game and let those defeatist thoughts leave you. The Venus Retrograde will make you more confident with expression. Your card for the month is The Empress. Trust your intuition and if you want to create and build, now is the time to do it. The efforts you put in now will begin to unfold as the year continues to progress, but it needs a little boost of confidence from you. Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Cancer on the 18th, making you want to bite your tongue at home or near loved ones. You might be more emotional now due to the energy this Cardinal Water season will be bringing. Cancer energy burns the flame within you, so this is a good time to be more in tune with your emotional side through meditation to get yourself pumped up again. Mars will be entering your sign on the 27th and it will stay there until January 2021. Emotions will be ignited, so this is the month to learn how to be more patient because anything will easily set you off, especially when Mars squares Saturn in the next couple of months. Trust your process and consider new outlets to release your frustration and anger that will surely be building if you do not find ways to control it now. Patience is key this month.

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Taurus – The Five of Wands Reversed appeared in your reading for the month of June. Resolve those inner conflicts and bring yourself back to a place where you can boost your own confidence. When Mars enters Aries on the 27th, that pent up anger might explode, so consider this a time to learn to feel peace and dive into some meditation for guidance. June is the month you will put things into action, getting your plans going with the Cardinal energy that Cancer has to offer. Your mind will be sharper than ever with the Sun entering the sign on the 20th, giving you the tools needed to perfect your craft and the inspiration will be provided by the Mercury Retrograde beginning on the 18th. Explore your creative potential since it will be shining brightly, but first you need to feel the confidence boost within you to get things done. Venus will be going direct on the 25th, bringing a more manageable relationship with you and your finances. Lessons you have learned will be applied here since you will have greater understanding regarding your value and what you are willing to bring into the table.

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Gemini – Your birthday season is here, so Happy Birthday! This will be a memorable season for you given that Venus will still be retrograde until mid-June. You are learning about your values, worth and how it impacts your relationships. The Eight of Swords appeared in your reading, showing that you might be the one who is holding yourself back. The energy of this month is filled with anxious thoughts and ideas, but just take the moment to relax your mind and control those thoughts that might be racing at lightning speed. June is a month of growth for you, evaluating and understanding. Love will take on a new meaning with Venus going direct on the 25th, bringing an end to this crazy retrograde period. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 5th will have you considering how your financial future will be in the next several months. On the 18th, Mercury will enter the sign of Cancer, bringing more focus to your worth. Do not be discouraged if things are not going as planned, this is a month of evaluation, confidence rebuilding and planning. Be patient, you will shine this month.

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Cancer – On the 18th, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign, causing some confusion and frustrating moments with technology for you. The Sun will be entering your sign on the 20th, finally letting you get motivated enough to tackle on challenges. This is the first Cardinal Water season we have, and we are all ready for action. Your card for the month is the Five of Swords Reversed. Stop the drama and the conflict, this can be a time of reconciliation and peace if you are willing to accept, apologize or make them. Venus will go direct on the 25th, bringing calm into your world since Venus has been teaching you to handle things privately and without distractions. Venus reminds you of the comforts you give yourself in private as well as those relationships you have had hidden from others. With Venus going direct, you might bring some of those personal moments to light or be inspired enough to transfer those emotions into a project. The month of June will have many people reevaluating their emotions, their goals and will have others doubting their potential. However, you will be feeling reenergized, driven and ready for your next phase.

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Leo – The Knight of Wands is in your reading for the month of June. Fitting since you are feeling the shift as you only have one more month until your time to shine arrives. This can be one of those moments where you might feel trapped and unsure with Mercury retrograding in the sign of Cancer on the 18th. Searching for what you want, and your confidence will be a struggle when the Sun enters on the 20th. Still, you will want to feel the passion, the flames igniting within even if we are in the water season. This Venus Retrograde was making a square to Neptune, making you question your friendships, relationships, and other people in your life. When Venus goes direct on the 25th, you will be able to clearly see the motives of others and your impulse to spend will be stopped for now. The end of the month will be Saturn’s return to Capricorn, presenting a brief relief since your sign will not feel the opposition again until Saturn goes back in Aquarius in December. Those lessons learned in this last three months will be prominent again later in the year, but for now, you will feel less stress and an easier flow of energy.

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Virgo – Mercury is your ruler and it has been the hot topic of the year with Venus’ Retrograde in fellow Mercury sign, Gemini. However, your retrograde experience will probably have been more focused on work and perception. The Hierophant appears in your reading, showing you are looking towards a more spiritual path through a mentor or on your own. This is the month of reminiscing the past and how those actions have led to your current state. There will be a lot of growth and understanding. Mercury will be retrograde on the 18th in the sign of Cancer, pushing you to get in touch with friends from the past or you might realize you miss them. With the Sun entering the sign of Cancer on the 20th, you will be in a more confident position to socialize and get in touch with others. The Neptune Retrograde on the 23rd will impact you more than more since it is in your house of partnerships, finally not making a square to Venus. The façade, the illusions and the mirrors will all be taken down when it comes to your perception of potential romantic partners, get ready for a dose of reality when Venus goes direct on the 25th, making you focus on matters of truth and your time in the limelight.

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Libra – Gemini Season will be one of learning and growth. You have had a lot of lessons thrown at you with Saturn in Capricorn’s transit creating some stressors to your sign. Now you are on the road to empowerment and strength with Saturn’s retrograde ready to go back in Capricorn early next month. For now, Venus has taught you what you need to do for the future, who you need to keep in your life and how to tap into your inner power. The Mercury Retrograde on the 18th will put you front and center with the world, so be careful with what you say during this transit since all eyes will be on you, same with the Sun’s entry in Cancer, it can be a very beneficial time for more opportunities, so make sure to do things right. With the Seven of Wands appearing in your reading, you are in warrior mode and ready to show others that you are not willing to stop fighting for what you want. This is your moment to protect what is yours with pride and to shine without fear.

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Scorpio – We are in the second water season of the year this month, with the Sun and Mercury entering the sign of Cancer, making you more attune with learning, discovery, and achievement. You are setting up the groundwork for centerstage for next month. The Venus Retrograde will still be going strong until June 25th when it goes direct. You have discovered what changes need to be made, what topics related to Venus and your foundations needed to be addressed and with these answers, you are now ready to cultivate and you may or may not have mastered the art of keeping the purse closed. Venus might have pressured you to spend and now you must save. The Mercury Retrograde on the 18th is a fellow water sign, Cancer making you want to analyze your direction for this month and the remainder of the year. The World appears as a sign that changes will come, and things are or will go the way you want them to. A time for celebration of your successes and accomplishments are within your grasp; you have either graduated, received a promotion, or will soon have another form of accolade that you can include in your resume.

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Sagittarius – June promises to be a memorable month for many Sagittarius Risings and Suns because these changes will be transforming the way you view relationships, goals and your own needs and wants. This Venus Retrograde was about digging deeper into the past, reliving those old unfulfilling relationships and appreciating the good ones in our lives. Sagittarians will know what to look for moving forward. Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Cancer on the 18th, bringing issues to light regarding financial management and stability. On the 20th, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, you will be a little more obsessive with these issues but will feel more confident handling them with the Jupiter opposition in Capricorn. It will be an emotional rollercoaster, but you will be able to settle things. Your card for the month is the Ace of Pentacles in the Reverse. It is a sluggish time for you, where you do not feel like you have the energy to get anything accomplished. The tides will change later this month when Mars enters fiery Aries on the 27th and you will feel a little more ambitious, driven, and passionate to achieve some new goals.

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Capricorn – This will be the last month before Saturn goes back to your sign. You had your brief break but now it will be business as usual for the next several months until December 2020. The month will begin with a Full Moon Eclipse in the 5th, bringing focus into arts of you connected to health and work. Your card for the month is the Nine of Swords which is synonymous to what you will experience this Gemini Season. It might feel like you are taking on more work than the usual and without any rest or breaks, you might dive into an anxiety zone. Remember to take it easy after this Full Moon because it can make you feel more tired than usual since it will be opposed to your house of routine. When the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on the 20th, you will be tempted to reevaluate relationships and if you are single, you might want to consider partnering up if you are not feeling satisfied. This is a time of reawakening, learning, and experiencing the changes in your path for the remaining of the year. Things that are not bringing the satisfaction and happiness will be removed with Saturn’s return to Capricorn. These changes can be a wonderful thing, one step closer to feeling invigorated and filled with hope.

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Aquarius – Saturn is still in your sign, making you want to make some drastic changes as you are forced to reevaluate. Take it easy for now. This Gemini Season promises to bring a wave of creative inspiration into your life as you connect with other likeminded folks who want to excel as much as you do. The Full Moon eclipse in the 5th of June will be a powerful one, as you understand some lessons associated with the themes of communicating, friendship and even romance. This Venus Retrograde will make you reevaluate relationships and how you approach your dating life moving forward. Venus direct on the 25th will bring the ah-ha moment you have dreamt of. A time of maturity is also on the horizon with Saturn allowing you to see what was hidden for quite some time. When Mars enters the sign of Aries on June 27th, you will want to start minding your words since you will lack the tact when expressing your thoughts. Your card for the month is the Three of Pentacles which wants you to build and create with others.

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Pisces – You might feel a little homebound with all of these planets in Gemini currently squaring your sign, letting you know that changes must be made to your inner world and what others see when they look at you. The fear of missing out on accomplishments could cloud you mind this month, especially with the Full Moon Eclipse happening on June 5th. Use this period to reevaluate and make changes. The Mercury Retrograde will begin June 18th, a few days before the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, bringing a new period of fun and excitement after the gloom. Again, rethink, reevaluate and plan some more to get things adjusted. Venus will remain in the sign of Gemini, allowing you to maintain some form of harmony and stability in the home front. This can be a good thing for you as it will help bring comfort to your anxiety and more of a balanced approach for creating your future path. Your card for the month is the Four of Wands Reversed. Expect the unexpected and do not count yourself out. Victories will be delayed but you are still in the game.

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