Expectations VS Realities When You Go Out With A Capricorn


We always create expectations about how we would like or how we imagine going out with Capricorn, but sometimes those expectations don’t live up to reality…


You think that Capricorn will not take time for you. He has so many responsibilities and he always has so many things to do that he won’t have time to be by your side. You think he’s too cold and yes, he can have emotions, but if he doesn’t express them, it’s even worse than if he didn’t have them. You think going out with Capricorn will be difficult because it is difficult for him to manage his emotions, because he will not make too much effort to make the relationship work and because he will always seek his happiness before yours. You know you will never be disrespectful, but you will never know if he loves you or not.


But as soon as you really know it, you will realize that reality exceeds expectations. Capricorn is a person who offers unconditional love. He will be by your side at all times and for everything you need. For Capricorn, time is the most important thing he has in his life and he refuses to waste it with people who are not worth it. So if he’s spending time with you, it’s because he really cares about you.
Work is very important to him, but if he likes you, he won’t mind leaving work aside to be more with you. It will take a lot of confidence, but once it does, it will highlight its most rebellious, childlike and funniest side and you will realize that coldness was only a facade. Capricorn will take care of you first and foremost and that is something that not everyone will do for you.


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