Differences Between The Water Signs


Differences Between The Water Signs

The three signs of water, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have many points in common due to their element, they are highly intuitive, reserved, sensitive, sentimental, and yes, they move earlier because of what their heart dictates than what their heart advises them to do. head; But be careful because there are also big differences between them, very marked, especially when it comes to carrying out things. These are the main differences between water signs:


The crab tends to be the most insecure of the three water signs, the one that most closely resembles Pisces when it comes to sensitivity. They hide in their hard shell but inside they are sensitive and emotional like Scorpio. He has a very strong protective instinct, he would kill for his own but he also expects them to “kill” for him or her if necessary. Cancer will suffer a lot throughout his life for love, feelings always go ahead of everything, and he feels that he cannot stop them, that he cannot say “this far”.

He clings a lot to the people he loves, he is the one with the most gifts to take care of others, to listen to them, he is the most compassionate of the three. You will never lose that melancholy that often invades you, you cannot forget your memories, even if many are painful. He has a hard time learning from his mistakes and, although he always keeps them in mind, he tends to be a bit kamikaze repeating stories and thinking that perhaps they could turn out well. He is often reckless and risky and would bet everything on one card if his heart told him to.


Of the three, the scorpion is the most ambitious and persistent when it comes to achieving its goals, and yes, we must not forget that it is also the most vindictive and reserved. Scorpio has its little heart and of course, it is sentimental, the problem is that its emotions are extreme and very intense and, for better or for worse, it is not as soft or as sweet and compassionate as Cancer or Pisces. He is determined, he does not tremble with anything, when he makes a decision he has to execute it, the passion goes with them from the moment they are born and they are too ardent.

Of the three water signs, Scorpio is the proudest and the toughest. He focuses too much on his needs, on what he wants to get from life or from others, and that often leads him to handle others, even to manipulate them. He is very demanding of himself, he does not need to see the achievements of others to motivate himself, he has his own, but they are complicated and difficult goals. He has an overdeveloped intelligence and knows that he is persuasive and that nothing can resist him. His character is undoubtedly much stronger than that of the previous two. It is the water sign that harbors the most mysterious, the most difficult to carry …


Of the three water signs, the fish is the most sensitive and the most changeable, it is the one who has the most developed intuition and can premeditate many things before they happen. Pisces is romantic, very heartfelt to the point that any type of verbal violence can do him a lot of damage, he is the one who more easily escapes from reality when things do not work, he puts the switch in OFF and forgets the world even if it is for a while.

He is the most permissive of the three, the one who has the most resistance to difficult situations, the most Zen, the one who lets go the most … But he is also explosive, and although it does not happen very often, the day that Pisces explodes, better than not. caught you close.

Like the other two water signs, Pisces tends to self-destruct when its head is in reality, and it can become somewhat paranoid, it does not like what it sees, it does not like the bad behavior of others, the treatment that many times give it. He would love to change the world, but many times he does not know where to start. And again, turn the switch OFF.


Differences Between The Water Signs

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