Capricorn Daily Horoscope For May 23, 2022


Capricorn, you have been feeling quite negative, and we can thank Mercury in retrograde for that—and it’s about time we turned that frown upside down and added some positivity into your life. If coworkers are trying to bring you down, don’t worry, because you will win in this. Regarding work, it’s best not to play with a lot of money and make big financial decisions today. Your creative energies have been waiting to get explored. Reconnecting with a person close to your heart will brighten your day, and it’s maybe best to hold off on making any big romantic moves. There is potential travel to a foreign land in your future and you are ready for a fresh perspective in your life!


Mercury moves into retrograde in Libra and may affect your professional life. You may hear a rumor at work that involves you. It is best not to make crucial decisions, sign important contracts, or schedule important meetings and interviews if possible. Try to postpone important business deals till after the retrograde. Instead, spend today thinking of how to make some positive changes to your current career path. A trip in the future may help clarify your mind.


Today is a day filled with experiences that may leave you a little exhausted at the end of the day, but none of it will be for waste. You will start your day excited because there is potential to meet an old friend you haven’t seen in a while or a spontaneous trip. Your energy level may go down as the day goes on. Your physical health is good, but your emotional and mental health may need some attention.


Love is not in the air for you today, Capricorn! It is possible that the object of your affection may not reciprocate your feelings, so your efforts to get their attention may not work. It is very easy to have misunderstandings today. Take the time to think about what you want in life before making a move on someone without knowing if that is what you want long-term. This is a great day to find out what you need in a partner.

Social Life

Today is a day of surprises for you, but don’t let the day go by without taking a good long look at the people surrounding you. Are the people in your social circle really on your side, or are they just there? You will know your real friends in the social circle if you take a more brutal look. It is always best to have fewer friends you can trust than many acquaintances.


It has been a while since you have called a family, and today is an excellent day to reach out to someone you trust who can help guide you in the field of career and your friends. When things seem to not be working out, getting advice from a family is always beneficial. Maybe call your sibling or stop by your parent’s house today.

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