Because of this, your zodiac sign changes several times throughout your life


Because of this, your zodiac sign changes several times throughout your life

At the time of your birth, the stars have a certain arrangement. Of course, this arrangement doesn’t stay that way all your life, but changes. As a result, your zodiac sign changes again and again.

Your date of birth specifies which zodiac sign you belong to. If you were born on August 10th, you have the zodiac sign, Leo. If you were born on November 6th, your zodiac sign is Scorpio. Most people know their zodiac sign. 

The time and place also have an impact on the personality and how it is perceived by other people around us. Here the sun sign plays a role. The moon sign, however, has an impact on our emotional and emotional world. Advanced users who deal a lot with astrological topics should know all this. Therefore, you are surely surprised at the statement that the zodiac sign changes in the course of life, including with regard to personality. 

That may sound strange at first. But it is actually logically understandable!


The zodiac sign shifts, so to speak. In order to understand this, one should be aware that the zodiac sign that we obtain through our date of birth determines the birth diagram. In astrology, there is still a second diagram that focuses on the progress of the zodiac sign. This progress graph relates to the course of our life. However, the weekly horoscope we see every week is based on the birth chart, which is nothing more than a snapshot of the moment we were born.

However, over the years we live, the advanced diagram shifts, which affects the zodiac sign we received on our birthday. So the so-called wheel can move from the progress diagram to the next zodiac sign in chronological order. 


Of course, this is not an easy thing that is easy to calculate. With special online programs, you can calculate which advanced zodiac diagram you are currently in and when the next change will take place. For someone who is not familiar with this, however, this will be very complex. That’s why you need an expert to have this analysis carried out.

However, even if you are not a professional, you can still roughly calculate when the zodiac sign will shift approximately. If you were born at the beginning of the zodiac, for example on July 29 as a lion, you will only experience a change to the Virgo around the age of 30. However, if you were born in the second half of the lion’s mouth, you may have experienced the change in childhood. Perhaps you then switched to the virgin in kindergarten. The next change will not be until the end of 30. 

So it’s a 30-year cycle. This results from the section over 30 degrees on the zodiac axis, which each zodiac sign occupies. The sun moves a little less than one degree each year on this axis. This creates a slow change in the zodiac signs. In this way, your zodiac sign can change up to three times in your life, possibly in childhood, between 30 and 40 years and between 60 and 70 years.


By changing the zodiac signs, you don’t suddenly wake up as a completely different person. Instead, your inner values ​​and goals slowly solidify in the 29th degree in a different way than before. You as a person will not really change yourself, but the energy will change and the way you perceive things. This change can, therefore, be a support on the way to self-discovery. This self-discovery has gradually crept in over the years. 

From the 30th degree, there can suddenly be a big change. A situation in the outside world can then, for example, cause the zodiac wheel to move a little further and you move on to the next zodiac sign. Your everyday life may show you this through a big change. Maybe something is happening in your job or you are going through a life crisis in which you have to rethink and reorganize your whole life. Maybe you are realigning your lifestyle or taking a completely different path. So it could be quite interesting if this change takes place.


You should not oppose it, but take advantage of your newly acquired zodiac properties. This way you prevent cosmic chaos. You should simply indulge in this development and focus above all on the positive characteristics of the zodiac sign. Feel them and feel what is happening to you. This will help you feel happy after the change and feel emotionally firm. 

Should you be reluctant to let this development happen, you may find yourself in a hopeless situation in which you search in vain for the meaning of life. You will feel lost in this world and lose part of your joie de vivre. We want to prevent this at all costs! Your zodiac sign from birth still plays a role, but it is no longer alone. It will now lead you through life together with the zodiac of progress. For this reason, the detailed horoscopes of both graphics are generally valid. It can be seen as a kind of complement to each other.


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