Based On Your Zodiac Sign Discovering What Kind Of Ex You Are


Leaving a relationship is always complicated and painful no matter who leaves whom. We must face different challenges that life brings us and, in most cases, we must do it alone. Let’s be honest: we all like to share our lives with someone, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right person. In a society where people are increasingly independent and with clearer ideas, breakups, whether we like to assume it or not, are the order of the day. However, each one is different and this is also marked by the type of ex we are. Some take it better than others and some can maintain friendship, while others can end fatally. In this article, we show you what type of ex is according to your zodiac sign. 


You are not a person to look back when you leave a relationship. You know how to turn the page and this saves you a lot of suffering, also you don’t usually want to keep in touch with your ex, a fact that makes it much easier for you to start a new life. And you make it easy for her, even if she doesn’t feel that way at first. You are clear that, once you have left, there is no going back no matter how much this separation hurts you. You are a person with fixed ideas and this helps you move forward in life.


A Taurus is a person with very clear ideas and, therefore, when they see that relationships are not working, they end them. They would rather be honest and not harm anyone than stay where they don’t feel good. And it is that extending relationships when they are already dead only leads to more suffering. You Taurus are the laid-back exes. You do not look for problems and you adapt well to the conditions of the ruptures. You always try to maintain a friendship, although this is not always possible for you.


You are a somewhat indecisive person and you know it well. Therefore, before definitively cutting off a relationship, you come back and come back. You give second chances, although this can take its toll on you over time. Of course, when you decide to leave, there is no turning back. You put up with a lot, but when you have made the decision, nothing will change your mind.


You are very practical and this is also noticeable in relationships. Breakups are no different to you, so when you see that it’s over, you get rid of all the memories you have with this person. You know very well that seeing his things or his photos will hurt your soul for a long time, so you decide not to mistreat yourself. And it’s the best you can do. Ending everything that relates to this person is your way of acting and, best of all, it works for you. After a while, you return to being this person full of life who knows how to love from the heart.


You are a very impulsive person and this is also noticeable in the way you act when you end a relationship. Although you want to pretend that everything is fine and endure the pain, in the end, you end up exploding. The best thing you can do is get all the pain you feel before impulsiveness leads you to do things you later regret, like begging for love or for a second chance. Also, be very clear that not removing the discouragement and sorrow that you carry inside will harm your health for sure.


It is very difficult for you to let go of relationships and it is that you put your whole being into them. You love taking care of your partner and you always give your best. You are by his side when he needs you the most and you love with your heart. This is precisely what makes it hard for you to let go. But, you must understand that when a relationship is over, it’s over. No matter how much effort and interest you have put into it, for your own health, the best thing you can do is let it go. It will hurt because you are one of those who suffer the most from this type of loss. Therefore, you should turn to those people with whom you feel loved and protected. They will help you through this bad time.


You always end up being the friendly ex if they let you, Libra. You don’t like scenes and you know how to put yourself in the shoes of others. Although you may be upset with the other person for ending the relationship, the truth is that you never lose your kindness. Keep in mind that the pain you feel will eventually go away, but it is not bad to walk away from this person at first. As much as you become friends later, it is best to leave space until your memory no longer hurts.


As a native of Scorpio, you are a very cold person when it comes to maintaining relationships with those people who have failed you. And, more, when we talk about love relationships. It is not easy for you to get over a breakup, but it is easy to cut off all communication with this person who has hurt you so much. Of course, if the relationship ends due to infidelity, deceit, or lies, you immediately start looking for a way in which you can take revenge on this person. Keep in mind that this only lengthens this grieving period and is by no means in your best interest. You will hurt yourself more than her.


You are a kind and loving person and although you accept when things end, you spend a lot of time hoping that this person will return to your life. It is not easy for you to leave things behind and it is not easy for you to turn the page. While you understand that the relationship is over, you can’t help but keep this hope inside. And inadvertently, you only lengthen the mourning period, which doesn’t do you any good. You must learn not to maintain hopes or expectations after a breakup because it is most likely that they will not return. And, to return, the relationship would not be the same either. It is very difficult that the second parts last.


You are a most grateful person, so instead of focusing on the bad things in the relationship and the loss, you focus on the lesson and growing as a person. This does not mean that the breakup does not hurt, but that you know how to see how good you have lived, say thank you, learn and continue on your way in search of the right relationship for you. This way of seeing things, from gratitude and love, is what helps you to quickly overcome these difficult moments that we all go through.


As the good Aquarius that you are, you have very clear ideas. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You are not in a relationship waiting to see if this improves. You are very analytical and reflective, so when you make a decision, you stick with it, whatever the cost. You are very optimistic and this helps you to look to the future with new expectations and with a lot of hope. You know there are better things to come and you cling to them. You always have the doors open to new experiences.


When it comes to ending a relationship, you like it to end well. Or the best possible. This partly also depends on the other person, so you should not impose this responsibility on yourself. You like to do things simply and elegantly. You are not a person who likes to make scenes or live in pessimism. You think it is better to get over this moment so that new opportunities come into your life. Of course, if the other person does not cooperate in terms of ending well, it is clear to you: you just leave.

Now that you know what type of ex you are according to your zodiac sign, we encourage you to search within yourself for this strength to overcome this bad moment you are going through. With a little will and good friends by your side, you’ll get through it. You will see that there are better relationships and that you can enjoy love again as soon as you are ready.

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