Aries Daily Horoscope For May 23, 2022


While the entire month of May has granted us plenty of fruitful and motivating transits that have carried us throughout the month, it has one major parting gift before it sees us off—Mercury in Retrograde begins today in the sign of Libra.

Don’t panic yet! Contrary to popular belief, Mercury in Retrograde doesn’t have to be a reason to panic. Instead, this is a time to reevaluate, rehearse, and remember. While this transit may be taking place over the next three weeks, today you will begin to feel that shift and off-balance while adjusting.

Additionally, the Moon is doing plenty of work today; notably, it’s squaring Neptune in Pisces, which can have us feeling pretty exposed and vulnerable emotionally, as well as feeling pretty dreamy and lost in our thoughts. The Moon is also trining both Jupiter (in Aquarius) and Mercury (in Libra), giving a bit of a boost to our social and love lives that may have felt heavy lately.

Check out what you should expect today, and don’t forget to also read for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign!


Try to keep yourself focused today, but don’t stress if things feel a little off communication-wise with coworkers. Everyone is feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and it’s easy to take offense, but try not to. Just keep your head down and focus on what you can take care of.


You may be feeling a mix of high energy and mental exhaustion—don’t worry, it’s normal. The Moon is squaring Neptune in Pisces, and what usually would be a moment of relaxation and daydreaming can turn to anxiety and apathy to do anything quickly. Just try to keep yourself grounded and not feel the need to be defensive. Take a mental self-care day if you’re able!


It’s a good day to start the process of clearing up some misconceptions you may have about your partner. Things aren’t always what they seem. While mentally, you may be feeling a little lost in a dream, this can also be a day where things start to really come out of the woodwork for your relationship. This can be a great start to figuring out where you and your partner are going and what needs to happen (or not) to get there.

Social Life

The Moon trining Jupiter is already a favorable aspect for friendships, but Jupiter is currently transiting your 11th house, so this gives you a little boost here. You may even feel more emotionally open and a desire to strongly connect with people—perhaps someone from a long time ago you haven’t heard from. Checking in with your friends is a good idea today; they could likely use it.


It’s a good day to start a conversation to clear things up with some family members if you think it’s needed. Mercury may have moved into retrograde, but this Moon in Gemini is trining Mercury today to open our minds to other ideas and good communication skills. While it can be easy to dismiss others to hold our own point of view, this is an excellent time to hear others out and hope they do the same for you.

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