Aries Are The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have, Hands Down


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Become friends with an Aries because they aren’t going to let anyone mess with you. Once you get on their good side, they will be loyal to a fault. If anyone has a nasty word to say about you or a nasty look to give you, their teeth will come out. They will jump at the chance to defend you. They won’t let anything bad happen to you. As long as they’re in the room, you won’t be fucked with.

Become friends with an Aries because they are going to take you on wild, unexpected adventures. They are spontaneous. They are impulsive. They don’t believe in planning out the details of their day. They believing in acting fast, in constantly moving, in making split second decisions. Sometimes, this ends badly. Other times, it ends in the best stories to tell for years to come. When you spend the weekend with an Aries, you never know where you’re going to end up or what you’re going to discover along the way.

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Become friends with an Aries because they are overflowing with passion. They are always excited about something. They are always filled with energy. They always find reasons to have the loudest laugh in the room. When you spend time with an Aries, their good mood is going to rub off on you. Even when they end up pissed (which can happen pretty often), they usually find a way to joke about their problems and their anger dies down quick. It’s never long until they’re bubbly again.

Become friends with an Aries because they are determined. If they want to do something, it’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter if they have their heart set on finding you the perfect birthday gift or finding a bar where you can dance to your favorite bands because they will find a way. They won’t rest until they get what they want — and get you what you want.

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Become friends with an Aries because they are always going to be blunt with you. When you want an honest opinion, you can turn to them for advice. They aren’t going to sugarcoat what they have to say. They aren’t going to hold back to spare your feelings. They are going to give you the raw, unfiltered truth. They believe it’s better for you to be hit with a hard reality than walk through life blinded, believing pretty little lies. They will be the one friend you can count on for real talks and real compliments.

Become friends with an Aries because they are more sensitive than they seem. They wear a mask around most people in order to appear strong. They act like they couldn’t give a shit about anyone — but that is a complete lie. They care too much. They love too hard. Once you become friends with an Aries, you will unlock a whole new side to them. You will see how gooey sweet they are inside. You will see how good of a friend they can be.

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