• September 25, 2023

According To Your Star Sign, These Are The Things Your Ex Could Not Tell You Out Of Fear


“You can not always be right!”

You really always have to be right, and you have to be damn stubborn. If you talk about anything, you just will not let up.

While this is a great character trait for executives and those who are intense about their dreams, when it comes to relationships, you’re a total nuisance.

Your ex was afraid to tell you that you can not always be right. You argue about trifles and never let up.


“You’re obsessed with what other people think.”

It’s not all about Instagram and Facebook. It’s not always about people seeing where you’ve been and what’s your outfit of the day.

You are the type of person who fights for what he wants. You like the fine things in life, but you also work hard to get them.

What your ex was afraid to tell you is that you sometimes come across superficially. You think too much about what others will say about you and how they see you.


“Your feelings are totally chaotic.”

You are someone who tends to switch from happy to depressed in a matter of minutes. You are extremely emotionally unstable and not everyone around you can handle it.

You’re overreacting because you think too much about things and sometimes you’re the reason why the situation you’re in looks worse than it actually is.

Your ex was afraid to tell you that you are only taking care of yourself and your feelings. You neglect the feelings of others.


“You defend yourself by being mean.”

You are too emotional and take everything too seriously. Any criticism you take as a personal attack.

Since you always take things too seriously, you are sometimes mean to people who do not deserve it. One of them is your ex.

If he has been trying to help you by alerting you to something that you probably did wrong or said, then you were mean and hurt his feelings. You do that as a kind of self-defence, but do not take into account the feelings of others.


“You have too big an ego!”

You like marking your territory, but if you’re in a relationship, it gets worse. You become too needy and that drives your partner crazy.

You crave attention, ignoring the needs of your partner.

What your partner could not tell you out of fear is that you are not the only person in the relationship. Not only do you need attention and have your needs.


“You have to relax a bit!”

Your urge for control sometimes runs at full speed. You are the type of person who wants to be responsible for everything that happens around him and you can not stand it if it is not so.

You long for an order that you rule over. Your ex could not tell you that your control force has driven him out and that you need to relax a bit.

You have to let things take their course.


“You can not change someone the way you want him.”

You strive for absolute perfection. From the smallest detail to the big things in life, you want everything to be perfect.

The thing is that you expect your fellow human beings to behave perfectly while you do not live by your rules.

What your ex could not tell you out of fear is that you can not make anyone live by your rules and your demands are far too high. Nobody can do them justice.


“Let go of some things.”

You are someone who is eternally resentful. If someone upsets you, you will never forgive him. You’re stuck in the past, it hurts and you just can not let go.

Your ex just did not have the guts to tell you that if you continue to live in the past, you will turn into a jealous and embittered person.


“That kind of humour is not always funny.”

You are known as the master of sarcasm and not everyone understands this kind of humour. You make jokes at the expense of others and for you, it is the most normal thing in the world.

However, some people do not understand this kind of humour and it hurts them when you say something mean.

Your ex was afraid to tell you that your words are hurtful. While you are laughing, he is crying inwardly. Try to understand that this kind of humour is not for everyone.


“You lack imagination.”

Capricorns like to play it safe. They do not want to do crazy things because they are dancing out of line and they just do not want that.

You are motivated, you work hard but the problem is, you do not take a risk.

What your ex could not tell you is to play it safe and damn boring. You have to do more exciting and unpredictable things in your life.


“You’re obsessed with how you look at others.”

You are extremely obsessed with getting confirmation. You want to have confirmed that what you are doing is right.
You’re going to do great things because you’re intelligent and eager, the only problem is that you’re doing this not because of yourself, but because of the others.

Your ex was afraid to tell you that you need constant acknowledgement and acknowledgement that everything you do is right.


“I need someone who has both legs in life.”

You live in your own world. You do not conform to the real world. You like to dream, art and spirituality, but these things do not often bring food to the table.

Your spirituality and your free spirit make you look lazy, even though you are not. You just have to make an effort to prove it to the others.

What your ex could not tell you is that she did not feel any financial and material security with you because you seem a bit too free-spirited.


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