According To His Signs, Astrology Explains Why Your Ex Did You So Much Hurt


When we find ourselves before, in the middle of, or after a breakup, we often wonder why our former partner hurt us so much. Through the astrological lens, we can understand why an ex behaved the way she did during the relationship and after the breakup. All the signs have characteristics that, depending on the energy of the people, can be expressed as qualities or defects. In some cases, these defects express themselves so strongly and become so toxic that they end up hurting others. Then you will realize that astrology explains why your ex hurt you so much according to her zodiac sign.

Aries: act, then think

Aries have a tendency to act without thinking too much. Their fiery nature can make Aries a great lover but they also have a hot temper that leads to explosive fights. If you have not learned to control yourself, you can end up in situations of violence. Your Aries ex may have acted rashly, without considering the consequences of his actions. This lack of reflection may have caused emotional damage, as your decisions may have been impulsive and damaging to the relationship.

Taurus: tenacity or stubbornness?

Taurus are usually loyal and committed in their relationships. However, your stubborn nature can make the breakup process difficult. When it comes to communication, talking to a capricious Taurus feels like talking to a wall. They only hear what they want to hear! It is likely that your Taurus ex has struggled not to let the relationship end, prolonging the pain and making it difficult to get over it. His stubbornness may have prolonged the emotional healing process.

Gemini: he doesn’t even know what he wants

Geminis are known for their fickle nature. A relationship with a Gemini can feel like growing chaos. One day they want to buy a house in their hometown and the next day they want to move to the other side of the world. Your Gemini ex may have displayed contradictory behaviors during the relationship and the breakup. This ambivalence may have created confusion and emotional damage since you never really knew what to expect from him or her. The result: an unstable relationship with no future.

Cancer: when will you forget what happened 253 years ago?

Cancerians are emotionally sensitive and can sometimes be reluctant to let go of the past. You never know what mood they will be in and when it comes to resolving conflicts, you may have to wait until they calm down and want to talk like adults. Your Cancer ex might have had a hard time getting over past emotional hurts (both those you caused them as well as those caused by others) which could have negatively affected your relationship. Your protective nature could also have led to possessive or controlling behaviors that choked you down.

Leo: be careful not to overshadow him…

Leos are known for their huge egos. In his world, Leo is the ruler and everyone else is from his court. It is possible that your Leo ex has prioritized his own image and personal satisfaction over your emotional needs. This could have led to selfish or manipulative behaviors, creating pain and frustration in the relationship. If you look closely, the decisions that seemed to have been made together were almost always his idea: Leo chose and hoped you would agree with his choice.

Virgo: is it a coexistence or a dictatorship?

Virgos are perfectionists and can be quite critical. Instead of appreciating people for who they are, Virgos get upset when others don’t do things exactly the way they expect them to. Your Virgo ex might have had unrealistic expectations about the relationship or about you, which would have led to constant criticism. These criticisms could have eroded your self-esteem and caused great emotional pain. Instead of accepting you for who you really are, he foolishly tried to make you fit his ideal partner.

Libra: balance based on indecision

People born under the sign of Libra have a great need for balanced relationships. However, their desire to maintain harmony may have led your Libra ex to avoid confrontation and instead opt for passive-aggressive behavior. This lack of direct communication may have caused emotional pain and difficulty resolving relationship issues in time. Also, their indecisiveness, so characteristic of Libra, can lead to frustration, as your ex may have had difficulty making important decisions, thus prolonging the breakup process and causing additional emotional pain.

Scorpio: a fine line between love and hate

Scorpios are known for their emotional intensity and their tendency to hold grudges. They can’t deal with the pain when they lose someone and their vengeful side emerges. They want to be hurt because they feel hurt. After receiving his love you can become the object of his hate. Your Scorpio ex could have been possessive or jealous, which would have led to a toxic dynamic in the relationship. Also, their mistrust could have made it difficult to be open and emotionally honest, which would have caused a lot of frustration.

Sagittarius: don’t clip your wings

Sagittarius value their personal independence. Your Sagittarius ex may have had a hard time fully committing to the relationship. Their need to explore new experiences and their tendency to seek adventure could have led to irresponsible behavior or a lack of emotional commitment, causing great disappointment. The fear of feeling trapped or limited in a relationship may have been a barrier to establishing a deep and lasting bond with you.

Capricorn: a cold iceberg

Capricorns are usually headlong into their goals. However, your dedication to career success may have neglected quality relationship time. Their tendency to repress their emotions may have led to an emotional disconnect with you. He treated you like a couple, but he failed to express his feelings. Your Capricorn ex might have prioritized his career or personal goals over the relationship in a negligent and somewhat selfish way. Maybe you got to the point of wondering why you weren’t enough for that person. But it wasn’t you, the problem was his inability to give himself up and when he realized that he lost you it was too late.

Aquarius: does not love conventionally

Aquarians value their individuality and can be emotionally distant. They can seem carefree at times when you expected more emotional support. Your Aquarius ex might have had a hard time connecting emotionally with you and expressing their feelings in traditional ways. Their need for independence and interest in larger issues could have led to a lack of emotional attention to you, increasing the sense of detachment in the relationship. It’s not that you weren’t interesting enough, it’s just that that person lifts their mind up beyond the stratosphere.

Pisces: evasion, dispersion, elevation

Pisces are sensitive, but they can also be escapists. Although their empathic nature can also make them assume the emotions of others, often neglecting their own needs. In a relationship, this can manifest as a lack of emotional stability and a tendency to avoid problems rather than face them head-on. Your Pisces ex may have internally struggled with their own emotions, resorting to avoidant or addictive behaviors to deal with them. This lack of emotional stability and his tendency to avoid problems could have caused confusion in the relationship.

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