A Poet Reminds Each Zodiac Sign What 2022 Was Meant To Teach Them


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Every time life pulled you into a new direction, your seams ripped a little more. There’s beauty to be found in the darkness, though; it’s time to pick up your broken pieces and embrace them. You can’t make a puzzle piece fit where it is not meant to go. It’s time to stop trying to fit the mold of who you once were, because you’ve turned into something much more beautiful. 

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How long has it been since the last time you looked into the mirror and recognized who looked back? Your skin has shed, people have left, and you have questioned it all – but it all led you here. Don’t be afraid of the voices inside of your brain; things only ever happen as they’re supposed to. It’s time that you stop letting control and fear coincide with one another. 

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A reality of black and white gets lonely with no color. You’re beginning to see rainbows; now you know what’s been in the middle of your extremes this whole time. Codependency doesn’t only happen in interpersonal relationships; your bad habits are asking to be left behind. It’s time to love yourself enough to recognize what’s in your best interest.

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Sometimes, change is painful. You’ve emerged from the darkness. There may be storms brewing inside of your mind, yet the turmoil could be used for good. You feel things so very much; you feel things for far too long. Deep waters are hiding beneath the surface. It’s time to use the oceans inside of you to nourish rather than destruct.

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The words “love yourself first” seem to be painted on to every wall you look through. Why is that such a foreign expression to you? You have flowers growing within your heart and soul; they shine colors of brilliance, but you only ever treat them as if they’re wilted. You say there’s beauty to be found in everything; that includes you too, my dear. It’s time you perceive yourself as you view everything around you.

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Self-destruction has become your fiercest companion, but you don’t deserve this – you never did. The guilt seems to haunt you from the inside out. Placing your regrets into various forms of coping is like painting over stained walls. What’s the real obstacle here? Look within. It’s time to stop focusing on what you could have done differently and become who you’ve always aimed to become.

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Your brain is always shaking, and you avoid it in every way you can. You’re submerged in roses, and you have another hand occupying your own; why aren’t you satisfied? You’ve created so many unattainable goals for yourself that you appear to have neglected what you desire. It’s time to create your happiness because you’re the only one who truly can.

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It’s okay to feel down, but it’s not okay to mourn your past. This feeling of nostalgia has made a home within your ribcage. There’s no room for happiness there – at least that’s what it wants you to think. There are so many brilliant things to be learned; some of your most significant memories have yet to occur. It’s time you allow yourself to live in this moment because the past isn’t always as notable as your heart makes it seem.

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The neon lights and blaring music make you forget. You’re laughing, but it’s weak – each time you stumble home, you’re forced to face the screaming voices. You keep the curtains of your soul closed at all times. The darkness may make you feel more protected, but those who love you the most will be waiting there when you choose to turn on the light. It’s time to start allowing yourself to face the emotions that lurk inside of you; it’s time to stop running. 

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Can you hear the sound of rain on your roof? It can’t be more potent than the discouraging voice in you. Taking a vast amount of time to complete a task does not change its significance. The scars on your hands symbolize a more extensive picture that you’ve visualized for years on end. It’s time to endure the struggle to achieve what you’ve requested – good things rarely come effortlessly.

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You’ve retreated within a circle of walls because you can only endure so much at once. You gave a piece of yourself to every lover who tried to break in – when they leave, a part of you does, too. The heartbreak signifies your evolution. There’s a difference between guarding your heart and turning it cold. It’s time you acknowledge your strength and establish boundaries accordingly.

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There’s an unfathomable amount of things to encounter still. Attempting to experience it all at once has worn you to the point of depletion. You never stop exploring, but you always neglect your needs that beg to be sustained. You assume that every unfamiliar adventure will make you more content – but they seem to make you feel more lonely when you leave those you care for behind. It’s time to find solitude in the things surrounding you; it’s time to stop questioning what more you can discover.

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