6 honest reasons why it is so difficult for a Taurus to find love


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If you were born under the Taurus zodiac sign, chances are you are living for love.

This zodiac sign is the most empathetic of the zodiac, and they have certain qualities that make them an ideal partner and lover.

From forgiving, attentive, caring to absolutely passionate, but nevertheless somehow they still get disappointed in love.

After Pisces, the zodiac sign Taurus is most often injured and mistreated by those it trusts.

It’s also not uncommon for them to be cheated on by their life partner even though they haven’t done anything wrong.

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In romantic relationships, they are taken absolutely for granted, and that is something that, unfortunately, is related to their nature.

As much as they are among the most loyal and loving zodiac signs because they are hopeless romantics, their hearts are broken more often than they deserve.

For many Taurus people, this can also turn into a vicious circle in which they seemingly only ever attract toxic people.

It is also extremely difficult for them to break out of this cycle because they are stubborn and do not see that they have to treat people differently.

Not all want the best for them as they do for everyone, nor can they so naively trust what others promise them.

They also need to learn to be more patient and not force love because the one they really need will find it eventually.

1. You are attracted to toxic people

Ask any Taurus about their ideal partner based on looks and you will find that they describe a model.

They are the type of people who have very high standards and can only be with someone they find physically attractive.

There is absolutely no chance for them to fall in love with someone they find unattractive, and their attraction will decrease even more if they are too good to them.

Ironically, while Taurus individuals want attention and love, they are most intrigued by those who mistreat them.

So a lot of their relationships are toxic, dramatic, but have a lot of passion that keeps them going.

Basically, they find their ideal partner and fall head over heels in love with him while he doesn’t want them and they become obsessive.

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So they start idealizing them, chasing them and fantasizing that they will bond with them as they ask, which is unrealistic.

2. You are focused on status and money

The zodiac sign Taurus is very grounded and loves comfort and security in life.

For them, a carefree life is their basic instinct when choosing a life partner, but sometimes it goes wrong for them too.

While it is true that they are powerful and very intelligent, they are also too focused on status and money in love.

They want their partner to be both wealthy and of status and so often get a taste of their own medicine.

Soon they find that no one likes to spend their hard-earned money on them while acting like a spoiled brat.

That their partners are respected by them even because they have wealth and status is another thing that makes them uncomfortable.

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So that they will soon leave a relationship with them in search of someone who will love them in good times and bad.

3. You are too demanding and have high expectations

Even if the zodiac sign Taurus brings a lot to the relationship, it also demands the same in return.

Do not think that their surprise gifts, providing their favorite food and their incredible passion are for free.

For all of their attention, they want the same in return, if not more, because they want all of their partner’s love.

They will want the most amazing gifts that you will remember every detail about them and the best, most mind-blowing passion.

Otherwise, they will not feel loved and they will complain to you that you do not love them enough.

Also not to mention how to act when they have a headache or are tired from work and travel.

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Then they will also ask you to massage their backs or basically be their slave, which is absolutely unsympathetic.

4. You love to play the victim

As we mentioned at the beginning, a Taurus doesn’t really deserve all of that pain in love, but sometimes they do play the victim.

No matter what happens in a relationship, they never want to take the blame or appear offended.

Even if it’s just a simple suggestion from the partner, they’ll make him feel guilty for even mentioning it.

They will keep asking his forgiveness and saying that they are always the ones who are being criticized.

It is very difficult for them to take any advice or suggestion, so it can become tiresome for some.

Nobody wants to deal with someone who acts like a toddler after asking them to be on time when they get ready.

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They are too sensitive to being criticized, or at least they act that way.

5. You are very possessive and jealous

Along with the zodiac sign Leo, the Taurus is the most possessive zodiac sign.

Simply because they demand a high level of loyalty, but also give the same back.

For her, all her partner has to do is see and love her, and the very mention of someone else will make her blood boil.

It is not uncommon for Taurus men to engage in fistfights over their wives, or Taurus women to gossip about the woman who is too kind to their husbands.

Once you love someone, you want them only for yourself and as the center of your life.

This can make your relationship with a Taurus seem suffocating, so much so that you get fed up with them.

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They give absolutely no freedom to their partner because they have to remind them every 5 seconds how much they love them which drives them crazy.

6. You romanticize the idea of ​​love

People born under the zodiac sign Taurus are hopeless romantics, and the love they want only exists in books.

In all honesty, they expect too much from love and people while barely remembering that all people are flawed.

There is no such thing as perfect love that is both healing and exciting and absolute, but rather a realistic one that is good for us.

So instead of looking for the best possible partner by their standards, they need to realize who is actually looking after them.

If there is a person who is always there for you and who cares how you are doing, then this is the right one for you.

Even if it’s not a rich doctor or tall dark haired guy, he’ll definitely love you the way you deserve it.

So in a way that they’ll never let you down or let you down like everyone else has before.

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