5 Truths About Giving Your Heart To A Cancer Woman


Feminine, emotional, sensual. Cancer is the most emotional woman you will find, the one who shows that vulnerable and strong side that fills you with the desire to love her in this and other lives. Its element is water, that’s where the ups and downs of your feelings come from. It is unique and few have the courage to know it in depth, because there are 5 truths about giving your heart to a Cancer woman. 

Cancer is synonymous with loyalty, it is the woman who cannot stand betrayal, the one who enjoys love and lets go of what people say. He has a shy and outgoing side with the same intensity, but when it comes to love he wastes honey in his words, his kisses, his hugs. She is the woman who makes your day just by having her close, because she always adds a touch of madness to everything.

5 truths about giving your heart to a Cancer woman

Cancer is impulsive and intuitive, which is why many times it thinks with the heart and not with reason. He is the type of person who stops eating to give to those who need it. Solidarity, empathetic, does not let go. Giving your heart to Cancer is ensuring that someone will make you a priority no matter what happens. If you are willing to grapple with the following points, you are ready to win her heart:

5.- Analytical excess

Cancer is delivered but not with just anyone, you need to analyze the situation and the behavior of the other person to feel confident. She is the person who always delves deeply, does not want talks that lead nowhere. He likes to investigate, talk about hurts, fears, joys. Cancer wants to truly know the person who takes it by the hand, otherwise it does not surrender.

4.- A bit of a bad mood

Cancer is temperamental, it can go from a charming mood to become the beast that you do not want to meet in your life. She is the woman who tries to hide her emotions but it shows in each of her gestures. Cancer regularly has calm in the soul, but when someone makes her angry it is better to walk away and give her more than five minutes or she will say terrible things to you, it can be very hurtful.

3.- Stubborn

Well, someone had to say, Cancer can be the most stubborn woman you know. She really is a queen to argue in discussions, she does not invent anything, she only takes the necessary information in her favor. You can lose patience if someone does not listen to your arguments, you are very meticulous even to argue so take a seat.

2.- Family comes first

Cancer has an incomparable bond with her family, she has a home in her heart and is very important in her life. She is a woman who stays with someone who is committed, who is not afraid to create strong bonds, the kind that are for life. You love your friends and family just as intensely and expect your partner to accept them.

1.- He wants to see you smile

Cancer is love, it is the partner that reminds you of how much you are worth, it is the company that does not leave you in your defeats and victories. He will do what he can to inspire and support you, because he wants to see you fly and enjoy every second . It is a before and after in your life, who will teach you the most beautiful way to love.


5 Truths About Giving Your Heart To A Cancer Woman

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