5 Signs That Need To Take A Good Rest In July 2023 More Than Ever


Taking a good rest is something that we should all do from time to time and we are not just referring to taking vacations or holidays. There are times when we feel on edge when we feel exhausted, and lacking in energy. At this moment, and before things get ugly, we must learn to pull the brakes; leave the autopilot for a few days, and look for activities that relax us and charge us with energy. During this month, these are 5 signs that need a good rest in July more than ever. You are one of them?




Gemini, you drown in a glass of water and this is what makes you feel so tired, so overwhelmed by everything. The truth is that, perhaps, you have let yourself be carried away a lot by laziness during the past days or months and you have ended up having to run to put out the fires that you did not attend to at the time. Or, perhaps, you are going through a complex moment with your partner. This is something that only you can know: you must look inside yourself, inside your heart to know what is wearing you down. Next, take a breath and get down to work: don’t fall into the same thing again, take action to change what is draining your energy so much.


Capri, take advantage of this month to relax a bit. You have a head like a bass drum and we are not surprised. You are so competitive that you do not let go, not one bit, of the rope. You love to succeed in everything you do and are always looking to be busy. It’s not something that’s wrong, we’re not telling you. But, yes, you must learn to relax your mind.

When this does not have a moment of respite, as is your case, it can make the body sick and, if you do not take these sabbatical days that we recommend, you will end up this way. Do you want to keep your energy intact to keep going strong? So, now, it’s time to recharge batteries. Be responsible (as you always are) but for yourself and your health.


Virgo, your constant search for perfectionism makes you one of the people who most often need a break. And, this month of July, you are going to need it a lot. Put aside work, obligations and focus on your needs. But, be careful, don’t go too clever now!

When we tell you to focus on yourself, we mean to go to the beach, go out with friends, etc. This is not a good time to start reflecting or searching a lot within yourself because you are going to end up more exhausted and depressed than you already are. It is not a moment of reflection, it is a moment of fun. Finish with your responsibilities, let life take you where it wants to go, and for once let others help you.


Leo, stop fighting everything and everyone. We are not telling you not to follow your instincts to get what you want. Nor do you do what others tell you: we would never tell you. But sometimes it is necessary to let go of the rope a bit and see where life takes us. You are always looking for a way to attract attention, looking for people who share your achievements, and trying to be a good example for everyone. Sometimes, you can’t always be the inspirer, but you have to be the inspired one. What do we want to tell you? Well, stop analyzing everything with a magnifying glass, stop being (for a few days) the one who pulls the car. As? Well, doing a trust exercise.

Let others do things, plan outings, etc. You just try to relax. We already know that it is something complex for you. But, with a little effort at first, you will achieve it and these days without pressure will allow you to charge your energies and you will shine much more strongly again.


Sagittarius, you are not fooling us. As much as you go through life with good vibes and try to get past everything, we know that you are not like that. One thing is the image you give, the one that others perceive of you. Another, very different, is reality. We know that you are tired of always fighting to show that you work things out and that not everything is luck in life. The effort you make is not always recognized and this tires you, it tires you a lot. We know. But, the solution to it is in your hands.

What should you do? Well, for now, rest. Now, it’s time to follow your mantra and send others and their opinions to fry asparagus. It’s not a good time for you, you don’t have the strength to continue proving anything. Surround yourself with people who do know you, who do appreciate you. You will have the necessary environment to recover and get back up with all your strength and good vibes.

Taking a few days off is something that is always good for us: disconnect from work, spend time with friends, play sports, etc. However, sometimes we can’t wait for a vacation and we have to make a sudden stop. Although this can be difficult at times, we can always find a way to slow down a bit and reduce the load on us.

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