5 Reasons Why Scorpio Is The Worst Sign


5 Reasons Why Scorpio Is The Worst Sign

Not everything is as good as you imagined, Scorpio. You will never be as perfect as you always want to be. And you have to start accepting it… It’s time to accept that you have any problems in your daily life because of that character and because of being a Scorpio. It’s enough to talk only about the good, now it’s time to bring out your darkest side, that side that makes you someone evil. Let’s talk about the reasons why you are the worst sign of the Zodiac:

1. You’re an expert at manipulating others, Scorpio, and you know it.

When something resists you or when you want to get something from someone, you are not afraid to take out your weapons of manipulation to achieve your goals. You don’t care who that person is or the reason behind it. You have a long list of mental games with which you always try to convince and manipulate others. You use them with anyone, be it your family, your friends, or unknown people. And that’s the worst of all, Scorpio, there are times when you don’t realize it and you end up manipulating people you love.

That is very toxic for any relationship, Scorpio, that can make everything go to mess in just a few moments.

2. You never fully trust. You are distrustful by nature and feel that you will never be able to lower your guard.

You always suspect others, you always think that everyone is hiding something from you. But no, Scorpio, you can’t go around thinking badly of others and believing that they are always lying to you. You do not trust anything in the goodness of others, you have a hard time believing everything they tell you. And yes, there are times when it’s fine, because that way you protect yourself from the harm that lying and false people can do to you, but there are other times when you go too far. You constantly distrust your partner, your friends, your closest family and the worst of all is that you do it for no reason. Scorpio cannot go through life with so much negativity…

3. You are the most jealous sign of the Zodiac. You can not stand that they betray you, that they are unfaithful to you, and much less that they walk with lies.

For you, all that means losing, not knowing how to measure up, having been a fool in front of all those people. And you believe that this is not your place or your mission in life. You know the evil that can exist in others, you know from experience that there are very bad and very dangerous people. Also, you have such an imagination, Scorpio, that you begin to devise and think in what ways they will be deceiving you, how cruelly they will be playing with your heart.

4. Your revenge is always served in very cold dishes.

When they hurt you, Scorpio, you can become the most wicked and most Machiavellian person in the entire universe, because you are already bad. When they betray you, you want to make them pay for what they did, you want them to suffer the way you have or even a little more. Let them know that everything has its price and that with you nobody goes scot-free. But it is that this does not stop here, Scorpio, it is that you enjoy a lot seeing how those people suffer in return.

Scorpio, it’s okay to be fair and it’s okay for that person to know that they have hurt you, but you go too far. You can be very cruel when you go into revenge mode and that is what makes you the worst sign of the Zodiac.

5. You have a very dark character and temperament, and yes, Scorpio, you are also a bit dramatic.

You are one of those people who are capable of making a mountain out of a small grain of sand. Admit it, Scorpio, there are times when you are very, very exaggerated and if we add this to your distrust and jealousy, we already have the complete drama pack. The problem is not that this affects you directly (it does affect you sometimes), the problem is that this bothers others a lot, especially the people you live with every day.

Those people have to live with that changing character, with your unexpected dramas, with your head paranoia. And it is that, in addition, it is very difficult to calm down, Scorpio, that is the worst of all.


5 Reasons Why Scorpio Is The Worst Sign

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