3 zodiac signs take everything to heart in February 2022


3 zodiac signs take everything to heart in February 2022

Serenity is something like the superpower of the hour. Those who are relaxed seem to be granted a relaxed life. Calm people accept every challenge and master it super cool and without batting an eyelid. Is your own child screaming like crazy in the supermarket? It should. Accidentally tipped a glass over the supervisor’s lap? It can happen. Leave the key in the apartment? Annoying me green and blue now doesn’t do anything either.

And then there are the people whose heads get hot at the smallest thing and where every little thing leads to an emotional outburst . It is usually these people who take things very seriously. But after all, that’s only human and everyone has more sensitive phases from time to time . Three zodiac signs expect one in February .

According to the horoscope: 3 zodiac signs take everything to heart in February


People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign withdraw a lot in February and take a lot of time for themselves. Quite unusual for the usually sociable zodiac sign. Your strong need for rest and me-time stems from the fact that you are currently perceiving your feelings incredibly intensely. And the fact that the world isn’t exactly dominated by happy news doesn’t necessarily play into your hands. In addition, you are currently putting a lot of stress on your job and do not want to offend anyone at all. All this leads to the fact that you look at every crooked look and every criticism (however constructive it may be) immediately take it to heart and relate it to you and your personality.

Our tip:  Take the time you need. The days in February are numbered and with the first spring fever your spirits are blooming again. By the end of the month at the latest you will be as open and sociable as we are used to from your zodiac sign. Until then, don’t be so hard on yourself and listen to your gut feeling.


Actually, people with the zodiac sign Leo are always envied for their self-confidence and strength . But the dangerous cat of prey becomes more of a shy house kitty in February. This is mainly due to the fact that you are currently mega busy and get a lot of fire on all levels. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about your job or your private life , there’s a lot of pressure on you everywhere and there’s always a headwind . However, if you keep getting obstacles in your way, you will eventually reach your limits and that’s exactly what happened to you in February. You suddenly question everything and even consider quitting. Your  nerves are on edge.

Our tip: allow your emotions and communicate them. People with the zodiac sign Leo often tend to swallow their feelings and put on a good face to the bad game. However, this does not go well for long. Show yourself humanely, your fellow human beings will understand and reduce your workload accordingly. Do it for you and your health !


What’s going on there? In February, people born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius are firstly unusually withdrawn and secondly unusually sensitive . You are not used to that from the otherwise self-confident and life-hungry zodiac sign. However, it could be because you are extremely influenced by Aquarius in the season of Aquarius, which is throwing you off. Above all, communication is severely affected: You could misunderstand some things in conversations and take the misunderstandings  to heart. Also in your relationship and in friendships you take everythingpersonal and react quickly irritated or snapped .

Our tip: If all else fails, there is only one thing that helps people born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius: Get out of the dull everyday life and into adventure! Do something nice that you do just for yourself. Leave your everyday life behind you and enjoy the time with yourself. This takes your mind off things and helps you to find your inner center again.

3 zodiac signs take everything to heart in February 2022

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