11 Physical Signs A Girl Likes You


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These are the conscious and subconscious  signs a girl gives off with her body when she’s attracted to a guy.

1. She looks at you

Looking at you, whether it is by shooting short glances your way or making prolonged eye contact, is one of the most obvious signs a girl likes you. If she is shy and nervous, her looking down when you lock eyes is also a good sign she’s interested..

2. She is touchy with you

People often touch the person they like. If she’s open to you touching her, and if she looks for ways or excuses to touch you (e.g preening you or lightly touching your arm or shoulder), it’s a sign that she wants to take things to the next level.

3. She fixes herself and corrects her posture when around you

If she stands taller, pulls her shoulders back, sucks her stomach in, and perks her chest out when she notices you looking, she is trying to appear more attractive to impress you.

She might even wiggle her hips as if walking the catwalk.

Preening, primping, and pouting — her “fixing herself” — are also things women do when in the company of a man they find attractive.

4. She licks her lips

When women are excited, their mouth becomes dry. The act of licking her lips could mean she’s aroused or that she’s trying to draw your attention to them.

5. She exposes her neck

The neck is an erotic and erogenous area of the body. When she pushes her neck out or touches her neck, she is basically inviting you to make a move.

6. Her body and feet are turned towards you

Body and feet orientation are major signs a girl likes you because humans subsciously orientated themselves towards the people they’re interested in.

When she turns her body and feet towards you, she is basically giving you her full presence.

7. She leans in, gets close, and / or tilts her head towards you

If she leans in when talking to you, especially in group settings, it’s her telling you that she’s engaged and comfortable and relaxed when around you.

Similarly, head tilting shows interest and engagement. It also exposes her neck and ears, two of her erogenous areas.

8. Playing with her hair

Hair flicking, hair tossing, and running fingers through their hair are all evolutionary ways women showcase their health and youthful vitality to a man they want.

In addition, they expose erogenous body areas such as her neck and earlobes. You don’t need me to tell you what that means.

9. She caresses an object in her hands:

If she’s caressing an object gently or stroking it while looking at you intently, she may be subconsciously making a s**ual gesture as an indication of her arousal.

10. She mirrors (mimes) you

A sure-fire way to tell if a girl likes you is if she  mirrors your energy level and copies your gestures, movements, vocabulary, mannerisms, etc.

Such behaviour is an indication that she feels at ease with you and is interested.

11. She uses “open” body language

A girl’s comfort level around you is usually an indication that she likes you. And a great sign that she’s comfortable is if she uses open body language such as spreading her arms and legs.

Note that she will also be comfortable when around friends, so an excellent way to tell if she truly likes you is if she uses loose body language despite you not knowing her for long.

How to tell if a girl likes you? Watch for the physical signs. Of the 11 mentioned above, the most common signs a girl likes you are when she frequently smiles at you, makes direct eye contact and holds a gaze, and / or makes repeated glances towards and away from you.

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