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January 21st – February 19th Wow, such a brilliant start into your Aquarian time. A whole four weeks full of jubilation, excitement and cheerfulness. Remember that not everyone has as easy a job as you do with these new frequencies that are coming to earth. They are masters: well prepared in this game and in the universe. It is best to have your party in the “Clubhouse” – you will meet loads of like-minded people there. But please don’t forget real life!


February 20 – March 20 Pisces, this week the universe wants you to take a very careful look at where you may still be in dependencies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Netflix , one or the other glass of wine too much, an annoying habit, or hanging on to a human relationship that may have long been over. Especially around the full moon you have a great chance to release this topic once and for all . With a clear decision! Mindset is everything, without a mindset everything is nothing.


March 21st – April 20th Dear Aries, Please google “Strengthen the nervous system” and follow the first three tips that the Internet oracle, fed by the energy of your own algorithm, spits out, really heartily. The energies coming to earth right now are hardcore to say the least – especially for fiery beings like you. In addition, there is a full moon in Leo, one of your fire sign “siblings”, that makes you nervous. So, look to yourself. Not that you’re about to explode! It would be a shame.


March 21st – May 20th Luckily you have enough ground under your feet, which will help you in these crazy times. Just make sure that you don’t become completely one with your couch. Discipline really isn’t Taurus’ favorite subject – it’s all the more important that you get started now. It is enough to go for a walk regularly. Or you can put a small trampoline or an exercise ball in the apartment. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and move further than from the table to the refrigerator. Remember, you are doing it for your future self too . Nobody wants an artificial hip, believe me.


May 21st – June 21st Beeeep beeeep – so, dear Gemini, with the Aquarian Sun and the energy associated with it, a lot of good vibes will wash into your zodiac sign. You are also an air element. And yes: Aquarius is an air element, not a water element. So you do not start out of sheer nervousness, biting your nails beautiful, you are developing strongly and now online hygiene and a smart energy management, turn off all notifications! And set a timer, if necessary also that insanely shrill kitchen clock that you normally use to cook eggs.


June 22nd – July 22nd We know: there will be other times and don’t worry, your feet will touch the beaches of these worlds again, the pink, the pale white, the powdery and the rocky. Don’t lose hope, the full moon in the zodiac sign Leo won’t necessarily make your longing better, so this week work on the sun in your heart. And the photo books from the last three vacations that are still not finished. And: Just that you’ve heard it before: At the moment, you can visit the Maldives without quarantine! If it gets really bad.


July 23rd – August 23rd How beautiful! The sun in Aquarius and the moon? In your zodiac signs! The full moon on January 28th, but already clearly noticeable the whole week, gives you a lot of golden lion light that shines directly and the chambers of your heart. Do not let the mind get heavy no matter what the external circumstances. The moon shines so powerfully, brightly and clearly, as if it were really bringing the better version of yourself to earth directly. Thanks to a Jupiter connection, the moon really brings a huge wish-fulfillment potential to earth. Everything is possible!


August 24th – September 23rd Jupiter in Aquarius! The sun in Aquarius! Saturn in Aquarius! Mercury in Aquarius! Do you notice what? Just it. With so many Aquarian vibes you suddenly have completely new possibilities. The point is that completely new impulses come from heaven that we have to integrate: the right properties at the right time. Let yourself be inspired a little. And loosen up a little. Especially around the full moon you can connect wonderfully with the current zeitgeist.


September 24th – October 23rd For Libra these days it’s all about their favorite topic, balance, finding the right measure. With all the work from home and homeschooling, there is of course the risk that your natural elegance will suffer a little. And that really shouldn’t happen to you as a Libra. So, get yourself one of these incredibly beautiful house suits, a chic shoe (Roger Vivier makes the most beautiful!) And feel your hair , even and especially when nobody sees it!


October 24th – November 22nd Uhh. So there is really a lot going on in your world these days. And even more so in the world that your guiding planet Pluto represents. Truths still come to light and do somersaults. The sun and Mercury in Aquarius provide additional crazy vibes. Paris Hilton, Dieter Bohlen and Mozart are Aquarians aka women – all brilliant in their own way and that’s exactly what it’s all about, the question: Where is your genius? With the full moon making beautiful angles to your zodiac sign, you’ll find the answer easier!


November 23rd – December 21st Everything around you is expanding, you just have to take a look – even the first little green corners dare to grow out of the earth again. Like everything in life, it’s a matter of perspective. Please use the full moon on the 28th wisely and consciously to let your light shine. The moon is in Leo, that’s a sign of fire just like you and it would be laughable if you didn’t pick up a bit of light there. Good vibes only! Away with the gray, here with the rainbow!


December 22nd – January 20th Divorce hurts … Whoops, it was your birthday again, time just keeps on running and you? Are you still hanging in your somewhat rigid form while the others are already dancing with the unicorns? It doesn’t matter. Please take a moment again to integrate the messages that your zodiac has whispered in your ear over the past few weeks. Carefully and fully aware of who you are!

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