• August 15, 2022

What Each Zodiac Sign Refuses To Sacrifice For A Relationship In August 2022


You refuse to sacrifice your dreams. You aren’t always going to be free on weekends because you’re hustling. You’re a hard worker who won’t give up on your goals.


You refuse to sacrifice your routine. You need your partner to understand your schedule is set. You aren’t very flexible. You need to set plans in advance.


You refuse to sacrifice your me-time. Even when you’re in a relationship, you need plenty of time to yourself. You need a decent amount of space and independence.


You refuse to sacrifice your friends and family. You aren’t going to stop hanging out with the people you love the most. Your partner needs to feel comfortable sharing you because you’re not picking one over the other.


You refuse to sacrifice your own needs. You aren’t going to act as your partner’s mother and run to them whenever they call. You’re always going to treat yourself as your first priority.


You refuse to sacrifice your pets. You’re always going to love them more than anyone else. Your partner needs to learn to live with that.


You refuse to sacrifice your visions for the future. You know where you want to live and how many children you want to have. If your partner doesn’t share your goals, then they don’t belong with you.


You refuse to sacrifice your sexual needs. Your partner needs to give as much as they receive. You aren’t going to settle for a lackluster sex life.


You refuse to sacrifice your happiness. You understand love isn’t the most important thing, so if someone you love hurts you, you’re going to leave. You won’t stay and let them hurt you some more.


You refuse to sacrifice your money. You’re willing to split bills and checks with them, but you aren’t going to lend them thousands of dollars. You aren’t going to take care of them financially without them pitching in a little too.


You refuse to sacrifice your favorite music and shows. You’re not going to change your personality or your style in order to impress someone else. You are unabashedly authentic.


You refuse to sacrifice your mental health. If the relationship gets too stressful, you’re going to bail. You’re willing to put in work, but you’re not willing to lower your standards to keep a relationship going.

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