• July 07, 2020

These 24 Zodiac Combos Should Think Twice Before Falling In Love In June 2020

Life would be a lot simpler if we could choose the people we fall in love with. Think how much heartbreak and pain we would avoid if we could tell our hearts to stop wanting those who are bad for us, and to start wanting those who are not. But it doesn’t work that way. You can’t help who you fall for, and sometimes, it sucks.

No matter how much you like someone, or how much they like you, or how much fun you have together, some couples are just better off apart. A failing relationship doesn’t always have to be somebody’s fault; sometimes you’re just missing that vital chemistry you need to make it work. And if we’re going to talk about chemistry between lovers, then we should talk about the signs of the zodiac.

Many believe that whether or not you are compatible with another person depends largely on your sign. Some signs have all the personality traits that others love, while some signs can’t help getting under the skin of certain people that they date. Even if you believe the influence of zodiac signs is a whole lot of rubbish, it’s still interesting to know which signs hardly ever work out together. Just in case!

Like we said, you can’t help who you fall for and if you find love with someone unexpected, that’s something to celebrate. But if you’re wondering why the relationship you’re in just isn’t working, the stars might have the answers you’re looking for!


24Scorpio And Cancer Will 100% Make Each Other Cry

When Scorpio and Cancer get together, there are always a lot of emotions flying around. And two such moody, serious signs are bound to end up in quite a few heated arguments. Both signs feel things more strongly than other signs, and have an amazing ability to understand other people because they’re so empathic and in tune with all feelings, whether they’re theirs or other people’s.

It might not sound like a bad thing, but these signs have a little too much in common! They both crave loyalty and need affection and attention, and both have the tendency to get upset when things don’t go their way. While Cancer is more likely to cry, Scorpio is more likely to get mad, but both tend to take things very seriously rather than brushing them off. Even though these signs understand each other, there are just too many feelings to make it work.

23Opposites Virgo And Gemini Just Won’t Get Each Other

Scorpio and Cancer usually aren’t good matches in love because they have so much in common, but Virgo and Gemini have the opposite problem: they are too different. While differences can complement each other and bring two people closer together, the essences of these two signs in particular are just so diverse that each person will find it hard to understand the other.

In nearly every way, Gemini and Virgo think about things differently. Virgo approaches each situation with caution, whereas Gemini likes to take risks. While Virgo values routine, safety and security, that sort of thing gets on Gemini’s nerves as they like to be more spontaneous. Of course, your relationship might be the exception to the rule, but we just can’t see these two signs finding a happy balance together.


22Libra And Sagittarius Won’t Stop Fighting

Libra is usually one of the easiest signs in the zodiac to get along with as far as relationships are concerned. Librans just love being in love, and being naturally fair and balanced people, they are incredibly agreeable and friendly, and they make good partners. Still, not everyone is likely to find their happily ever after with this sign!

Sagittarius varies from Libra greatly in the way they like to live their lives. While Libra is carefree and easygoing, this sign does like to make sure that things are safe, stable and secure in their lives. Particularly when it comes to relationships, they like to have consistency. Sagittarius is the total opposite: they love taking risks, changing up locations and activities and constantly need to do things to spice up the relationship. These two different approaches to life could lead to some pretty serious fights.


21Aquarius Will Feel Smothered By Pisces, While Pisces Will Feel Rejected

Aquarius and Pisces sit right next to each other in the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean they’re a match made in heaven. In actual fact, they usually don’t hit it off at all. There are a few things these signs have in common, like their desire for freedom and their creative tendencies, but they do love totally differently.

Aquarius likes to be single more than any other sign in the zodiac, and when they do fall in love, they need space. They like to remain distant to ensure that their life isn’t being taken over by their new relationship, and the surest way to chase them away to smother them by coming on too strong, too quickly. By contrast, Pisces loves being in love and longs for a strong connection. When they don’t get the same kind of affection back from Aquarius, they could end up feeling very rejected, since this sign is particularly sensitive.

20Gemini And Capricorn Will End In Disaster

In the same way that Virgo and Gemini are just too different to mesh, Capricorn and Gemini are also sitting on opposite sides of the personality scale. Unlike Gemini, Capricorn is all about work. They love to set a goal and put everything they have into achieving it and don’t like to focus on anything else until they have what they want. This doesn’t usually sit well with Gemini, who’s a jack of all trades. Capricorn can come off a little cold when they’re distracted by their work or a goal that means a lot to them and might annoy Gemini by not being available to talk.

Instead, Gemini really needs someone who will give them the freedom to get out there and experience the world in the way they want. They need someone who’s as fun-loving as them, who isn’t a workaholic, and who leaps with their eyes closed. To conclude, that’s not Capricorn.

19Dreamy Pisces And Practical Virgo Will Clash Too Much

Some signs are more relaxed and easy-going, meaning they are compatible with more people because they can adapt to different personalities. And some signs are just a little too set in their ways, limiting the sort of people they can and can’t date. Virgo is one sign who does not like to budge on their morals and values, or in the way they do things. Add in the fact that they’re picky, and a Virgo can have a hard time finding someone who brings them to their knees! One sign who Virgo usually shouldn’t even bother with is Pisces.

Pisces is a dreamer and loves the ability to be free in all ways and to fantasize endlessly. Virgo, on the other hand, very much lives in the real world and tends to be more of a practical thinker than a creative one. These personalities will probably clash too much in the end, even if things look promising at the start.


18Cancer And Gemini Just Want Different Things

Wants in a relationship usually have the power to determine whether it will be successful or not. Generally, no matter how much two people love each other and have great chemistry if they want different things out of life, it takes a lot of hard work to stay together. Most of the time, it’s just too frustrating. Cancer and Gemini are fairly different in that Cancer is hugely sensitive while Gemini tends to brush things off, but the biggest difference is what they want to pursue in life.

Gemini craves adventure, new experiences, travel, and excitement. Cancer is a little different: this sign is happy to just stay at home. Cancer’s biggest priority in life tends to be family and building a strong household, while Gemini can take a while to settle down since other things can be more important to them.

Pisces And Leo Don’t Communicate In The Same Way, And Won’t Understand Each Other

Two signs can be different and have a great relationship, but at the very least, they need to understand where the other is coming from. There has to be that mutual respect and understanding, or both people are kidding themselves. Pisces and Leo have their similarities and their differences, but at the end of the day, they usually miss that basic two-way understanding that serves as the glue in other relationships.

Pisces is very sensitive, and brazen Leo might find it hard to understand why certain things affect them so much. They might not empathize with all of Pisces’ emotions. And Pisces will probably have trouble understanding how Leo can be so bold and even a little careless around other people’s feelings.

16Sagittarius Will Feel Like Taurus Is Cooping Them Up

Taurus is another one of those signs who is super easy to get along with and who is lucky enough to be able to date most people thanks to their carefree nature. But there are still some signs that Taurus will clash with most of the time, and Sagittarius is one of them! As we’ve already mentioned, Sagittarius is a thrill-seeker and an explorer. The traveler of the zodiac, this sign loves to get out and see the world and can get bored very easily if they’re always doing the same thing and seeing the same people.

On the other hand, Taurus basically lives for routine and consistency. This sign is a quiet achiever that isn’t hard to please and doesn’t ask for a lot, but they do ask for a nice, safe and quiet lifestyle where they can happily go about their business without making a fuss.

15Aquarius Needs An Understanding And Patient Partner — Not Scorpio

You probably couldn’t find two signs that are less suited to each other than Aquarius and Scorpio! They’re similar in that they both speak their minds, but they just can’t give each other what they want, and they’ll usually annoy each other while trying to.

Aquarius needs distance in a relationship. They need a patient and understanding partner who won’t rush them along, who will understand that they need alone time often, and who won’t pressure them in any way. Scorpio doesn’t mean to be impatient or put pressure on, but they’re just an intense personality. Without intending to, they can rush people and push them out of their comfort zones because they feel so passionately about the relationship and wanting to move forward with it. Aquarius can also feel suffocated by too much affection, and this will frustrate Scorpio, who needs the physical side of the relationship just as much as they need the emotional side.

14There Will Be Far Too Many Feelings When Cancer And Cancer Get Together

Some signs find happiness with another person of the same sign very easily. Other signs are just too much for that. Case in point? Cancer and Cancer.

This sign is extremely emotional and sensitive, and can’t be with somebody who’s insensitive, careless or doesn’t understand that they have a lot of feelings. But at the same time, they also probably won’t find happiness with someone who is exactly like them. When one person freaks out in a relationship, the other one needs to stay calm and provide support. But in the case of Cancer and Cancer, person A will freak out when they see person B freaking out, and it will just be a never-ending cycle of overreactions and drama. There will be a lot of nurturing and caring in this relationship, but way too many feelings and not enough logic.


13Virgo Wants To Stay Grounded, While Sagittarius Wants To Fly Free

Virgo and Sagittarius usually don’t work because their personalities clash and they want different things. What makes Virgo happy actually stresses Sagittarius out, and vice-versa, so when they do get together, these signs can struggle to find balance and meet each other halfway.

Staying grounded and secure is one of Virgo’s top priorities. This sign is too much of a stress-ball and a worrier to pack up their stuff and set off with a one-way ticket, but that’s the kind of thing that would soothe Sagittarius’ never-ending itch to leave their comfort zone. In a relationship with Sagittarius, Virgo will feel like they’re constantly being pushed to their limit, while Sagittarius will feel like they’re being cooped up in a cage. These signs can make great friends, but if they want to be in a relationship, it’s going to take a lot of negotiating.

12Strong-Minded Aries Just Won’t Understand How Sensitive Cancer Can Be

We’ve mentioned that Cancer really shouldn’t be with somebody who is as emotional as they are because every relationship needs one designated practical thinker. But at the same time, they also won’t last long with somebody who might not understand the way their minds work. Aries is a very strong character, and this can be intimidating to someone sensitive like Cancer. Both signs are easily upset, so worst-case scenario: this couple will experience constant blow ups and intense arguments.

Aries and Cancer actually do have a lot in common, with both signs being extremely caring and loving, and both placing a high importance on family. But Aries will think Cancer is too sensitive when they’re upset by something like a tone of voice, and Cancer will think that Aries is insensitive when they say exactly what’s on their minds with no filter.

11The Aquarius And Taurus Union Is Bound To End In Heartbreak

The main issue that arises in relationships between Aquarius and Taurus is the struggle between finding consistency and remaining free. Taurus is a sign who likes to stick to the routine and likes to know that they can rely on their partner at all costs since they know their partner can rely on them. That sort of commitment can sometimes scare Aquarius, who prefers to have the freedom to come and go as they please so they don’t feel controlled.

Aquarius isn’t the most reliable sign in the zodiac, which is a non-negotiable trait for someone like Taurus. And Aquarius will probably find being with Taurus, who enjoys quiet nights in and likes to organize their life with a strict structure, a bit of a bore.

10Both Capricorn And Leo Are Ambitious But In Different Ways

Ambition is something that Capricorn and Leo have in common. On that front, they’ll understand each other very well. They both work hard for what they want, have an impenetrable drive and never give up. But their determination manifests differently, and this can cause problems.

Capricorn is a quiet hard-worker. They’re the type that won’t say a word about what they’re doing, and then one day they’ll show up with the news that they’ve bought the house, published the book or gotten the promotion. Leo is more the type that will post something on social media every day to let everybody know how they’re coming along with achieving their goal and will dominate the conversation with it at social events. These two different approaches will make each sign get on the other’s nerves before long.

9The Ram And The Bull Will Lock Horns If Aries And Taurus Get Together

There are quite a few similarities between Taurus and Aries, and on the surface, you’d think they would make a wonderful couple. They are both hard workers and extremely loyal, which means they make fantastic friends because you can always rely on them. They’re also both friendly and usually very intelligent and determined to achieve their goals. But they have one other similarity which just spoils everything, and that’s stubbornness.

That’s right—both signs are extremely strong-willed. Taurus is actually known for being the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, but Aries isn’t much more flexible. They both get their backs up against the wall when they don’t get their way, and tend to get defensive and difficult until somebody else budges. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize what’s going to happen when these two have their first argument!


8Guarded Virgo And Spontaneous Aries Won’t Be In Sync In The Bedroom

Virgo and Aries have both similarities and differences. On one hand, they’re both determined, reliable and loyal. Aries is a much louder personality, and also tends to be more impulsive, while Virgo prefers to plan everything out and analyze the things that go on in their world. They usually get off to a good start, but the relationship suffers once they move it to the bedroom.

When it comes to hopping in bed together, their approaches are just too different. Aries has quite the appetite, loves to try new things and develop a real physical connection. That might intimidate Virgo, who is usually very guarded and takes a long time to allow themselves to be that vulnerable with somebody. Frustration is in the forecast for these two signs, who are probably better off as friends.

7Leo + Leo = Massive Egos And Fiery Explosions

Another sign who should try and steer clear of dating somebody else of the same sign is Leo. The superstar of the zodiac, the Lion has a huge personality. They love speaking their mind, chasing what they want relentlessly, being the center of attention, proving that they’re right and socializing with as many people as they can. As you might have guessed, most relationships only have room for one person like that, not two.

When Leo and Leo do get together, there’s too much fire. They tend to stroke each other’s egos and usually end up in a rivalry. Their constant competition can lead to some massive fights that can’t just be solved with a simple apology since this sign isn’t fond of being the first to say sorry.

6Pisces And Cancer Understand Each Other, But They Both Need Someone More Practical

Pisces and Cancer understand each other better than most other signs do. They are both emotional and sensitive and would be patient enough with each other to make each other feel comfortable. They both crave deep, intimate relationships and would probably develop a strong bond. When they do get together, they feel like they’re the only two people in the world, and fights are particularly hard because they start to rely on each other too much, and don’t like to be apart.

So why should these signs think twice before giving their hearts to each other? Their relationship might feel magical, but logically speaking, it isn’t a good idea. All those emotions end up being toxic because neither sign is good at putting all that sentimental stuff aside to look at the situation for what it is. Both signs are better off with someone who’s a little more practical.


5Libra Will Annoy Virgo Endlessly With Their Indecision

There are worse couples out there than Libra and Virgo, but that doesn’t mean that these signs are well-suited. Although they both like consistency and safety, they each have traits that just annoy each other to no end.

The biggest issue in this relationship tends to be Libra’s inability to make a decision. This sign is known for taking a long time to reach a verdict on anything because they like to consider all sides and make sure they’re being fair. While Virgo also likes to analyze everything, they tend to do it much quicker and don’t have a lot of patience for people who can’t keep up with their thinking. Libra will be annoyed with Virgo’s reluctance to do PDAs with them or show them excessive affection, which is something they dream about.

4Cancer Is Too Needy And Aquarius Is Too Emotionally Unavailable To Make It Work

There are bound to be some seriously hurt feelings in the relationship of Aquarius and Cancer. When it comes to love, these two just come from two totally different places. Cancer wants someone to be there for them at all costs and someone who they can look after. They want intimate conversations and a deep connection that others only dream about. And that tends to make Aquarius gag.

Aquarius asks for much less from their partner, but they do ask for a certain amount of freedom and patience. With all their constant coming and going, Cancer could get paranoid and worked up. This will stress out Aquarius, who really doesn’t like drama, and the two could end up saying things that they can’t take back.

3Sagittarius And Capricorn Are From Two Totally Different Walks Of Life

Here are two more signs who sit next to each other in the zodiac and still don’t have much in common! Sagittarius is the adventurer, the explorer, the traveler. And Capricorn is the hard worker. That’s not to say that Sagittarius doesn’t like to work hard, or that Capricorn can never have any fun, but the ratio of work to fun in each of their lives is vastly different, and that can cause some problems.

Another huge issue between these two is that Sagittarius really needs someone who is emotional, but Capricorn can come off as being quite cold and reserved. They don’t like to talk about their feelings and think much more with their heads than with their hearts. This could lead to some resentment and, later down the track, some big arguments.


2Leo And Taurus Could Be In For Some Major Conflict

It takes a lot to get Taurus upset, but someone with a personality as big as Leo might just be able to do it! These two aren’t an ideal combination because Leo tends to have an interesting temper, which can lead them to say hurtful things when they’re upset. They always feel terrible after, but Taurus can be stubborn with forgiving and forgetting. Usually, when these two get together, it takes them a long time to overcome their arguments.

Besides that, they both want different things out of life. Taurus wants a life that is calm and low-key, while Leo wants to go to parties and live it up. Leo could end up feeling very bored and even held back by Taurus, while Taurus could get annoyed with Leo’s constant need to get out of the house.


1Aries And Scorpio Are Both Passionate, Which Could Result In World War Three

All you have to do to see World War Three is get an Aries and a Scorpio together. These signs are two of the most passionate in the zodiac, so when times are good between them, they’re really good. They can have a lot of fun together and really connect on an intimate level. But when times are bad, they’re explosive.

Both signs are fiery and respond to criticism or conflict in the same way: aggressively. They also have slightly different approaches to life, with Aries being more carefree and Scorpio liking to remain in control of every situation. Scorpio also has a tendency to get very jealous, and constantly being questioned or challenged will make Aries feel like they’re not trusted. Since they’re such a loyal sign, that has the potential to make them furious. We would advise avoiding this union at all costs!

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