There’s A Life-Changing Eclipse Happening In July 2022, And This Is What It Will Mean For Each Sign


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This time may bring up your feelings of impending failure, or the idea that you could spend years of your life working toward a goal only to have it fall through and be a complete waste of time. What you need to realize is that every hour of effort you put into something is not wasted, it’s developing you as a person. Ultimately, no one decision or issue has the power to totally derail your life and fearing that it could is only putting you in a position to give other people your power.


It’s time to make big decisions, Taurus, and you have to let go of the idea that one change is going to ruin your entire life. It’s time to stop just contemplating that big move, job change or even travel plans, and get up and do it. There’s a saying that no matter what we choose in life, the Universe conspires to see it to success. You need to stop thinking the world is going to punish you for one decision and reward you for another. Ultimately, you are the master of your fate, and it’s time to stop keeping yourself in purgatory.


If you are finally in a good place where you are making a stable income, keep doing that. If you aren’t, it’s time to stop making excuses. You, just as much as anyone else, are responsible for the quality of your life, and for some of you, your family’s. It doesn’t mean you have to chain yourself to a desk from 9-5 again. It might mean taking this time to come up with creative and innovative ways to make money the way you want to, and to realize that there is always an abundance of opportunity and a plethora of money to go around… if you’re willing to put yourself out there for it.


You have already spent the past year or two learning to quell fears that you aren’t far enough along in life, and this series of eclipses will shine a light right into that. In the past, you made decisions both in work and love that was stemming directly from your fear of not having everything together, and you ended up making choices that weren’t best for you in the long-term. You need to overcome your fear of not being powerful enough and start taking action from a place of abundance, not worry.


There’s a lot of change in the air for you right now, Cancer and a lot of it has to do with your relationships to other people. Deep down, your worst fear is losing someone you love, and this month will test you in that those close to you may seem nervous, indifferent or just doubtful about the state of your union. Instead of running away as you usually do, conquer the fear by staying present, and being the grounding, stable rock that you know you’re meant to be. It will all work out beautifully by summer’s end.


Usually, your biggest fear has to do with not “keeping up” with other people, or falling behind in some measurable way. This summer will give you ample opportunity to compare yourself to others, as coworkers get raises and BFFs get married, but this isn’t a time to be self-critical. You need to overcome your fear of not being on the right timeline and realize that everything is happening exactly when and how it needs to. You and everyone around you are all moving at your own pace.


In the shadow realms of every Libra’s mind is the fear of ultimate catastrophe… which exists in balance to your dream of having life be perfect and beautiful at all times. Your deepest, darkest fears will likely have to do with other people: who will leave you, reject you, or potentially not get along. Your mission over the course of these transits is to convince yourself that these fears are totally made up and that other people don’t have the power to make or break your life.


This month, you’ll see your relationship status shift in a way it hasn’t for many, many years. You’ll have to face what you’ve spent most of your life avoiding: vulnerability, and the prospect of being alone with yourself. Even if you are happily coupled, it’s time that you begin working on the areas of your life that you know need help. Your greatest fear is putting your heart out on the line, but on the other side of it is the greatest reward of all: being truly, completely loved.


You are approaching a time in your life that you could rightly call a renewal or rebirth. You are aware that you need to reinvent yourself in many different ways, and all of the upcoming change can be daunting at first. You will need to face your deepest fear of failure by accepting the things that aren’t working in your life and strategizing ways to improve them. A brighter future is on the other side if you’re willing to go through the depths first.


The subconscious fear that you’ll be dealing with over the course of this eclipse season is undoubtedly the unknown. Capricorns thrive in structure and certainty and struggle most with not knowing what will happen in work, love or anything else. Instead of trying to control every outcome, open yourself up to possibility. You may receive more than you ever thought to ask for.


This will be the ultimate season for releasing for Aquarians. The full lunar eclipse is in your sign, and it means that whatever attachments you’ve been harboring from the past few months and years of your life are ready to bubble to the surface and then be cleansed away for good. It might feel as though issues from the past just keep resurfacing, but know that after this release period, they will be dead and gone forever, and you will be free to enjoy your new, happier life.


These transits are all about career, and especially your fears of inferiority, not being “enough,” falling behind or being in lack. The past few years have put you through the wringer in terms of figuring out what you want and what you believe you’re worth. Now, it’s time to take completely unprecedented risks and pivots and end up somewhere completely new. You’ll have to confront your deepest fears of not being loved or accepted because you aren’t “good enough” at what you do. It’s time to get out of your own head, and see just what you have to offer the world – it’s more than you think.

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