• June 16, 2021

The Aquarius Man in Bed: 5 Sultry Tips to Impress him Sexually

So, you’re wanting to get an Aquarius man all hot and bothered between the sheets?

Sex with an Aquarius man can be quite the adventure. In this article, I’ll prepare you with everything you need to know to press his arousal buttons in just the right way.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get straight to the tips! (Don’t worry, I’ll lay everything out clear as day for you).

Note that this post applies primarily to Aquarius Sun men, but it also hints at qualities that an Aquarius Mars, Moon, Ascendent man will have, too.


1.) Inflame his desire with intellectuality and intelligence

To get him yearning for you sexually you must first and foremost appeal to his mind.

Like all men, Aquarian men love the physicality of sex. But to be truly sexually wowed he must experience a meeting of the minds before the meeting of the bodies occur. Sex for him starts before you’ve hit the sheets.

So appeal to his mind first and treat it like the powerful erogenous zone that it is.

Here are some ideas for appealing to his sexuality through his mind:

  • Tease through your words. Allow sexual tension to bleed through your voice and texts. Talk dirty and prod him to do the same. Be mysterious. A little hot and cold. Coquettish.
  • Play little mind games. Invent little role-play games that hint to him what’s to come once he can possess you. The more original and complex, the better.
  • Build a strong mental rapport. Friendship and closeness build trust and really helps cultivate sexual chemistry with this man. Always be clear, direct, and real.

2.) Be sexually spontaneous and experimental

The quickest way to ruin sexual chemistry with an Aquarius man is by being routine and inflexible in bed.

While consistency can be considered romantic and sexual gold to some partners (looking at you, Taurus), it’s one of the quickest ways to compel the Aquarius man to discard you as a lover.

Aquarian men are open-minded, restless, and experimental across the board in life. This includes between the sheets. So appeal directly to his inclinations by taking the initiative and introducing unexpected intrigue into your sexual experiences.


Here are some ideas to surprise him and keep things fresh:

  • Constantly have some new sexual ideas up your sleeve. Novelty is his Achilles heel. He can’t resist it. He’ll grow bored of certain sexual acts pretty quickly, so be ready to introduce something new (or for him to change things up) at any given time.
  • Try all kinds of positions. Experimentation is everything. He doesn’t like repetition. Play and change are essential. Don’t push for the same thing every time. Find ways to stimulate his zodiac erogenous zones: the ankles, calves, and shins.
  • Think way outside of the box. Societal norms rarely excite this man. So when you’re looking to spice things up with variety try to surprise him with things that he might have never experienced be before. I know this can be hard in our porn saturated culture to find new things since so many kinks have been normalized. Perhaps think of some other ideas like fun places to have sex rather than only focusing on changing up the sex acts themselves.
  • Introduce multiple partner play (if you’re comfortable with it). Consider broaching the topic of sex with multiple people. Maybe a threesome. The Aquarian sexual and relationship style is very open-minded, and it could turn him on quite a bit.


3.) Nurture your kinky side

The Aquarian man may come off cool and detached, but this guy can be super kinky. He’s up there with Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer.

It makes sense in a way. He’s a lover of novelty and anything different. So sexual taboos – anything considered alternative, dirty, taboo, weird or strange – intrigue the hell out of him.

So tap into every unique, strange, and kinky cell in your body and get freaky with him.


Some ideas:

  • Don’t be shy to share any of your kinks. He’s open-minded. He’ll be down with whatever. Don’t hesitate to bring up any fetishes. He won’t pass judgment. And he’s probably got some of his own that he’ll now be more comfortable sharing, too. This union is a no-shame zone. He won’t shame you, and you shouldn’t shame him for any fetishes. Even if some of his kinks seem quite deviant or bizarre, maybe even depraved and shocking.
  • S&M and power exchange. Think Scorpio without the brooding water sign emotionality and Capricorn without the dour seriousness. He could be a dom, sub or switch. Aquarians run across the spectrum, but being a masculine sign, he tends towards being more of a dom. He might like to be sexually aggressive. Spanking. Choking. Hair pulling.
  • Try to meet him where he is. Push your boundaries. Stretch your limits. But never go beyond them just to please him. If you have hard limits around certain kinks, let him know. And if he doesn’t respect your limits, he doesn’t deserve your sexual energy.

4.) Introduce variety with sex toys

He’s the perfect guy to go all out on the sex toys with.

He’s gadgety and techie. So there are all kinds of combinations you could play with (if that’s something you’re keen on, of course).

Some toy ideas:

  • Latex
  • Bondage gear
  • Vibrators of different shapes and sizes
  • Handcuffs
  • Stretchies
  • VR sex games
  • Filming equipment (for personal viewing or beyond)
  • etc.

5.) Keep a lighthearted attitude

You might be getting super freaky, hot and heavy, but always try to stay light and playful.

Remember, you’re dealing with an air sign here. He craves an intelligent mind in bed, but rarely an overflowing emotional heart.

He can be complicated, but he wants his sexual life uncomplicated. Wide spanning feelings of independence and freedom are essential.

  • Try as much as you can to avoid being possessive. Some signs get turned on by sexy expressions of possessiveness. He won’t
  • Don’t get overemotional. Think before you feel. He truly isn’t mushy or emotional in relationships. When it comes to sex, he prefers to dive straight in and simply have a good time. He doesn’t need a strong emotional connection for sex. He can have great sex with friends and acquaintances. If you need an emotional connection to have good sex, he might not be for you, unless you’re willing to wait for the relationship to develop and for him to slowly open up more.
  • Always try to have good humor. It will help keep things light, open, and the feelings from getting too intense.

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