• December 04, 2020

Leo Horoscope for Saturday, September 12, 2020

Leo Horoscope – Love
The climate of the day will not be madly conducive to getting along with the couple. But it does not say that nothing will be possible. However, many natives of the sign, instead of showing a minimum of diplomacy, will brutally express their ideas and bluntly impose their wishes. Single, the possibility of a romantic bond with someone close to you will emerge today. It will be someone presenting with you affinities of interest, but above all a way of thinking, a rhythm of life, a similar form of humor.

Leo Horoscope – Silver
Good astral influxes. You will have punch to spare and you will know how to make quick decisions, cutting corners if necessary. Above all, this will be the time to tackle complicated financial problems.

Leo Horoscope – Health
Learn to laugh as often as possible. Indeed, laughter is a program of well-being at all levels, both physiological and psychological. It constitutes a real physical exercise whose effects are comparable to those of a muscular work well conducted. It is also effective against stress thanks to its action on the sympathetic system. Laughter therapy has always been used in the Chinese world, and increasingly in the United States.

Leo Horoscope – Labor
The impulses emanating from Pluto will inspire you with confidence in your abilities. You will be determined to assert your rights or claims. There is no doubt about your success.

Leo Horoscope – Family
Your relationships with your family may be relegated to the background, behind your professional or other concerns. Luckily, those around you will be tolerant enough to accept your attitude. Do not abuse it all the same. Your children will be a source of satisfaction and pride for you.

Leo Horoscope – Social life
Without necessarily being well founded, friendship will be an area that can disappoint you. But if you feel like your friends aren’t giving you what you expect, don’t

Leo Horoscope – Quote of the day
The best use that we can make of the word is to be silent (Tchouang-Tseu).

Leo Horoscope – Lucky Number

Leo Horoscope – Wink
Learn to appreciate relaxation and idleness.

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