• December 04, 2020

Cancer Horoscope for Saturday, September 12, 2020

Cancer Horoscope – Love
Thanks to the beautiful appearance of Mercury, the current will be restored between you and your partner. You will find a climate of tenderness and harmony. It’s up to you to do everything to maintain it and make your married life a great success! Single, it is the arrival of Venus in your Heaven that will mark the beginning of a particularly auspicious day. Increasing your charm and your sensuality, the goddess of love will put someone on your path who will not leave you indifferent.

Cancer Horoscope – Silver
With this astral atmosphere, you will be able to succeed today in a first-rate financial transaction that would make you envious. In general, stock market or real estate speculation will be favored: you will run less risk and be able to make appreciable gains. But remain discreet about what you do, otherwise you will be embarrassed by cautious detractors among your relatives.

Cancer Horoscope – Health
Exercise? Excellent idea. But Uranus, which influences your health sector, recommends that you go gradually, and even more so if you resume physical activity after a long hiatus. No need to risk muscle strain.

Cancer Horoscope – Labor
Daily life in the course of your work will be uneventful. You will quietly assume your tasks. However, Jupiter will give the starting signal to a favorable period. Even if nothing changes immediately, you can prepare for a period of boom.

Cancer Horoscope – Family
With this aspect of Jupiter, an exceptional well-being will reign in your family, and you will savor as it should be the pleasure of being together. Real estate issues or improvement work projects could be raised.

Cancer Horoscope – Social life
Avoid your often brutal way of expressing your opinions. These may be valid, but this is not a reason for almost systematically offending the susceptibilities. “When you shoot the arrow of truth, dip the point in honey” (Arabic proverb). The fact that you yourself hold little grudges does not shield you from the resentment of others. You will convince all the better that you show diplomacy, and also modesty because the same truth can have several facets.

Cancer Horoscope – Quote of the day
A statue should be raised to silence (Thomas Carlyle).

Cancer horoscope – Lucky number

Cancer horoscope – Wink
Even if all is not going as you would like it to be, cultivate optimism and the joy of turning: nothing better to resolve the tensions that are in you or around you.

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