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The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim


The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim

Surely you have ever met someone who has that gift to victimize, these people think that everything bad happens to them and best of all is that they never take responsibility for those “problems”. That attitude he has of “poor me” affects all aspects of his life, even endangering all his relationships, because let’s face it, everyone ends up getting tired sometimes.

Some people think that their mission in this life is to encourage all those people who have a victim mentality, to make them see that life is worth living from another perspective, but the reality is very different, it is more likely that in the end the person victim ends up dragging and knocking the other person down instead of getting up.

Here we show the 5 signs that most make the victim (and that nobody gets pissed off): 


Cancer is constantly trying to do things for others, and when they don’t get that flattery they think they are entitled to or are so eagerly awaiting, they can develop quite a powerful victim attitude. The more their bitterness grows, the more they believe that everyone except them is selfish morons. In part, all of this is the fault of the insecurity that they have towards others, they do not trust too much since for one thing or another they end up being betrayed.

Cancer may not be aware that it may be the negative energy that they are emitting or that this bad luck they are having has something to do with them.

On the other hand, his sensitivity causes him to suffer more than the rest of the signs, by feeling everything in a more intense way, this causes him to end up being a victim inadvertently. Cancer wants to learn to channel this part that always ends up bringing bad experiences, but it is difficult for it to end up controlling it.

Cancer should not worry because that sensitivity they have, which brings them down the path of bitterness, is also their strong point, few are as sensitive as they.


When bad things happen around his life, Pisces is always the first to emphasize that it is not his fault, he was only trying to help. And most likely it is and maybe they did not stop to think or gave another chance to someone who really did not deserve it, but Pisces is so oblivious in these matters that they will never realize that.

On the other hand, Pisces has no need to appropriate anything because, as she/he claims, it had nothing to do with the problem, they were just unlucky enough to be the target. . What bad luck!

Everything can come from the sensitivity that characterizes Pisces, he gets so involved in the problems of others that when he is already too involved in the matter, he is scared by what may happen and ends up playing the victim so as not to take responsibility for his actions.

There is no need to worry, it is just one of the defects of Pisces, but it has thousands of virtues, it is full of love and affection, it has so much that it almost gives it away.


If Libra feels used or resentful, they will suppress all those feelings that they have until they flare up. They will let you know how everything they do for others is not appreciated, sacrificing their time, money, and energy, emphasizing that in exchange for all the effort they make they do not even receive thanks.

Perhaps that is it, Libra ends up being a victim, but it is not his fault, he wants the appreciation and affection of others and when he does not receive it, he feels frustrated. In addition, he is tired of begging and begging to be recognized, and in part, it is understandable, with the delicacy of Libra and his calm personality and that fight for injustices that characterizes him, it is incomprehensible that others do not want to praise him.

It is possible that Libra believes that what it does is correct and sufficient, but perhaps for others it is not like that and that is why Libra enters that loop from which it is so difficult to get out.

Libra must wake up at once and start looking for himself.


Geminis are known to be too vindictive, but probably no one has ever wondered where that desire to give what each one deserves comes from, and that revenge comes from their victim attitude. They are tired of being bad about themselves and they begin to blame others and as a result of this they begin to plot all their plans to carry out that revenge. Geminis and their mania of not thinking about the why of things, they just act.

In addition, Geminis feel very misunderstood and that is why they end up being victims of the entire universe, their mind that travels at a thousand per hour, does not stop to think that maybe all the problems that are around them have an origin, origin that is impossible for a Gemini to see.

That “bipolarity” that characterizes Geminis, in this aspect plays a point in their favor, since they may be feeling how everything is going wrong and after five minutes they feel that everything is going smoothly. Actually, Gemini’s bipolarity is a defense mechanism.


Leos are usually people who believe the navel of the world, it is possible that wanting to appear better than others leads them to do things that they really do not want to do and this makes their childish side come to light and they have a victimizing attitude.

Despite the fact that Leos are usually very self-confident people, inside they have a series of insecurities and fears, this leads Leo to play the victim wanting to attract the attention of others. So that they are aware of her/him and put themselves in their place feeling what they feel inside. Sometimes it is just a claim of love, affection, support …

In reality, Leo does not want to feel sorry, he just wants to be listened to, to look at him and to be aware of everything he does. Simply the victimhood of Leo is a signal to attract your attention.


The 5 Signs That Most Make The Victim

That Was You In Your Previous Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign


That Was You In Your Previous Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that you believed it really happened? Or have people ever stepped into your life who you had the feeling that you had known them for a long time, even though you had only just met? 

That’s because it might actually have happened, or maybe you’ve already met that person, just not in this life.

The stars have experienced our presence in all forms of life, so it can be assumed that astrology can tell based on your zodiac sign what you were once in your previous life. Find out!


There is no other zodiac sign with a work ethic like you. Your daily life is all about work, achieving your goals, making business contacts, and closing deals.

You just know how to get things done and you don’t give up until you reach your goal. That’s probably why you were a businessman in your past life too. 


You have a rational and patient approach to people and affairs and that is why you have certainly been a great psychiatrist at one point. As a great philanthropist with a good heart, you have always wanted to help and understand people.

Known as the thinker of the zodiac, you have the ability to see problems in people that others overlook. That made it possible for you to do an excellent job.


You were someone in your previous life who loved making your own rules and making discoveries that benefited humanity. You were a philosopher who had a different perspective on the world.

You wanted to make the world a better place for all of us, and in some ways you probably did. Your constant thirst for knowledge has helped you learn in many areas of life, so you have been a great philosopher.


With such leadership qualities, such courage, and such strong willpower, you were certainly a military leader in your previous life who played a crucial role in a war.

Unless you had been angry and impulsive so easily, your wisdom and natural leadership skills likely made you a king who ruled the world. 


In your previous life, you had an abundance of energy and willpower, as well as creativity, which is probably why you were an artist. You are all about comfort, luxury, beauty, and art, which was harder to find in the past than it is today.

Your eye for aesthetics strongly suggests that in your past life you were some type of artist who inspired people with his masterpieces.


You are one of the most social personalities in the zodiac and someone who is liked by many without doing anything special for it. That’s why you’ve been in show business.

Creative, energetic, and intelligent, Gemini acts like a magnet that draws people to them. You were popular and you were adored. Your name was even featured on billboards all over the country you lived in.


Cancers are known for their selfless personality and natural instinct to help others, which is why astrology suggests that you may have been a teacher in your previous life.

You are astute, very adaptable, tactful, and extremely patient – qualities that are perfect for a job with children and teenagers. Your sensitivity may have been the worst of you at times, but you were still an excellent teacher that all children loved.


Full of creative ideas and able to express your own emotions exceptionally well both in person and on paper, you were likely a writer in your previous life.

As a Leo, you always know what your heart desires and you know the exact way to get it. Your happy spirit, your creative thinking, and of course your know-it-all attitude have inspired you to write some quality lines in the past.


Due to Virgo’s ability to analyze, deduce, and think through everything in her daily life, she has very likely been someone who was a scientist in her past life.

Your thoughts, your ideas, and your different perspectives have likely been responsible for some world-changing innovations. Since you always take care of the smallest details with such attentive and analytical thinking, you have certainly been a good and successful scientist.


With a strong desire to bring justice, balance, harmony, and peace to the world, Libra had certainly been judges in all of their previous lives simply because it was a perfect fit for them.

You are selfless when it comes to keeping peace and harmony and you just love people. Your ability to judge correctly doesn’t mean that you haven’t made mistakes or that you have never broken the law, but you have at least sought justice and order.


The manipulative, mysterious, and diplomatic Scorpio may seem like a calm and collected person, but we all know what’s behind that facade. You are dangerous and reckless when provoked, and you can be absolutely merciless.

If someone paid you to do the dirty work, you did it and you never failed. That’s why you were the perfect hitman and spy. But luckily times have changed.


Freedom is a sacred value to you and in times of slavery, war and poverty you have very likely been a warrior fighting evil. You feel insecure when you’re only in one place and you always want adventure.

In your previous life, you had a reason to fight for. Aside from physical combat, you could also have been a fighter in the intellectual world, for example as an activist. In any case, your optimism and courage have inspired many people in your previous life to have a better life.


That Was You In Your Previous Life According To Your Zodiac Sign

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Always Authentic!


These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Always Authentic!

Authenticity is not that easy for many zodiac signs. We have listed three zodiac signs that are always authentic.

Are you perhaps among those zodiac signs that are particularly authentic? 

In some situations in life, we ​​find it difficult to show who we really are. Some people even wear their masks carefully so that you never know exactly what makes them really tick. This cannot happen to you with these three zodiac signs, which we will bring you closer to in the following. They are honest, sincere personalities that are always themselves.

These three zodiac signs are particularly authentic!

Leo zodiac sign: Leo-born have a strong personality and do not pretend to be others. Lions automatically show what they think and feel to the outside world, without big filters or restraint – and that’s what makes them so authentic! Their authenticity makes them credible and trustworthy, which makes them good friends as well as bosses.

Zodiac sign Capricorn: If someone stays true to himself, then it is those born in Capricorn! They have a straightforward way of speaking, addressing, and saying things because they are super honest people without losing their down-to-earth attitude. You can always rely on their authenticity. And if you need good advice or an honest opinion, you can always rely on Capricorn.

Zodiac sign Virgo: Even if Virgos seem very perfectionist at first glance, they are also a very authentic zodiac sign. How come? They always act according to their principles and do not let others talk them in. Besides, they too are loyal, honest souls who are reliable. Their undisguised manner is always appreciated, no matter where they appear.

But: Don’t just look at one zodiac sign

It is important that you always orient yourself in a horoscope to the ascendant, the moon, and the other planets, such as Venus and Mars.  Only then can you or other people reflect on the signs of the zodiac and make a better assessment.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Always Authentic!

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Blasphemous


These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Blasphemous

Three zodiac signs are known to gossip a lot about other people. You can read here which have this reputation!

For three zodiac signs, blasphemy is simply part of it …


These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Blasphemous

When Aries Falls In Love In Secret


When Aries Falls In Love In Secret

It is difficult to hide certain feelings. Each zodiac sign manages in one way or another those feelings that arise when they begin to feel something for another person. Falling in love in itself is difficult, but it is much more so when you do it in secret. This is what happens when Aries secretly falls in love:

Aries can be in love with you to the core but sometimes, they shut it up. It is not that he does not want you to know, but sometimes he tries to hide it because he does not know what your intentions are. Because she doesn’t really know whether to give you the power to know everything about her/him. The day you find out, you will begin to understand that you have too much power over their feelings and that is precisely what Aries escapes and runs from.

He is a super independent person, a person who is used to doing things alone and who does not need anyone to be happy. Things start to change when you secretly love.

A part of him wants to move fast, shout from the rooftops what he feels, know more about you, take an interest in everything and ask a million questions. Another part prefers to shut up and observe, see to what extent you can feel the same for her/him. In the end, impulsivity wins and ends up falling. Write a message or a WhatsApp full of emotions and feelings. And when she does, at first, she blames herself for everything and gets angry with herself. He tells himself that he shouldn’t have. But he is Aries and if he had not sent him he would have been left with the desire.

Once he breaks the ice, he launches himself and wants to know everything about you. And you will not have to guess too much because when Aries falls in love, he brings out everything he has inside, and no matter how hard it is, he lets himself go. If Aries gives you mixed signals or unclear signals, he is not around you yet, nor does he want to be. It will take your time.


When Aries Falls In Love In Secret

These 2 Zodiac Signs Desperately Need A Bigger Ego


These 2 Zodiac Signs Desperately Need A Bigger Ego

In terms of self-esteem, these two zodiac signs could use a decent dose. They don’t trust themselves enough and doubt everything and everyone

These two can trust each other more

Even if they might not seem like that at first glance: These two zodiac signs could definitely use an ego boost at times! They often plague themselves with self-doubt and are very critical of themselves as a person. Cheer up and more confidence in your own deeds!

1. Pisces

The zodiac sign Pisces is at the top of the list of zodiac signs that could use an ego boost on a regular basis. The watermark is sometimes very sensitive and relies on its intuition. This may seem good, but it also means that Pisces see the best and the worst in everyone. And also with yourself. They then often stiffen on their own bad sides and bathe in self-pity. In addition, fish can be easily influenced and react very sensitively to the mood of their fellow human beings. And she can pull this down very quickly. If you know someone born in Pisces, you can give them a very simple ego boost by telling them how important they are to you.

2. Libra

Ruled by Venus, Libra is known to be sociable and sociable. Outwardly, Libra always looks enviable. She always seems to be in tune with herself, has a harmonious aura around her, throws great parties, gets along with everyone and has an aesthetic feel. Therefore, it will surprise many that the friendly Libra is often plagued by strong self-doubt. She doesn’t look like she’s lacking in self-esteem, but her inner monologue is a constant balancing act that constantly makes the air sign insecure. Libra are particularly prone to self-criticism, making life difficult for themselves. When you have a Libra boyfriend, there is a subtle way of showing her that she is great for who she is.

These 2 Zodiac Signs Desperately Need A Bigger Ego

These 4 Zodiac Signs Always Get What They Want


These 4 Zodiac Signs Always Get What They Want

Most of the time, they can’t leave things alone and keep fighting. We all know someone who absolutely has to win or absolutely needs the answer, no matter how long it takes or what he has to do to get it. These people simply have to take whatever action they can to achieve their goal, regardless of whether it is controversial or problematic.

It takes a certain kind of personality to stop at nothing. A person like this needs to be assertive, focused, motivated, and persistent. These people don’t care who they are upset as long as they are satisfied with the end result. And when we look at astrology, these relentless zodiac signs are usually detectives, investigative journalists, or scientists.

It goes beyond determination. It’s almost like their need for answers is greater than almost anything else in their life. Most of all, people who need answers don’t care who they are upset or what they damage in the process. All that matters is getting to the bottom of things and getting what they want.

These 4-star signs just always get what they want:

1. Aries

Aries know very well what they want and how to get it. But often they don’t have the patience to wait. That’s why they prefer to act hastily. An Aries can become so fixated on getting answers or achieving goals that they do things without really thinking them through. This goal becomes the entire focus of our Aries, and because of his stubbornness, we never let go of it.

Aries must get what they want, no matter what the consequences. What starts out as a simple need can turn into a mission that will never let go of Aries. When it comes to what Aries wants, he pulls all facets. He even turns out to be a real actor at times. Aries will annoy others until they get what they want. They act so skillfully that they don’t even understand how it all happened. Aries know how to solve any problem they encounter. In addition, they are able to easily solve the problems of those around them.

2. Virgo

One thing that virgins hate is not achieving what they want to achieve. It could be something small or something big, but if Virgo wants something, she will be determined to go about it. She can then no longer ignore it and let go, which could result in her house being found in a disorganized and chaotic state. Virgos will find any answer or solve any puzzle.

The people who belong to this zodiac sign are perfectionists. So they don’t stop until everything is the way they want it to be. For some, this is very annoying and exhausting. However, the Virgo does not care much about the opinions of others. Unfortunately, the determination that manifests itself in the Virgo’s character can sometimes be felt as cruelty. But that is not the case. She is actually just very strict with herself.

3. Leo

Lions know exactly which balls they have to get rolling in order to make a difference. They know how to trigger a whole chain of events. When something needs to be discovered or changes need to be made, Leo will not let go of it. It is about being brave, taking action, and being part of the solution. Leos aren’t lazy and won’t ignore what’s going on or let other people take care of it.

They may be cautious and practical at times, but they also want answers and are ready to work for them. They know that if they avoid the problems, things will not improve over time. They know the opposite will happen and things will only get worse. It is much better to look for answers and try to fix any damage asap. That’s why lions always get what they want in the end.

4. Gemini

It is well known that a Gemini has a double personality and therefore sometimes doesn’t really know what he really wants. But he will always insist on his rights and hold on to them until he has prevailed and gets what he is entitled to.

Geminis don’t always know the right answers, but they do know the right questions and most of the time they know what steps are required to get what they want. And they have the focus and the energy to do what needs to be done. A Gemini will not allow them to be wronged. He will always strive to bring the truth to light and get to the bottom of things. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there. He pursues it with all his might.


These 4 Zodiac Signs Always Get What They Want

6 honest reasons why it is so difficult for a Taurus to find love


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If you were born under the Taurus zodiac sign, chances are you are living for love.

This zodiac sign is the most empathetic of the zodiac, and they have certain qualities that make them an ideal partner and lover.

From forgiving, attentive, caring to absolutely passionate, but nevertheless somehow they still get disappointed in love.

After Pisces, the zodiac sign Taurus is most often injured and mistreated by those it trusts.

It’s also not uncommon for them to be cheated on by their life partner even though they haven’t done anything wrong.

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In romantic relationships, they are taken absolutely for granted, and that is something that, unfortunately, is related to their nature.

As much as they are among the most loyal and loving zodiac signs because they are hopeless romantics, their hearts are broken more often than they deserve.

For many Taurus people, this can also turn into a vicious circle in which they seemingly only ever attract toxic people.

It is also extremely difficult for them to break out of this cycle because they are stubborn and do not see that they have to treat people differently.

Not all want the best for them as they do for everyone, nor can they so naively trust what others promise them.

They also need to learn to be more patient and not force love because the one they really need will find it eventually.

1. You are attracted to toxic people

Ask any Taurus about their ideal partner based on looks and you will find that they describe a model.

They are the type of people who have very high standards and can only be with someone they find physically attractive.

There is absolutely no chance for them to fall in love with someone they find unattractive, and their attraction will decrease even more if they are too good to them.

Ironically, while Taurus individuals want attention and love, they are most intrigued by those who mistreat them.

So a lot of their relationships are toxic, dramatic, but have a lot of passion that keeps them going.

Basically, they find their ideal partner and fall head over heels in love with him while he doesn’t want them and they become obsessive.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

So they start idealizing them, chasing them and fantasizing that they will bond with them as they ask, which is unrealistic.

2. You are focused on status and money

The zodiac sign Taurus is very grounded and loves comfort and security in life.

For them, a carefree life is their basic instinct when choosing a life partner, but sometimes it goes wrong for them too.

While it is true that they are powerful and very intelligent, they are also too focused on status and money in love.

They want their partner to be both wealthy and of status and so often get a taste of their own medicine.

Soon they find that no one likes to spend their hard-earned money on them while acting like a spoiled brat.

That their partners are respected by them even because they have wealth and status is another thing that makes them uncomfortable.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

So that they will soon leave a relationship with them in search of someone who will love them in good times and bad.

3. You are too demanding and have high expectations

Even if the zodiac sign Taurus brings a lot to the relationship, it also demands the same in return.

Do not think that their surprise gifts, providing their favorite food and their incredible passion are for free.

For all of their attention, they want the same in return, if not more, because they want all of their partner’s love.

They will want the most amazing gifts that you will remember every detail about them and the best, most mind-blowing passion.

Otherwise, they will not feel loved and they will complain to you that you do not love them enough.

Also not to mention how to act when they have a headache or are tired from work and travel.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

Then they will also ask you to massage their backs or basically be their slave, which is absolutely unsympathetic.

4. You love to play the victim

As we mentioned at the beginning, a Taurus doesn’t really deserve all of that pain in love, but sometimes they do play the victim.

No matter what happens in a relationship, they never want to take the blame or appear offended.

Even if it’s just a simple suggestion from the partner, they’ll make him feel guilty for even mentioning it.

They will keep asking his forgiveness and saying that they are always the ones who are being criticized.

It is very difficult for them to take any advice or suggestion, so it can become tiresome for some.

Nobody wants to deal with someone who acts like a toddler after asking them to be on time when they get ready.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

They are too sensitive to being criticized, or at least they act that way.

5. You are very possessive and jealous

Along with the zodiac sign Leo, the Taurus is the most possessive zodiac sign.

Simply because they demand a high level of loyalty, but also give the same back.

For her, all her partner has to do is see and love her, and the very mention of someone else will make her blood boil.

It is not uncommon for Taurus men to engage in fistfights over their wives, or Taurus women to gossip about the woman who is too kind to their husbands.

Once you love someone, you want them only for yourself and as the center of your life.

This can make your relationship with a Taurus seem suffocating, so much so that you get fed up with them.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

They give absolutely no freedom to their partner because they have to remind them every 5 seconds how much they love them which drives them crazy.

6. You romanticize the idea of ​​love

People born under the zodiac sign Taurus are hopeless romantics, and the love they want only exists in books.

In all honesty, they expect too much from love and people while barely remembering that all people are flawed.

There is no such thing as perfect love that is both healing and exciting and absolute, but rather a realistic one that is good for us.

So instead of looking for the best possible partner by their standards, they need to realize who is actually looking after them.

If there is a person who is always there for you and who cares how you are doing, then this is the right one for you.

Even if it’s not a rich doctor or tall dark haired guy, he’ll definitely love you the way you deserve it.

So in a way that they’ll never let you down or let you down like everyone else has before.

Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

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These zodiac signs marry early


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While some take their time with marriage or do without it completely, others cannot wait to finally step in front of the altar. The latter definitely applies to the following zodiac signs

For these zodiac signs, getting married cannot go fast enough

Many romantic thoughts and traditions are associated with the wedding. However, some people cannot do anything with it (for a long time) and prefer to enjoy their freedom. Others seem to hear the wedding bells ring very quickly and see no point in putting off marriage. According to astrology, these three zodiac signs in particular tend to marry young:

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The conservative earth sign is very self-reliant and likes to solve things their own way. Nevertheless, it is important for Virgos to know someone in their life who is always there for them and who has their backs free. As a counterbalance to their everyday job, they want a safe home and a loving partnership. They hope to find this in marriage and therefore tend to marry earlier.


Cancers are known to be very soulful and empathic. They long for loyalty and security and often pursue the goal of quickly starting a family of their own. If you think you have found the right person, you want to come to the altar with him / her as soon as possible. The watermark does not see the covenant of marriage as a restriction, but as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

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Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell


The sociable twins don’t like to be alone. They feel most comfortable when they are surrounded by many people with whom they can exchange ideas and have fun. That is why the air sign likes the idea of ​​having a companion by their side through marriage and therefore they are not afraid to get married soon.

 Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!

How to get Aquarius Man fall for you

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Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

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This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy


Discussions, arguments and disagreements are inevitable with this zodiac sign! In a relationship, you should therefore keep your hands off this sign of the zodiac

There are many factors that determine whether a couple will stay together for a long time or go their separate ways soon. But the zodiac sign and its characteristics can also influence the relationship. Mostly zodiac signs of the same element understand each other, as they have a similar way of thinking and many similar interests. Of course, signs can also have wonderful relationships that, according to the stars, don’t actually go very well together. When the couple learn to respect and appreciate one another, they can create a healthy basis for a relationship. However, every zodiac sign has a counterpart that makes a long-term partnership difficult. The interests are completely opposite and the personalities just don’t match. There are often inconsistencies and friction.

1. Aries

The zodiac sign Aries should better not get involved with a Virgo . Due to their different personalities, this combination is also quite rare. Aries is very impulsive, so it does not go well with Virgo, who likes to do everything right and abide by rules.

2. Bull

Taurus-born keep away from lions . While both signs of the zodiac are incredibly loving and helpful, the Leo can sometimes go overboard and chase away the thrifty, safety-loving Taurus.

3. Twins

Gemini and Scorpios are a pretty unlikely pair. The two could often clash because other things are more important to them. Geminis love gossip, which Scorpios are not open to. This disagreement will cause the couple to fail in the long run.

4. Cancer

The sensitive zodiac sign Cancer should better refrain from a relationship with a Sagittarius . He is incredibly emotional and takes a lot personally. Sagittarius, on the other hand, loves adventure and freedom. The cancer could therefore be injured in the short or long term.

5. Leo

Leo likes to be in the spotlight and loves to be the center of the action. Unfortunately , the zodiac sign Pisces does not suit him at all. Pisces are artistic and creative. Over time, these two zodiac signs could develop a kind of competitive thinking and envy and jealousy arise.

6. Virgo

At first glance, Virgo and Libra seem to have the best relationship. Virgo values ​​the taste and aesthetics of Libra, and both zodiac signs are graceful and social. However, this combination does not work well in the long term. The critical nature of Virgo can bring out the passive-aggressive side of Libra and the two “fight” each other.

7. Libra

If Libra gets involved in the Pisces zodiac sign , the two of them can have a lot of fun together at the beginning. Both are dreamy and creative. But that’s not enough to keep the relationship going in the long run. The fish’s rapidly changing opinion is a thorn in the side of the Scales. They take time to make up their minds and then usually stick with it, but Pisces are constantly changing their minds. That doesn’t fit together in the long run.

8. Scorpio

Although the Scorpio, just like the zodiac sign Pisces , is assigned to the element water, the two do not make a good couple. They are quickly suspicious and prone to strong jealousy. Sooner or later the combination will break down.

9. Sagittarius

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is better off not starting a relationship with Aquarius . Both zodiac signs love their freedom and can therefore become wonderful travel partners, but unfortunately it is not enough for a lasting partnership. The two quickly get into each other’s hair due to different opinions and sooner or later parting.

10. Capricorn

Those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign should keep their hands off Aquarius . This combination usually has no future. The Capricorn is very goal-oriented, hardworking, and conservative. Aquarius often indulges in pioneering ideas and lets their creativity run free. These two hinder each other in their way of thinking.

11. Aquarius

When Aquarius is with a Sagittarius , the mix is ​​rocky. Both are stubborn and could spend hours discussing irrelevant things. They need their liberties and they don’t often agree.

12. Fish

Pisces can quickly fall in love with the strong and personable nature of Aries . But Pisces are the exact opposite: shy and reserved. These opposing properties therefore quickly separate the two zodiac signs.