• October 31, 2020

According To Her Zodiac Sign, Here’s The One Sign She’ll Never Fall In Love With

In our pasts, we’ve probably said things like: “I’d never date a guy with a man-bun,” or “I just can’t see myself falling in love with a lawyer.” While there’s probably a good reason that we come up with these deal-breakers (for example, maybe we had a not-so-great experience with a guy who wore a man-bun), they don’t always make sense.

The pass/fail mentality that so many apps convince us to take part in doesn’t always translate well come time for the actual date. We should give people a fair chance, even if they do happen to be sporting a greasy man-bun. However, there is an exception to this rule: sometimes we’re just not compatible with someone. Personalities clash, likes and dislikes are too different, or the date just doesn’t leave us wanting more. Those are things that run deep – so deep that we can tell which personalities probably won’t get along before they even meet!

We’ve gone through the zodiac signs and found the couples that probably won’t fall head-over-heels for each other. Whether it’s because of personalities, discussion styles, or even likes and dislikes is up for debate; these are just the signs that typically don’t fall in love with each other.

20For Air Signs, Lacking Communication Is One Of Your Deal-Breakers

Let’s start by looking generally at some of the qualities that are important to signs. Air signs are big communicators. They love being able to sit down and talk with their partner, as it proves to them that the partnership is open, trusting, and strong.

These are all qualities that Air signs believe they themselves have; it makes sense that they want that reflected in the partnership!

Communicating throughout the day is also important, as Air signs tend to like the reassurance and romance. Due to the fact that Air signs love communicating, there are a few signs that are naturally going to have some trouble connecting with them.

19…Which Is Why Capricorns, Virgos, And Cancers Aren’t The Best Choices For You

Capricorns, Virgos, and Cancers aren’t going to be the best partners for an Air sign, but for different reasons. Generally, these are the signs that prefer to mull things over internally before approaching their partner with the problem. They like to keep their thoughts in their head and carefully think before articulating something.

This can often be perceived by Air signs as being guarded or held back. They don’t particularly like to wait to hear what’s on their partner’s mind. Air signs love supporting people, and by talking through problems they feel like they’re helping. If their partner doesn’t need their help, well, what’s the relationship for?

18Gemini: Capricorns Might Keep You Grounded, But You Seldom See Eye-To-Eye

We talk a lot about balance in a relationship. While it’s true that Air signs, and especially Geminis, do benefit from being with an Earth sign, Capricorn isn’t the greatest choice. Geminis are very quick to talk and tend to problem-solve out loud.

Geminis also can be opinionated, even though those opinions can change quickly.

Capricorns don’t always like to keep up with changing opinions, as they certainly stick hard to their convictions. Seeing eye-to-eye might not be a necessity in every aspect of a relationship, but it certainly needs to be there in some capacity or another. Gemini, we support a partner who’ll be grounding; but it’s unlikely it’ll be a Capricorn.

17Libra: Virgo Prefers Debate, While You Like Conversation

Libra is an Air Sign that’s found balance on their own in almost every way. The only thing that’s unbalancing them is their desire to keep things fair. Libras can get upset if they think that someone is being favored more than someone else.

This is especially difficult to deal with in relationships, where people don’t always want to play fair and square; we all love spoiling our partners, don’t we? They’ll seldom get worked up, though, as Libras keep level heads. They dislike arguments, which is why Virgo isn’t the best love connection for a Libra. Virgos thrive in intellectually stimulating situations and prefer to debate rather than to talk it out.

16Aquarius: Cancers Sometimes Can’t Keep Up With All Your Energy

Aquarians are one sign that might like to keep things inside more than the other Air signs. This changes quickly when an Aquarius is faced with someone they trust, as they love spilling their guts and talking about everything that’s going on.

An Aquarius seldom gets tired and is always looking for something new to mentally chew on.

For a quiet sign like Cancer, this could quickly turn into the bane of their existence rather than a charming quirk. Cancers prefer to sit quietly if there’s nothing of substance to say, and like to get to the point of a discussion quickly. An Aquarius will talk for ages, going over and over the same points. Sounds tiring for both of them!

15Earth Signs Do Well With Complementary Partners

We’re going to say this with just a little bit of hesitation, as not all complementary partners are created equal. Sometimes partners end up complementing each other in all the ways that aren’t productive.

Fun-loving traits might be mirrored between partners, but one’s work ethic might be drastically lower than their partner’s. This can lead to distracting their hard-working partner, making everyone frustrated. We’ve found the signs that have a tendency to do that, and have figured out exactly how to identify when these situations might be bringing an Earth sign down. It’s not that they can’t be viable partners; they just might pose a challenge or two.

14…But Sagittarius, Gemini, And Pisces Are Just A Little Too Far-Out For You

Yes, these three signs are just a little bit too different to make for a perfect pair with our Earth signs. Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces are perfect on their own… but partnered with an Earth sign make for some negative qualities to come out in both.

While it’s definitely worthwhile pursuing a relationship with someone regardless of their zodiac sign, we’re not sure that these signs will be the big love we’re hoping for.

There’s a variety of reasons as to why that is.

We’ll go into more details, but generally, it’s just because of the way they like to live their lives. Though we can’t fault anyone for following their heart.Featured Today

13Taurus: Sagittarius Would Rather Explore Than Relax

Taurus is a picture-perfect image of relaxation as a life goal. Taurus is the friend who’s always wrapped in blanket scarves and comfy jeans and doesn’t mind being stuck inside. They’re chill, though they certainly have a mind for working towards their goals. They like to take breaks and will tend to get things done on their own (more relaxed) pace.

This life doesn’t jive with a Sagittarius’s life. Sagittarius likes exploration, adventure, and change. They want to shake things up and will take any excuse to go out and about. Staying home is a “have to” rather than a “want to” for the Sagittarius. This is why these two likely won’t stay partnered for long.

12Capricorn: Gemini Tends To Not Be Decisive Enough For You

For the last time: Capricorns are not stubborn! They have opinions and goals and respect their own process and working style. They rise above adversity, albeit quietly and without much fuss. Capricorns are excellent friends, as they’re loyal and will only tell the truth.

While they love all the signs in their own way, Gemini is one that might get on their nerves a little.

Capricorns just don’t get indecision. Often they can clearly see which choice is the “right” choice (for them) and don’t get what Gemini has to fret over. Over time Gemini’s need to constantly discuss every decision will wear down the Capricorn. This means that even if love grows, it likely won’t survive.

11Virgo: Pisces Is A Dreamer, While You’re A Do-er

Virgo is an intelligent sign. They appreciate concrete facts, which means they often find it easy to be objective. This objectivity makes them a strong goal- and task-based workers, as they can work efficiently at their own pace. They need someone who can keep up with that, rather than a sign that gets caught daydreaming during a lecture.

Pisces, one of the dreamiest signs, tends to have big ideas. This trait can initially draw a Virgo to a Pisces, making for a unique partnership. Unfortunately, Pisces struggle to act on their dreams makes Virgo frustrated, which isn’t the best for building love.

10Water Signs Either Want Go-With-The-Flow Or Someone Who’s Rock Solid

Water signs are a unique mix of emotionality, stoicism, and flightiness. The changeability of water makes it beautifully versatile, which is seen in the Water signs of the zodiac. Water signs either need someone as easy-going as them, or someone who’s willing to make all the decisions.

It might seem like quite the disparity, but hear us out: Water signs are reactionary.

They’re happy once they know how to react to someone, whether that means they make the decisions or go along with them. What they don’t like is getting surprised or disappointed, which can end up happening when three particular signs come into the mix.

9…Which Is Why Aquarius, Virgo, And Aries Aren’t The Best Matches For You

It’s a little unfortunate, but true. These signs might seem like a good match during a first meeting, but life has a funny way of bringing out other sides of a personality quickly. Aquarius, Virgo, and Aries aren’t great matches for a few reasons.

Generally, these three signs all have characters that can be a little changeable or hidden. For a Water sign, that means that they’re going to have to spend quite a bit of time guessing how best to react or deal with their partner. This is tiring for a Water sign, who truly just wants the best for the partnership.

8Scorpio: Might Feel Left Out Of All Of Aries’ Grand Plans

At a first glance, Aries seems like a good match for a Water sign. Passionate and decisive, Aries would probably bring some stability to a Water sign’s life… Right? Not necessarily.

Aries is actually a very impulsive sign, who isn’t afraid to change their whole life when a goal or desire shifts.

Scorpios tend to get very comfortable and connected, making it hard for them to shake up their life on a moment’s notice. Scorpio will feel confused about why Aries is going through so many changes, which can make Scorpio feel left out of an Aries’ thought process. For a sign that needs connecting, this means that love is likely off the table.

7Pisces: The Romance You Love Isn’t Usually In A Virgo’s Flashcards

We won’t call Pisces a drama queen, because the drama is often found in their dreams. Pisces love fantasy, and are likely the ones who spend all their time wrapped up in books. No one can shake the faith of a Pisces who’s dreaming of something better; their optimism is great, and they aren’t afraid to share it.

Oftentimes this optimism manifests itself in romance. Pisces quickly starts to dream of moonlit walks, relaxing dinners, and date nights full of all that ooey-gooey romantic love. Virgo, one of the most practical signs in the zodiac, will unfortunately never live up to a Pisces’ dreams.

6Cancer: Aquarius Is More Independent, While You’re All About A Partnership

Cancer is a sign that tends to be full of home-based practices and routines. Cancers love to stay in, and will sometimes even avoid parties just to get in a little extra downtime. They like to keep open channels of communication with those they trust (and only those they trust). All this to say, they like being in a partnership with someone.

For the independent Aquarius, this might not be the ideal situation.

Aquarius doesn’t necessarily want to stay in, even though they do appreciate a good recharge. They thrive off of independence, while the Cancer wants to build a home. Ultimately, it’s this difference that will make it difficult to reconcile.

5For Fire Signs, Opposites Don’t Always Attract

Is this surprising? We’re guessing it’s not, based on some of the other entries we’ve already done. Opposites need to be opposites in the right way for compatibility to bloom.

This means that a wallflower and an attention-lover are likely going to have to put some extra effort into making their relationship work, while a rom-com watcher and an animated movie fan won’t need to work as hard; both already want to stay in and watch a movie!

With Fire signs, this is incredibly important. Fire signs want stimulation and adventure, but they need stability and honesty. It’s a tough internal battle!

4…Which is Why Scorpios, Capricorns, And Tauruses Are Generally The Least Compatible

These are the signs that are amazing in their own right, and usually, make great partners, but just don’t match with Fire signs well. All three of these sensitive, strong, and grounded energies make for amazing people to share a life with.

Capricorns are stable and steady, Tauruses are level-headed problem-solvers, and Scorpios are good at making others feel supported.

None of them have the element of surprise that keeps a Fire sign excited, though! These three have quiet passions; steady-burning candles that are fewer fireworks than they are flickers. It’s perfect for the right person; Fire signs just tend to not be those people.

3Sagittarius: Taurus Is Just Too Comfortable

Excitement is just a change away for Sagittarius! This sign loves to travel, try new foods, and take in new experiences. Sagittarius is certainly a talker and has the uncanny ability to connect with almost anyone over almost anything. Sagittarius doesn’t fear change, and will readily embrace a new haircut or spontaneous move.

Not only does Taurus not match up with that mood, but they likely won’t ever make an offer to shake things up. Taurus likes routine and security. Sagittarius is perpetually stuck searching for the next new thing. The partnership might sound like a balanced one (finally some stable and grounding for a high flying adventurer) but it’s not actually a positive one.

2Aries: Capricorns Will Compete, But Not Always In A Healthy Way

Who doesn’t love a little loving competition? Aries are hardworking, competitive, and seldom let adversity keep them from success. If an Aries has put their mind to something, they know that they’re going to achieve it.

At least, until something bigger and better comes along.

Capricorns can be much the same; they work their buns off to reach their goals, and seldom stop until they’ve achieved it. They respect people who work hard but get frustrated when people lose sight of their goals. Capricorns are encouraging, not competitive. The Aries is, though, and will try to get a Capricorn to compete. Needless to say, it’s not going to work!

1Leo: Scorpios Tend To Not Give You What You Need

Leos seem like they can get along with everyone. Charismatic, charming, and able to make a person feel like they’re the center of the world, Leos do best when they’re in a partnership that returns those qualities. As much as their partner is the center of their world, a Leo has to be the center of their partner’s world.

Scorpio might do that at the beginning, but once they’re comfortable in the relationship their love turns a little less grand. They stop focusing on the gestures of love and find comfort in the routine. This makes a Leo restless, lost, and needing reassurance. Ultimately, it’s just not going to be a forever type of love.

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