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15 Zodiac Pairings That Have A Deeper Connection Than Everyone Else (& 5 That Are Obviously Incompatible)

Having a deep connection with another person is one of the most important parts of a relationship. This is what takes a relationship from being superficial to real, and causes true love to blossom. Those who have a deep connection understand each other better than anybody else can and are each other’s biggest supporters. They are usually power-couples and operate as teams and have those unshakeable relationships that can withstand absolutely anything.

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There are things you can do to help develop a deep bond and connection with somebody, but it can’t be forced. Though you can grow the connection, you can’t just conjure it up out of nowhere—two people have to fit together properly, and that’s something nobody can control. Many people believe that one of the major elements that influence whether two souls share a connection or not is their respective zodiac signs. Because of the personality traits of each sign, some are destined to share strong bonds and connections with each other, while others aren’t.

All signs have personality types that they’re a perfect match for, and similarly, every sign has at least one kind of person with whom they’re incompatible. Read on to find out who your sign should and shouldn’t end up with!

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20Virgo And Taurus Understand Each Other Deeply Like Only Earth Signs Could

It should come as no surprise that two earth signs would get along wonderfully and understand each other in a way that nobody else can. Taurus and Virgo, the first and second earth signs of the zodiac, often make magic when they get together in a romantic relationship. There are so many things that they have in common, and although they have their differences, they tend to think in many similar ways.

Both of these signs are very hard-working and meticulous and like to go about their business quietly. Sure, Virgo might be more of an over-thinker than Taurus, while the Bull is usually a little more easy-going and carefree, but the signs both relate to the need to knuckle down and get to work.

Being earth signs, both Taurus and Virgo are naturally grounded. They also make up for what the other lacks, so not only do they have many similarities which help them to understand each other, but they also teach each other things, which only strengthens their bond. From Virgo, Taurus learns how to analyze situations in depth, and holds themselves to a higher standard. And Taurus teaches Virgo how to relax a little and be more sociable.

19Gemini And Virgo Are A No-Go

Virgo can find true happiness with signs who aren’t of the earth element, but some signs are just too different from the Maiden to work. Differences can sometimes be a good thing, but in the case of Virgo and Gemini, the air sign, it’s just a no-go. No matter which way you spin it, these signs are incompatible. There aren’t just a few things about these signs that differ—the actual essence of who they are is in direct conflict with one another.

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These two signs might be attracted to each other because they’re everything the other is not. Gemini might admire how Virgo maintains control of everything, and the great memory of this observant sign. And Virgo might feel briefly tempted to let Gemini take them away from their work and responsibilities and explore the fun side of life. But in the end, neither sign can betray who they really are, and those two people just don’t fit together.

Gemini is someone who loves adventure and craves excitement. This sign needs something new to do all the time, and is almost like an excitable dog who’s always ready to chase the ball. By contrast, Virgo is the quiet cat who just wants to go about their business, and isn’t interested in leaving their perfect routine.

18 Aries And Leo Will Connect, Even If Their Fights Are Fiery

Two signs who are hugely compatible, who have great chemistry and who have the possibility to develop a deep, intimate connection, are Aries and Leo. Both fire signs, Aries and Leo have a lot in common, and these basic personality traits will allow them to connect. They can both get carried away by passion from time to time, and that’s something that you can either accept or you can’t. They both have “love me or hate me” personalities that leave a huge impact, which is why they often understand where the other comes from. Laughing until your stomach hurts and getting so angry that you want to smash something are familiar to both of them. Just because Aries and Leo are a great match doesn’t mean they won’t have their share of fights, which will come with lots of fire.

These strong-minded signs also have a few differences between them, but they don’t usually ruin the potential of the relationship. Generally speaking, Leo is a little more of a show pony and likes to focus on having fun and socializing. Aries is usually more concerned with their own validation rather than that of other people, but they aren’t scared away by Leo’s being the star of the show. A more sensitive or more insecure sign would be.

17Pisces And Capricorn Basically Live On Different Planets

A couple is usually totally incompatible when they’re so different that they can’t relate to each other no matter what they do. And that is Pisces, the water sign, and Capricorn, the earth sign, in a nutshell. Neither personality is particularly strong or overbearing, but they just see the world in totally different ways. This means that often, they can’t find the common ground to relate. Most of the time, these two aren’t attracted to each other in the first place, although Pisces is quite impressionable and can be taken with just about anyone!

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The general lives of Pisces and Capricorn look quite different. Pisces lives for love and passion, is a creative soul and thinks with their heart over their head. Capricorn lives for work and duty, thinks analytically and usually doesn’t even listen to what their heart wants to do. These distinct variations between them normally make them value different things in life, which is one of the biggest reasons they’re incompatible.

The definition that each of these signs has of happiness is completely different. Pisces sees a life of freedom where they can express their emotions, have an intimate relationship and be creative as their goal, while Capricorn is hungry for success, power and wealth.

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16 Scorpio And Pisces Go Way Back To The Water

Pisces needs someone much more sensitive than Capricorn to be happy, and it really doesn’t get too much more sensitive than Scorpio. The reason that Pisces and Scorpio are able to form such a strong bond and connection is because both of these water signs are prone to being controlled by their emotions, and feeling things more strongly than other people do. While others might dismiss these signs as being “drama queens” or overreacting to situations, they each understand what it’s like to be held hostage by your own feelings. That is what helps them to connect.

It’s not all clear sailing in the relationship between Scorpio and Pisces. Although they are both emotional water signs and have empathy for each other’s emotional needs, they have challenges to overcome. Scorpio can get snappy and vindictive when they’re upset, and Pisces takes this kind of thing to heart. Pisces also likes to be free and can even flirt outside the relationship if they feel a strong urge to, and Scorpio already has trust issues.

But once they get past their difficulties, these signs relate to each other on a deep level. And so they support each other in tough times and have a strong relationship.

15Sagittarius And Libra Won’t Meet In The Middle

On the surface, Sagittarius and Libra have a lot in common. Though one is a fire sign and one is an air sign, they have many similarities that they’d theoretically be able to bond over. One of these is the desire to run free with the wind. Of course Libra can’t help wanting this, because they’re an air sign—blowing in the wind is what they do! And Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, so they like to get out there and see the world. Neither sign likes to be restricted or controlled.

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But despite all that, they’re still pretty incompatible a lot of the time. A lot of their issues tend to revolve around how each sign views love, and their expectations of a romantic relationship. Though Libra likes to be free, they love being in a committed relationship and dedicating themselves to one person. Once in a relationship, their partner can rely on them and they like to be able to rely on their partner. They also expect the odd grand public display of affection.

Sagittarius is a little less into the whole romance thing. This sign loves to connect with others, and they love falling in love, but they like to have the freedom to come and go as they please. Even when they have committed, they still like to do things that make them feel like they’re still in control of their lives. That doesn’t necessarily sit well with Libra.

14 Gemini And Aquarius Share A Unique Perspective

Gemini doesn’t have too much in common with a serious, analytical sign like Virgo, but they actually pair up quite well with Aquarius. Another air sign, Aquarius is the one personality in the zodiac who is usually happier to be single than they are to be in a relationship, and it takes a very specific person to get them to kiss their single lives goodbye. But Gemini and Aquarius come from the same place, they were painted with the same brush, and they get each other. It takes someone like Gemini to get Aquarius to commit.

Both of these air signs like to maintain their freedom, even when they get into a relationship. But more importantly, they are both deeply curious about the world. They both observe and pay attention to things so they can learn as much as possible, and it’s that passion that they will ultimately connect over.

These two signs can sit around for hours talking about all the things that interest them. And their conversations make them feel like they’re embarking on new adventures together, which keeps either from feeling like they’ve fallen into a rut. That’s a huge fear for both of them, and avoiding it tends to keep them together!

13 When Earth Puts Out Fire: Taurus And Leo Will Clash

There are few people who have the confidence to stand up to Leo. The last person you’d expect to stand their ground around the lion is Taurus, who is often quiet, polite and level-headed. But when these two signs get together, they usually end up clashing. This kind of conflict tends to provoke Taurus to come out of their shell, and transform into the Bull they always have inside them.

The main problem between Leo and Taurus is that when they get angry, neither sign likes to back off and admit that they were wrong. Leo, in particular, is always remorseful after they fight with a loved one, and doesn’t really mean anything they say out of anger. But they still say things they shouldn’t to cover up their own hurt feelings, and that’s basically like waving a big red cloth in front of the Bull. Only Leo can anger Taurus that much.

At the end of the day, these two signs just bring out the worst in each other. Leo causes Taurus to turn angry and stubborn, while Taurus challenges Leo and gets their back up against the wall. Chances are this relationship will turn toxic very quickly, even if it starts out great.

12 Nobody Understands Virgo Like Capricorn

If there ever were a zodiac match made in heaven, so to speak, it would be Virgo and Capricorn. The earth signs are very particular and don’t get along with everybody. There are a lot of things they can’t stand in a relationship, and there are many people who can’t take the pressure of being with an earth sign. Because of that, these earth signs tend to stick together, and we can see how well that works in the relationship between Virgo and Capricorn.

Essentially, these two operate and think in the same way. They both set their eye on a goal and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. They know how to keep their cool under pressure, and would rather be the one doing the hard work in the background than the one getting the recognition up front. These are two very dedicated signs, and when they get into relationships with other people, they risk being judged for that ambition, dedication, and quest for perfection.

These signs understand each other when they take on extra work that they probably don’t have time for, or when they stay back late at the office to get something done. Few other people get sacrificing relationship time to achieve success in other areas, but they do.

11 There Are Lots Of Misunderstandings Between Aquarius And Scorpio

From day one, Aquarius and Scorpio will rub each other up the wrong way. Not only will they probably not get the chance to form a deep connection, but they’ll most likely end up driving each other crazy while they try to hold onto their relationship. Basically, they embody everything the other doesn’t want, and they lack everything the other does want.

Scorpio is an emotional sign who craves an intimate connection. This sign loves being in a relationship, but can sometimes scare people away with their intensity. They like to know what their partner is doing at all times, and though this comes out of love, it can be pretty overwhelming, particularly when you’re used to being on your own. By contrast, Aquarius likes to always keep their distance in a relationship and doesn’t like to get too emotionally invested in anything.

Aquarius tends to be repelled when people try to chase them or hold them down. This is the type of sign to rebel when they are controlled, and Scorpio is the type to punish rebellion with more control. It’s easy to see how these two don’t take long to go from lovers to sworn enemies. Fire, meet gasoline.

10 Aries And Capricorn Actually Get Each Other, Despite Their Differences

Two signs who you wouldn’t think would get along so well are Aries and Capricorn. But in reality, these signs do more than just get along. They totally hit it off and actually connect well! This is because they differ on many things, but their basic personalities are really very similar. Both signs are super ambitious and fearless when it comes to chasing what they want. And though there are many things these two disagree on, they can always agree on how important it is to chase what you want and never give up.

Because they share this desire to pursue their biggest dreams, Aries and Capricorn are always there to support each other. When one wants to talk about their goals, the other listens, and they never judge each other or laugh at each other when they do, the way others might.

Many people are surprised to hear that Aries and Capricorn pair up nicely because they’re pretty different on the surface. Aries is loud and outspoken while Capricorn is quiet. And Capricorn is careful and calculated while Aries likes to leap without looking. But they can agree when it comes to the overall direction of their lives, and that keeps them together and strong.

There’s A Lot That Libra And Taurus Have In Common

Taurus and Libra are two of the most agreeable signs in the zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that when they do get together, they always end up creating magic. These two look good together on paper and are good together in practice, and often tick all of each other’s boxes.

What keeps the relationship between these two signs so strong and healthy is that they both like to avoid conflict, and they both like to keep the peace. This means that at times, they can brush things off when they should really talk about them, but for the most part, they never have unnecessary fights or antagonize each other, the way other couples do. Both of these signs love socializing, so they’re happy to go out with a big group of people, and they can both get clingy with the person they love, so they don’t scare each other away.

The other thing that Taurus and Libra can always bond over is their sense of style. Both signs have an undeniable taste for the finer things in life, and can even be a tad materialistic at times. Together, they’ll enjoy shopping trips, expensive food and wine, and lavish vacations. The only problem is they’re probably a bad influence on each other where the bank account is concerned!

8Surprisingly, Scorpio Will Get Cancer To Open Up

Many people envision a sign like Scorpio as ending up alongside a very strong character. After all, this sign is strong-minded, intense and isn’t afraid of being honest, even if it means hurting somebody else’s feelings. So it might be a bit of a shock to find out that one of the signs Scorpio can have a great relationship with happens to be the most sensitive and fragile in the zodiac: Cancer.

Not only do these two signs often find happiness together, but experts often describe them as being the best-matched couple in the zodiac. Though they have different ways of expressing their feelings, at the end of the day, both of these water signs are sensitive. They have their flaws, but their flaws are fueled by intense emotions, and so they can accept and understand each other.

When Cancer’s feelings are hurt, this sign can be moody or whiny. In the same situation, Scorpio can be aggressive. But they understand the concept of hurt feelings, where less sensitive signs just wouldn’t get what the fuss was about. Scorpio and Cancer are able to connect through their mutual want of a loving, secure relationship and total acceptance from their partner.

7Sagittarius And Aquarius Share A Bond

There are two signs that come to mind at the thought of a valued freedom: Sagittarius and Aquarius. Although one is a fire sign and one is an air sign, they both have an equal desire to live an uncontrolled, unrestricted life that they can call their own, that isn’t dictated by anybody else. Because of this, they can both have trouble settling into happy relationships. These are the two most likely signs to feel threatened by commitment, even if it’s with someone they love and are the most likely to run for the hills when they feel pressured into settling down.

Sagittarius and Aquarius often bond over their mutual fear. The best thing about it is they would never put each other in a situation that other signs can put them in, where they feel like they’re trading some of their freedom in exchange for romance. They will never demand promises and commitment of each other before they’re ready, they’ll always be understanding when they need time to themselves, and they’ll still maintain their own lives, even though they have a deep connection with each other.

These two signs naturally feel at ease with each other, and because they’re comfortable, they feel less of a desire to run away when times get tough.

6Leo And Gemini Might Bang Heads, But They’ll Understand Each Other

There are a lot of things about Gemini and Leo that help them to understand each other, even if they have their differences every now and then. Both of these signs love to be the star of the show and are both charismatic and sociable. They’ll get along so well because they both understand how to relate to other people. Their charisma means that they often fall hard and fast for each other, and luckily, they can usually develop a strong enough connection to maintain those feelings.

These two signs crave excitement and adventure and love to live it up. They tend to have the same interests, as both would rather be at a party on a Saturday night than watching a movie, and they both like to be out meeting new people as often as they can. Also, they both get carried away and passionate when certain topics are raised, and they can always relate to each other better than anyone else can on that front.

Leo might get jealous of the way that Gemini is always off doing something new, and Gemini might resent Leo for stealing their thunder, but ultimately, the connection they form will be strong.

5They Have Their Issues, But Cancer And Pisces Are Made Of The Same Stuff

In some ways, it may seem like two super sensitive signs wouldn’t be much good together in a relationship. They could end up fueling each other’s emotions and getting sucked into a big paranoid, oversensitive whirlpool without any logic to hoist them out. That can happen between Cancer and Pisces in very extreme circumstances, but for the most part, they make a fantastic team and are able to relate to each other on a deep level.

Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, so a lot of their personality traits and the way they think are very similar. These signs love the idea of being love and enjoy getting to know their partner on an intimate level. They expect the same kind of thing out of a relationship and tend to act the same way. When in love, they both want to surround themselves with the other person and see them as much as they can.

Cancer tends to be a bit more nurturing, but Pisces is skilled at listening to other people’s problems and giving advice. So no matter what happens, this is a very caring relationship where both people will be accepted. The affection also flows freely between these two, and they’ll always know where they stand.

Aries And Sagittarius Talk To Each Other About Things That Nobody Else Understands

Two signs who are compatible and who always form a strong bond together are Aries and Sagittarius. These are two fire signs who tend to think about the world in the same way, and tend to have similar reactions to things, which is why they get on so well. The most important thing that both of these signs have in common is their attitude toward living in the moment. While other signs are more inclined to make plans and move ahead carefully, Aries and Sagittarius just like to go. They don’t look where they’re going and they don’t think about why they’re doing it. They just go.

There are certain things that these two signs won’t agree on. For example, Sagittarius likes to spend a lot of time alone and doesn’t like to let their relationship take over their life. Aries is a little different in that they put all of themselves into a relationship and expect the same back.

But if these two can talk out their differences and meet in the middle, that desire to embark on adventures and live spontaneously will unite them into an unstoppable team. It may take a while for them to iron out their issues, but they can get there.

The Air Will Blow Libra And Gemini Together

Signs are often super compatible with the other signs who share their element, and that is very true of Libra and Gemini. These two air signs can relate to each other on many levels and often have very prosperous, long-lasting relationships with each other during which they form deep connections. The main thing to understand about these two signs is that they like to blow with the wind. They each understand the most important thing about each other, and that’s the fact that you can’t hold the other down and force them to settle into a rut.

Libra and Gemini also share ideas of what the ideal life looks like. In particular, Libra craves glamour and sparkle and wants to end up in a situation where they’re surrounded by pretty things. Gemini is less concerned with pretty, but they also want that fast-paced action that Libra likes. Wanting the same things also brings these two air signs together.

Both signs are easy to get along with, and as long as nobody backs them into a corner and forces them to confront their fears, they can make the best partners. More than anything, Libra and Gemini bring out the best in each other.

Virgo And Leo: An Odd Couple That Works

There are endless reasons why, in theory, Virgo and Leo don’t work as a couple. Off the top of our heads, they’re polar opposites in many ways. Virgo is the quiet achiever while Leo is the main attraction, and Virgo likes to plan and analyze while Leo follows their heart. There are a lot of things that these two can’t stand about each other, but oddly enough, they bring out the best in each other.

Leo’s confidence often inspires Virgo to stand up for themselves more. From Leo, they learn to stop worrying and start letting go of things they’ve been holding onto. They can also feel less inclined to overthink absolutely everything, although they’re never going to completely get rid of that trait. And there’s a lot that Leo can learn from Virgo too. This sign learns how to read other people better after watching Virgo do it, and learns more about the importance of hard work. Virgo is also a good influence on Leo when it’s time to concentrate or stay motivated about something.

Through the lessons that these two unlikely signs teach each other, they can end up falling in love and sharing a deep connection between them.

Taurus And Capricorn Fit Like A Puzzle

No relationship is absolutely perfect, but Taurus and Capricorn come pretty close when they get together. Two earth signs, they can relate on many levels and have much more in common than they don’t. Others might feel bored with these quiet signs, but Taurus and Capricorn always keep each other occupied.

There are so many things about them that just fit like a puzzle, reinforcing that they’re a match made in heaven. Taurus loves to work hard so they can live the life they want, and Capricorn is one of the only other signs who shares that work ethic. These signs get annoyed when people boast about their success, and really don’t like to surround themselves with people who cause drama, instead choosing company that’s a little more agreeable.

These two signs have very similar morals and values and tend to want the same things out of life. They both crave security more than anything and believe that sacrifices have to made to achieve the finer things in life. Both are willing to make that sacrifice, which helps them to bond and form a connection. They also place a mutual high importance on wealth, success and routine, and they often make each other very happy.

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